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leaves in birch, aspen, 
at the end of the alley at the Footbridge, 
suddenly fell from the light blue dress, 
from cornflower blue wreath. Your image is light shining in full view I hold and butterfly neuletayuschey reverently cherish . And many years have passed, and happily I lived without you, and yet I sometimes think I'm cautiously: Are you still alive, and where you live. But if you meet an unexpected fate would make us, I would like ugliness strange,your way of current shook. Grievances Inexplicably no: you alien life overgrown. Neither blue dress, nor the name you have laid up for me. Yet long ago expired, and I pray, and you pray that on the sidelines trampled in the dim evening we did not agree. Vladimir Nabokov, 1930 year

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In the life of every human being, probably, there will be a minute, 
with the memories of which he does not want to leave. Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone "

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More yearn yearning desires, 
yet you aspire to the soul - 
And in the shadows of memories 
Still I catch sight of you ... Your sweet image, unforgettable, He is in front of me anywhere, anytime , Unattainable, unchanged, as the night the sky star ... Fyodor Tyutchev

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I care about my memories. That's all I have. 
This is the only true value ... Clifford D. Simak "All traps the Earth"

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to go down to the river woman. 
beautiful and Barbary. 
I for her one word 
written on the scorched sand. She read it out loud. "And I love you ..." - I said. And repeating: "Dear, dear .. . "- so that was breathtaking. sitting with her ​​on the sand. And the sun warmed our backs. rustling pine-giants. Rooks shouting distance. I honor her a poet. Riptide our swims, to collect a bouquet of daisies and put its feet. She laughed and wondered. And the petals from the flowers tearing. eh my vows it was not enough, eh was superstitious. passed since many years. shut my eyes - I see again, as I write one word, which no oblivion. Andrei 

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Do not try to get rid of the memories, 
we must learn to live with them. From the film "1408"
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I will carry the green swing
 into the unknown, where the breeze
 sounds of love melody flute
  Among crumbling from the rose petals ...
photographer Dmitry Zubkov (FTR-photo)

Flight of the soul! PHOTOS Richard Calmes

Flight of the soul!  PHOTOS Richard Calmes
Good day, my friends! Something went wrong day, as we would like ... but decided not to limp, because I have first of all I, mirror and music! Danced as she wanted ... and how could! Now, a wonderful mood! I advise you, do not restrain emotions!
Dance - is the flight of the soul. Dance - is an expression of emotions 4059776_107789141_1177 (15x15, 0Kb)without words, and only the body.
Movement never lies.
(Martha Graham, quoting his father)
We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.
(Friedrich Nietzsche)
first dance. Then think about it. It's the natural order.
(Samuel Beckett)
Everything in the universe rhythmically. All dances.
(Maya the angel)
Dance - the only art material for which we serve ourselves.
(Ted Shawn)
truly love to dance, only those who danced bare feet on prickly grass.
(Thomas Fuller)
The body never lies.
(Martha Graham)
Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion
(Martha Graham)
Dance - is the secret language of the soul
(Martha Graham)
What stomp your feet in anger, better learn to tap dance.
(Fred Astaire)
I do not want anything that prove. It is neither expression nor a way to release anything. I'm just dancing.
(Fred Astaire)
I opened the art of dance - art, lost two thousand years ago.
(Isadora Duncan)
Dance: Higher Mind in freely from Tel
(Isadora Duncan)
If you could explain that any words - there would be no point in having to dance it.
(Isadora Duncan)
The body of a dancer - it's just a luminous manifestation of his soul.
(Isadora Duncan)
I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I try to dance better than myself.
(Mikhail Baryshnikov)
Those who do not hear the music think the dancers are mad
Dancing feet - one heart - other
I would believe only in a God who knows how to dance.
( Friedrich Nietzsche)
Dance - a poem in her every movement - the word.
(Mata Hari)
All diseases of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political errors, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen only because of the inability to dance.
(Jean Baptiste Moliere)
Dancing - perfect training for girls, it is the first way to learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it.
(Christopher Morley)
stop dancing not because age, because age stop dancing.
(Jessie Newburn)
I dance - because I'm happy. I dance - because it is free.
(Tosha Brown)
Dance - this is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life. It is an expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.
(Jacques d'Amboise)
Dance - means to be outside himself, bigger, stronger, more beautiful. In the dance - the power, the dance - the grandeur of the Earth, it's yours - take it as a whole.
(Agnes de Mille)
The dance is a little insanity that brings great benefit to all.
(Edwin Denby)
Life is not set choreographer. That's why I often fall.
(Sascha Duncan)
Dance for yourself. If someone understands - good, if not - it does not matter, keep doing what you love.
(Louis Horst)
Dance - a favorite metaphor of the world.
(Kristy Nilsson)
Dance is movement, action, and every action, it opens us up for themselves themselves in doing.
(Gabriella Roth)
When we give ourselves entirely to the spirit of the dance, it becomes a prayer.
(Gabrielle Roth)
Dance as if no one is watching.
(Dirty Dancing)
Look! Woman dancing -
Butterfly, witch queen!
vernal breeze kisses curls,
her dress is playing safely. defenseless you do not believe it - before life is not folded. Undaunted barefoot walk on the firmament, a brave woman dancing. igniting the music and lyrics, Like a candle that time does not blow out, on impulse and exploits ready woman who dances. pity to her ridicule, gossip. Bird that does not okoltsuyut, Flies for the holiday from the everyday woman who dances. ease it for you do not reproach - Like, chirps, fun prancing - On universal, solar orbit and the Earth, as a woman dancing. runs out Faith and Hope, inescapable Beauty and Youth, Love And Tenderness negasnuschy - A woman who dances.

The day passed in vain, if I did not dance. (Nietzsche)
Dance - the only art in which we ourselves are the tool. (Rachel Farnhagen)
Dancers - the tools, like a piano, which plays a choreographer. (George Balanshayn)
If a dancer seeks to show that no gravity, this ballet. If the dancer tries to show that gravity it oppresses, it is modern. If a dancer wants to show that he is ready to die in the fight against gravity, then - jazz.
Dances - perpendicular expression of horizontal desire. (George Bernard Shaw)
Dance happiness - is when hitting the final Shame on you!
Second - this is the first of the losers. (Tarasova, figure skating coach)
The whole life of a dancer - it "again" and "again"
Learn, learn and learn ... to dance. =)
Dancer colors is not the place, and dance
movement can forget, can not forget the mood.
Dancing Grasshopper - complete nonsense from the point of view of a butterfly.
Want - dance. Do not want - Hoti.
If you know how to say - you can sing, if you know how to walk - you know how to dance. (African proverb)
Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing. (James Brown)
Dance - to affirm. (Bayard Coll)
Beautiful handwriting is not given at birth - he needs to learn; and ease of movement - a distinctive feature of knowing how to dance. (Alexander Pope, "Essay on Criticism"
No sane man will dance. (Cicero)
Music - an invisible dance, as dancing - silent music.
dance Well there is no unnecessary movement. (Fred Astar)
   Flight of the soul!  PHOTOS Richard Calmes       
 Flight of the soul!  PHOTOS Richard Calmes

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