Friday, October 3, 2014


My element ... The Sea 

The sea is my element, 
in the sea, I draw strength,
I like to rock the waves,
No more happiness in the world!
Splashing in the salty waves, I fish!
At sea, swim in the waves of light and flexible,
I like to look at the sun, sitting down at sunset,
How beautiful, the view of the sea landscape and skyline glowing in gold!
And it seems that the sun, like me, happily splashing in the waves of the sea.
not describe to me the beauty that I admire, looking at the sea, in simple words!
SUN, if stretched across the entire sea, rays of me, his gold stripes.
Could run through the waves, could not resist, ran on that track.

Sit until the last ray of sunset, spellbound, watching the sea.
wave illuminated beam of the sun, weaves, patterns magic!
smell the salty spray of cool waves
Smell fish and they are full of algae.
And you do not want to go, anywhere else.
Whether you love the sea, as I like?
know, without the sea life of me, no!
When the sun peep,
I aspire to the sea!
And his worship!
sea I love!

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