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Filming in porn - the work is not rewarding. Working conditions are no good, pay little Yes, and retired early to send. Most of the once famous pornographic actress and passed away, not saved almost nothing for her not long-term career. Only a few managed to earn a lot of money and move from rank to the rank of clandestine celebrity icons generation. 7. Houston (Houston)


Houston - one of the most honored "artistes" adult film. In 1999, she starred in the film "The biggest gangbang in the world 3: Houston 620" ('The World's Biggest Gangbang 3: The Houston 620') - yes, 620 men non-stop. Prior to his acting career, Houston worked as a stripper at the Tropicana, until one of the porn director in 1995 offered her a lucrative job. It has been reported that the star is in its best years, earning about 1 million. Dollars a year. In 1999, she fell down under the surgeon's knife to reduce the labia. Expressed as an actress, this was done in order to get a better look at the close-ups. After surgery, she took the "trim" and put them on the auction, increasing his fortune by 10 000 dollars 6. Hillary Scott (Hillary Scott) This blonde claims that the first lesbian experience she had in 11 years. After a short term experience as a consultant for the issuance of the mortgage, the girl found herself in the world of adult film. For her belt many prestigious awards - "Best Oral Sex Scene" (2006), "The best group sex scene" (2007) and I wish all the actress statuette "Orgazmaticheskaya oralistka" (2006). Due to all these merits in 2007, the girl signed a contract with SexZ Pictures for a record sum for pornography - 1 million. Dollars. Now there's something to boast in front of my mother! 5. Maria Takagi (Maria Takagi) Mary, also known as Rika Inoue, went to the peak of fame beaten track for Asian Pornstars: schoolgirl -> Youth pop star -> porn starlet. Today she has a well-deserved status as the most famous and highest paid adult film star in Japan. Her contract with Max A is estimated at 300 million yen, the dollar is about 2.6 million. Interesting fact: In 2003, Mary received the award for "Best Talk" - and there is one in the Japanese porn industry. 4. Ron Jeremy (Ron Jeremy) man-giant, indomitable male, macho, owner of the famous "hook" of the classical era of porn. For all of these titles Ron Jeremy would receive a salary of 10 million. Annually, bathe in a golden bath with the most fabulous beauties of the planet, act as a guarantor of freedom of thought in New York and drink tea with the Queen of England in a convenient time. But Ron have to settle for a fortune of 7 million. Dollars cohesiveness for shooting films in 2000 (back in 281, he was made ​​a director). Of course, he could have saved more had he possessed bygone charm and sexuality, but the legendary actor jokes: "The most perverted scenes in which many actresses refuse to participate are: bestiality, sado-masochism and sex with Jeremy ...". 3. Jesse Jane (Jesse Jane) Career Jesse started when the girl read an article about Tera Patrick and decided to grab a piece of glory. Her first scene was with one of the most brilliant actresses of adult cinema - mysterious Devon (Devon) - in the movie "No limits" ('No Limits'). Awards rained down on her, one after another - around Jesse started a real success. She presented her own line of sex toys, starred in the title role in the box office movie "Patrol pussies" ('Pussy Patrol'), has worked in the Australian Journal columnist Ralph, answering intimate questions readers. As a result - 8 million. Dollars of state. By the way, her favorite band - Slipknot. 2.Tera Patrick (Tera Patrick) Tera likes to say: "When I started my work in the industry, I have earned millions for others. Now I make them for myself." And she's not being disingenuous. Refusing at the time of the work nurses, Tera made ​​the right decision: her record sales did not beat nobody - the film "Interactive" ('inTERActive') of Hustler is the most-selling release in the history of porn. In addition, it is the owner's own porn empire called "Teravision", the cost of which is estimated at 30 million. Dollars, despite the fact that produces more than 15 films a year. This is an indicator that takes Tera quality and not quantity. 1. Jenna Jameson (Jenna Jameson) Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson has managed to cross the line of the cultural mainstream, becoming an erotic model once starred in 140 adult films. The last few years she has focused on the development of his own company ClubJenna, founded together with her ​​ex-husband Jay Gridnev, which brought about 30 million. Dollars a year. Jenna claims that went into porn in retaliation for betraying her ex-boyfriend. To begin with Jenna starred with girls, but quickly began to conquer the rest of the "top." Those who want to get acquainted with her ​​filmography, understand that the title of Queen of Porn in 2007 she got a reason.






See what a smart girl fotkala recently blush

Wanted was to practice shooting at Gelik, even a model volunteer found
but at the last moment decided not to bother and take only the good-old "poltinik."
To my great surprise, the pictures turned out more than a good result and I was satisfied.
I somehow always so - nasnimal bunch fotochek, upset that there are no good, popsihuyu couple of days, and then downloading the whole thing in Laytrum and, lo and behold, the pictures are great! Miracles and more!blush
_DSC0013.jpg _DSC0006.jpg
Will show you some pictures of great guys, which I was lucky enough recently to shootheart

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