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Just because most travelers do not know about them.

The Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum and the Brandenburg Gate - beautiful monuments of culture and arhtitektury, but you must admit, is a special charm in traveling to the places where tourists do not run over the crazy crowds. Especially because these corners is undervalued, even in those cities and countries that appear to be well-trodden far and wide. offers to take a virtual tour of a few such places. Did you wake up in the excitement of the discoverer, and you radically change the plans for the next vacation?

1 Restaurant Grotta Palazzese, Italy

This restaurant is located in a cave on the beach of Polignano a Mare is one of the most amazing places on the planet where you can eat dinner.


2 Shishilyan, Rhone-Alpes, France

Gorgeous mountain Mont Aiguille 2000 meters dominates the French community Shishilyan.Mont Aiguille known as "Unattainable Mountain" - its slopes otvesny equally from all sides. Vertex was not conquered until 1492 and became the first mountain on which people decide to climb just out of curiosity. It is believed that its conquest was born climbing.

3 Nauru, Micronesia

Nauru - a tiny island nation with a population of less than 10 000 people. It is one of the least visited places in the world - simply because of it, few people know. Nauru hides miles of pristine beaches and forests - so if you want to relax on the island paradise, hurry to buy a ticket there.While other tourists do not came running.

4 Tiger's Nest Monastery, Paro Valley, Bhutan

This church of the XVII century, is located on the edge of a cliff at an altitude of almost 1000 meters above the valley of Paro. The holy place was built to protect the cave where Guru Padmasambhava, a Buddhist leader, meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days and three hours.

5 Albarracin, Aragon, Spain

Perfectly preserved medieval town in the north of Spain, Albarracin famous rock paintings in the caves (important evidence of Levantine prehistoric art) and their Picaportes - unique door handles.Each door in the city and stick to it are unique and created by local craftsmen in accordance with ancient customs and technology.

6 Hotel Aescher, Switzerland

The hotel is so high in the Alpine mountains, which you can get there on foot or by cable car.Because the hotel is only available in the summer season and is open from April to oktyabr.Usloviya Hotel Aescher be called Spartan. Several rooms can accommodate four people. WC, as well as the bathroom, shared and located on the floor, the shower at all. The hotel offers simple but nourishing food in the tradition of the inhabitants of the Swiss Alps. Guests come here to go hiking and walking on the picturesque mountain area, visit the natural caves, look at the museum of prehistoric finds.


7 Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

Known as the "Stairway to Heaven", this hiking trail passes through the mountainous terrain of the island of Oahu in Hawaii. 3992 steps rising to a height of 850 meters above sea level and offer a magical view of the island.

8 Lake Tingvadlavatn, Iceland

The lake is part of the National Park Thingvellir. The islands on the lake are of volcanic origin.Faults around the lake show that in this place the tectonic plates of Europe and America are opposed to each other. Happily divers can swim between tectonic plates continents every year away from each other at 2 cm.

9 Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen - a small town, situated on the slopes of Reef Mountains in the north-west of Morocco. It was founded in 1471 and until 1920 it was visited only 3 stranger. Now the city is best known for its old part, almost all the houses in which are painted in different shades of blue. The reason for this choice - in religion. Apart from Muslims, Chefchaouen has long been the residence of a fairly large community of Sephardic Jews. They brought with them the beliefs, according to which the blue - the color of the hands prayer shawl, Talitha.
But there is a city and the "dark" side - it recognized "narkotsentr» Morocco.

10 Lord Howe Island, Australia

This island is still virtually untouched by man: very small indigenous population and only 400 tourists annually tolerances here. This restriction is intended to protect the unique landscape of Lord Howe, crystal clear lagoon which is 'home' for the coral reef.

11 Bishop Castle, National Forest San Isabel, Colorado

In America is one of the wildest castles in the world, created solely builder Jim Bishop. Its worth a visit for inspiration - and even then you can get married.

12 Huacachina, an oasis in the desert of Sechura, Peru

In the village of Huacachina resides just over a hundred people. According to local legend, the lake came after a beautiful princess was caught by surprise young hunter while swimming in the pool.The girl managed to escape and the pool turned into a lake. Folds mantle runaway princess became dunes surrounding Huacachina, and she soon returned to the lake, and still lives there mermaid.

Bastaysky 13 bridge over the river Elbe, Germany

Bastaysky bridge in Saxony - an engineering marvel of the first half of the XIX century.Monumental structure was built of wood in 1824, and a quarter century later replaced by a more solid structure made of sandstone. The length of an architectural monument - 76.5 meters.

14 Leptis Magna, Tripoli, Libya

Once Leptis Magna was one of the main cities of the Roman Empire, and in particular his plan even nicknamed "Rome in Africa." Now its ruins - a great place for adventure. So if you want to walk to the sights of ancient Rome, but do not want to compete with the crowds - welcome to Libya.

15 Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Alcazar of Segovia - the palace and fortress of the Spanish kings in the historic city of Segovia.Nestled on a cliff above the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Clamores near the Guadarrama mountains. This position on the rock making it one of the most beautiful and recognizable palaces in Spain. Alcázar was originally built as a fortress, but managed to get a royal palace, a state prison and royal artillery academy.

16 Alter to Chao, Brazil

The city, surrounded by forests of the Amazon and has a gorgeous beach, known as the Island of Love. A few meters from the beach is a huge lagoon Lago Verde, which is home to a variety of animals. Swim to it can only be in a canoe.

17 Hotel Moulin de Roc, France

Deep in the province of Dordogne you will find an old mill converted into a charming hotel on the banks of a quiet river. For miles around nothing. And in the hotel is one of the famous Michelin-starred restaurants.

18 Hall of peacocks in the castle Sammetstsano, Tuscany

Abandoned Castle Sammetstsano, which in the last century was located luxury hotel, is now virtually closed to the public. You can get there only on special occasions. The most beautiful room of the castle - Hall of peacocks - gets its name from the unique bright ceilings with carved ornament in the Moorish style.

18 Cave Melissani, Kefalonia, Greece

In Greek mythology, the nymphs inhabited this mysterious cave and lured men with their beauty.Through a huge hole in the "ceiling" of the cave gets sunlight shining on the surface of the purest lake Melissani.

19 Krakow, Matera, Basilicata

Near the Gulf of Taranto in Italy, on a high rock stands the ancient city of Krakow, whose inhabitants had left him. About a thousand years there were people, but then left that place, which is now turned into ruins. They say that now inhabit the ghosts.

20 Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

Castle Quinta de Regaleira included as part of the palace complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most romantic places in Portugal. Home Regaleira mystery - well, stretching into the depths of the earth. Spiral Gallery, walking around it, has nine levels, each level - fifteen stages.These symbolize the nine levels of the nine circles of Hell, Purgatory and the nine circles of the nine circles of heaven described by Dante. On the wall of the well - a radiant triangle, symbol of Freemasonry. Many believed that the castle is used for Regaleira Masonic meetings, but this documentary evidence and was not found.

21 Street Vaysgerbergasse, Nuremberg, Germany

Vaysgerbergasse - a historical street in Nuremberg, famous for its stunning wrought iron signs.


22 Procida, Italy

Procida - the smallest of the islands of the Bay of Naples. He did not like in their posh neighbors - the islands of Capri and Ischia. Until 1986, the island served as a prison for dangerous criminals, so it passed the crowds of summer visitors. Procida residents still are very patriarchal lifestyle instead to remodel their homes in all apartments for rent, they still prefer to grow lemons in old gardens and fish in the rocky bays.


23 Lofoten Islands, Norway

Group Lofoten is located above the Arctic Circle. Here you can see the quaint fishing villages, deep in the world of the coral reef and the northern lights of incredible beauty.


24 Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Coconut - the largest uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, located 600 kilometers off the west coast of Costa Rica. He is known for the fact that, according to the common legend, on it the biggest hidden treasure that no one until now has not been detected. And this island - a paradise for divers due to its rich underwater fauna.

25 Fes, Morocco

Now you look at the old workshop in the leather industry in the world. In fact, this show is not for the faint of heart - there is always a particular smell of leather and tannins, which will long remind tourists to visit Morocco.

26 Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

By itself, the town Blagaj nothing of itself is not, but rather just the village. But next to it is the source of the river Buna, it is very picturesque. This beautiful place was chosen by itinerant Muslim monks - the dervishes. In the XVI century, it was built "Tekija" (from Turkish - "Tekke"), the monastery of dervishes. Its original form, it is certainly not preserved, but the current building is also not so new - it was built in the middle of the XIX century.

27 Illokkortoormiut, Greenland

Get in Illokkortoormiut as difficult as to say his name: once a week from the capital of Iceland to Greenland by plane and then by helicopter or boat up to the town. But it's worth it: this colorful little town situated on the longest ice river system in the world.

28 Marsaxlokk, Malta

Even in ancient times, this place was used by the Carthaginians and then the Romans as the main harbor of Malta. In 1565, when the Ottoman Turkey tried to invade the island, at Marsaxlokk was parking the Turkish fleet.
Now the local population earns, mainly fishing. One of the attractions of the town are the brightly ornamented boats citizens (luzzu).

29 Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt - a medieval village with a population of less than 1,000 people. Its main attraction - the salt mine, the oldest in Europe, the development of which has been going on for three thousand years. Information about the village appears in written sources in 1311. On the medieval history of Hallstatt is almost no data due to its distance from the Railways.

30 Deception, Antarctica

This ring-shaped island, inaccessible to tourists, has become a refuge from the storms and icebergs for a variety of creatures, including for thousands of penguins. If you want to escape from the cold, you know that the island is an active volcano and hot springs abounds.

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