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Around The World In 80 Days


After a month of hibernation I'm back and ready to please you new posts, now I travel to East Asia, and soon you are waiting for high-rise offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai, Hong Kong and some other cities.
While I want to tell you about my first experience traveling abroad with a view to climb, the first time ever, I went outside of the CIS for the trip chose one of the biggest cities in the world Istanbul, I went there all 3 days together with kirbase and captain_balash in such a short period of time we were able to illegally enter one of the minaret of the main mosque of Turkey, the tallest building in Istanbul, the local subway and a bunch of other delicious places.

1 Let's start with perhaps just a business card of Istanbul. One of the main mosque in the city, and the second most important mosque in the world after the "Prohibited" in Mecca. Blue Mosque. 2. When the construction of the Blue Mosque was completed, it was found that the most sacred Islamic world - Sacred Mosque in Mecca is now caught up in the number of minarets (there were 6) the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, it was considered a sacrilege and a decision was made ​​to attach to the Masjid al-Haram another minaret, so that it once again surpassed all existing facilities. Blue Mosque Construction was begun in 1609, completed in 1616. 3. I do not want to go into details of penetration in one of the main shrine of the Islamic religion, this just show you beautiful photos. 4. Aya Sofia. 5. The mosque is located directly on the shore of the Sea of Marmara, and it offers some of the best views in Istanbul, unfortunately with the weather we were very unlucky. 6. Hagia Sofia in the rays of dawn. More than a thousand years, Saint Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople remained the largest church in the Christian world - until the construction of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome. It is from here came to Orthodoxy Russian land. 7. After the capture of the city by the Ottomans in 1453, St. Sophia Cathedral was converted into a mosque, simply put the Ottomans turned the main shrine of the Christian religion in the mosque. The date of construction of the Cathedral: 532 - 537 years. 8. For the most part getting out on the roof of any central Istanbul, you will see the Blue Mosque and Aya Sophia, or, in most cases, and this and that. These are the highest buildings in the city center. 9. Marmara Sea at sunset. 10. 11. Architectural and artistic complex "Dolmabahce Palace." Palace of the Ottoman Sultans on the European side of the Bosphorus became a symbol of greatness and decline of the Ottoman Empire XIX. 12. Blue Mosque from the roof of the Museum of Islamic Art. 13. Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet Square. 14. Nuruosmaniye Mosque is next to it is the famous Grand Bazaar. 15.Famous for us was the Grand Bazaar is not the fact that they sell souvenirs and sweets Turkey at crazy prices, and the fact that it was on this rooftop chase scene filmed on motorcycles last film 007 James Bond, there filming the final scene of the film International . 16. Moreover, it is one of the largest roof systems I've ever seen. There is a comfortable track on which you can quickly navigate through the roof, as well as the entrances to the bazaar. 17.Unfortunately the roof was habitable, on the northern part of the roof should shed the duty police officer and a guard dog. In the dark, we did not see this booth, but we sensed a great guard dog, he immediately woke up and the local police officer who, for unknown to us reasons chased us (in the future, it turned out that he thought that we came out of the mafia and rob the bazaar). He chased us is not very fast, but his watchdog almost overtook us, and when it is running to climbs Dima and Kirill blunt, and I happily went down they were first bitten by a dog, and then another and otpizzheny local police, in addition to their still managed to poke a loaded gun. 18. While the boys were being held hostage by the cops, I quickly retreated from the roof of the bazaar and moved to a nearby where I would have been harder to come by, I sat for a long time and watched as police unsuccessfully trying to find me. Later it turned out the boys had twice to reduce the local police station, copy the data and that's enough, let them to take pictures on the roof of the Grand Bazaar. 19. The roof of the Grand Bazaar. Photo 20. The same watchdog named Karabasz who was bitten by the guys, very cute animal) photos of the same 21. In addition to the coolest stories from the Grand Bazaar, we had no more action, Istanbul is well remembered by the availability of roofs, many roofs here - it's restaurants which you can freely leave. 22. 23. Business center of the city. There we have to come back, just a little later. 24. 25. 26. Galata Tower, the top is completely legal observation deck, the price it about 20 YTL. 27. Galata Bridge - it is always a lot of fishermen, but the most important thing is not far from the bridge where there are fast food for 5 YTL can enjoy a sandwich with vegetables and fried fish caught. 28. Istanbul city of mosques. In the foreground, New Mosque, behind the Mosque Nuruosmaniye, 29. Suleymaniye Mosque - the largest mosque in Istanbul.30. And now look at the business center of Istanbul, there are quite a few tall buildings, but we visited the most important thing. Meet the tallest skyscraper in Turkey Sapphire height of 261 meter. 31. It offers a very cool view of the nest below. Also here can be seen immediately and the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara. 32. Sabanik tower and the main building Istanbul bank. 33. 34. Cable Bridge Fatih Sultan through the Bosporus Strait, just in two such bridge apart they differ only in the length and height of the pylons. By the way, both bridges are protected well, very well, illegally climb almost impossible. This strong protection due to the fact that in the first year of building the bridge was chosen suicide. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. And of course we did not do without the traditional program. Illegal walks through the tunnels underground. 40. Istanbul metro as many subways Asia faceless, boring, and very clean. 41. The local subway is just one ventshahtu on a distilled, and then only at the beginning station. No sensors and alarms in the mine is not necessary, the issue of illegal entry into the subway at them is not as acute as in Moscow or Kiev.Didyulya - Like wind in the desert

42 Thus ended Istanbul

Best photos Associated Press for 2012

Continue to sum up the year. In this set - your favorite photos of the news agency Associated Press, made in 2012.
(Total 30 photos)
TEMP95 Best photos Associated Press for 2012

associated01 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
1 One of the six cubs found in the cell from poachers in the province of Pathum Thani, Thailand, snarls at the photographer. Thailand - the biggest poaching exchange in the world. The fault of the local black market disappeared last representatives of rare and endangered species. (AP Photo / Apichart Weerawong)
associated02 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
2 Spain football squad celebrates after winning the European Championship, which was held in Poland and Ukraine. It is the third largest Spanish football title in a row. (AP Photo / Gregorio Borgia)
See also Issue - Triumph of the Spanish team in Madrid
associated03 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
3 Arrested activist "Greenpeace" in a polar bear costume peeking out of a police car in Moscow. On that day, representatives of the organization "Greenpeace" protested against oil drilling in the Arctic. (AP Photo / Misha Japaridze)
associated04 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
4 Indian boy and girl during prayers in honor of "Eid" at the mosque Jama Masjid in Delhi, India. "Eid al-Fitr," marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
associated05 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
5 Eruption of Tungurahua, Sangay National Park, Ecuador. (AP Photo / Dolores Ochoa)
associated06 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
6 Miura bull breed breaks through the crowd during the festival of "San Fermin" in Pamplona, ​​Spain. (AP Photo / Daniel Ochoa de Olza)
associated07 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
7 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev shakes hands with CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg during the latter's visit to Moscow, Russia. (AP Photo / Alexander Zemlianichenko)
associated08 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
8 Serena Williams does not believe his luck, beaten in the final, "Wimbledon" Agnieszka Radwanska. (AP Photo / Anja Niedringhaus)
associated09 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
9 Pakistani girl holds a candle during the celebration of "Diwali". The picture was taken in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. "Diwali" - a traditional fire festival, one of the most beautiful and largest in the world. (AP Photo / Shakil Adil)
associated10 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
10 Quest during the Heineken Cup match between the teams of "Racing Metro" and "Munster Rugby" at the stadium "Stade de France" in Paris, France. (AP Photo / Christophe Ena).
associated11 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
11 Girls dance during the Notting Hillskogo carnival in London. This is the biggest carnival in Europe. Was first held Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK in 1964. (AP Photo / Sang Tan)
associated12 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
12 Residents of Bihar with huge backpacks and bags are trying to squeeze into the car of a train at the railway station in New Delhi, India, to get home to the ancient Vedic festival 'Chhath'. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
associated13 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
13 King Penguins are a group of the aquarium park "Sea Paradise Hakkeydzima", Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. (AP Photo / Itsuo Inouye)
associated14 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
14 The man is trying to save their belongings after two empty barges crashed into a shack on stilts in a poor coastal communities in Manila, Philippines, during tropical storm "Saola." (AP Photo / Aaron Favila)
associated15 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
15 A couple kissing under a hail of tomato during the festival "Tomatina" in Bunol, Spain.(AP Photo / Alberto Saiz)
associated16 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
16 Tibetan activist Jampa Yeshi burns himself in protest against the visit of President Hu Jintao, New Delhi, India. He subsequently died in hospital with burns 98% of the body. (AP Photo / Manish Swarup)
associated17 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
17 light installation The Tribute in Light shines over Manhattan, New York, USA, on the site of the towers, "World Trade Center", which were destroyed by a terrorist attack September 11, 2001. (AP Photo / Mark Lennihan)
associated18 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
18 Pakistani Faqir Zada ​​(Faqir Zada) sells ornamented camels in anticipation of the holiday "Eid al-Adha", in Islamabad, Pakistan. (AP Photo / Muhammed Muheisen)
associated19 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
19 Employee riot police protects girl during the explosion of a burning bus in Santiago, Chile. The riots in the capital of Chile began during a protest students demanding free education. (AP Photo / Luis Hidalgo)
associated20 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
Australia's Sally Pearson 20 rushes to the finish line ahead of the 100m hurdles at the Summer Olympic Games in 2012. (AP Photo / Matt Slocum)
associated21 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
21 Nowhere apple to fall during rallies in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. (AP Photo / Amr Nabil)
associated22 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
22 Woman watching illusionist Cyril Takayama, who is stuck in a traffic post in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Takayama arrived in India to promote his TV show here. (AP Photo / Rajanish Kakade)
associated23 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
23 meeting on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Bali, Indonesia. Ten years ago the bombs exploded twin, killing more than 200 people. In spite of the high threat of new terrorist attacks declared by the Indonesian authorities, family and friends of dead again arrived on the scene. (AP Photo / Firdia Lisnawati)
associated24 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
24 members of the notorious punk band Pussy Riot - Maria Alekhine, Ekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova - sitting behind the glass in the building of the Moscow City Court, Moscow, Russia. The trial of Pussy Riot has become one of the most pressing social issues in the world. (AP Photo / Sergey Ponomarev)
See also issue - Resonance caused sentence Pussy Riot
associated25 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
25 Police stopped FEMEN Activists outside the Ministry of Justice in Paris, France. Odious Ukrainian FEMEN movement was a world, opening headquarters in the French capital. It looks like "naked protest" will soon be commonplace in Europe. (AP Photo / Francois Mori)
associated26 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
26 Hispanic Axel Pons team of Pons HP 40 Tuenti in the Moto2 class flies on the gravel after the accident at the Japanese Grand Prix. (AP Photo / Greg Baker)
associated27 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
27 Looking police dog eloquently demonstrates its relation to the rites of the festival "Tihar", Kathmandu, Nepal. (AP Photo / Niranjan Shrestha)
associated28 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
28 Yellow taxi cars look out of the water in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States, after the hurricane, "Sandy." (AP Photo / Charles Sykes)

associated29 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
29 Sufi during the act of self-flagellation in honor of the festival "Urs", Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. "Urs" marks the anniversary of the death of St. Moinuddina Chishti, known for his philosophy of religious tolerance. (AP Photo / Deepak Sharma)
associated30 Best photos Associated Press for 2012
30 Presentation of the Argentine dance group «Fuerzabruta» in a transparent pool right over the heads of the audience during the "Night of the Festival" in Singapore. (AP Photo / Wong Maye-E)

The best photos of 2012 Reuters 

(Part 1)

2012 is coming to an end. It is time to sum up. Much has been - both good and bad. UEFA European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland, the Olympic Games in London, the hurricane in the United States, the war in Syria ... well, there's something to remember. We bring you the photo galleries of photos of the main event of the 2012 from the Reuters news agency in two parts.
(Total 45 photos)
TEMP12 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)

01POY01POYRTR371GS Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
1 Syrian army soldier fires a sniper rifle from the window of a house in Aleppo on 14 August. (GORAN TOMASEVIC)
02POY02POYRTR34TDL Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
2 Administrative segregation inmates to group therapy in San Quentin prison in California on 8 June. This prison - the oldest correctional facility in the state, and here are the only ones in the state of the gas chambers. (LUCY NICHOLSON)
03POY03POYRTR2ZZIX Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
3 A woman pushes a Fiat 500 with a beloved dog inside in one of the areas in Rome on 23 March. (ALESSANDRO BIANCHI)
04POY04POYRTR30LAG Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
4 Woman in traditional Korean costume in the pool at the University of Kim Il-Sung in Pyongyang on 11 April. (BOBBY YIP)
05POYabc2 MG 0289 2 Best photos of 2012 from Reuters (Part 1)
5 Bench from the sunken cruise ship «Costa Concordia» washed up on the shore of the island of Giglio on January 20. (PAUL HANNA)

06POY06POYRTR2WHUB Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
6 Students are moving across the bridge to get to school in the village of Tanjung Sanghiang in Indonesia on 19 January. As a result of flooding of the column that supported a suspension bridge, built in 2011, collapsed. (BEAWIHARTA)
07POY07POYRTR33OY9 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
7 Natives village near Altamira, northern Brazil, directing their bows and arrows at the police helicopter on 15 June. This region has occupied about 300 activists, indigenous people, fishermen and residents of coastal settlements, who were protesting against the construction of hydroelectric power plants. (LUNAE PARRACHO)
08POY08POYRTR2XXJU Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
8 wrestler wipe hands with clay, so they do not slip because of sweat, during a traditional wrestling match in the mud in Kolhapure, about 400 km south of Mumbai, India, February 14. (DANISH SIDDIQUI)
09POY09POYRTR32Y0O Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
9 Children from families Amor Divino (from left to right: Dons, Isabelle and Samilli sitting on the couch in the slums of Sao Paulo on 23 March. All three suffer from a rare genetic nerve disease that affects coordination and intelligence. System of social security in Brazil identified family financial assistance only for one child, the rest depends on the wages of his father, who works in a candy store. (NACHO DOCE)
10POY10POYRTR2ZKAG Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
10 17-year-old prostitute Hashi hugging her "husband" Baba in their small room in a brothel Tanguy, Bangladesh, March 4. Many young and inexperienced prostitutes are "lovers" or "men" who usually live outside the brothel, periodically receiving from their "wives" money and sex in exchange for providing them with security. She earns about $ 10-12 per day, serving up to 15-20 clients. Hashi - one of hundreds of young prostitutes living in poverty. It takes Oradekson - steroid used for fattening cattle farmers to look fuller and more "healthy" and get more clients. (ANDREW BIRAJ)

11POY11POYRTR36LC0 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
11 The believers are trying to make a human pyramid to break a clay pot during the Indian festival of Janmashtami in Mumbai August 10. Janmashtami - Krishna's birthday - celebrated throughout the country. (DANISH SIDDIQUI)
12POY12POYRTR36K33 Best photos of 2012 from Reuters (Part 1)
12 Jamaican runner Usain Bolt runs to victory in the race for 200 yards in the final of the London Olympic Games on August 9. (STEFANO RELLANDINI)
13POY13POYRTR31WQ0 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
13 Residents of Manila swimming in a safe place during a fire on 11 May. Then damaged nearly 1,000 houses and 5,000 families were left homeless. (CHERYL RAVELO)
14POY14POY59ImagesJuneRTR33NTA Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
14 Fans kiss French team before the match of their team with a team of Ukraine for the European Football Championship in Donetsk on 15 June. (MICHAEL BUHOLZER)
15POY15POYRTR2WC2I Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
15 Woman tries to eat as long as supporters and journalists surrounded the US presidential candidate Rick Santorum at a restaurant in Florence, South Carolina on January 15. (ERIC THAYER)
16POY16POYRTR34NVS Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
16 Women in nylon masks on the beach in Qingdao, China, July 6. These masks to block the sun's rays, but this product has not received mass acceptance and is only sold in local stores. (ALY SONG)
17POY17POYRTR3A7GH Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
17 Syrians jump over the barbed wire, running from the city of Ras al-Ain on the Turkish border on 9 November. (STRINGER)
18POYRTR3ANLA Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
18 Palestinians are driven through the streets of Gaza dead man who was suspected of spying for Israel, on November 20. Palestinians shot and killed six alleged spies of Israel.(MOHAMMED SALEM)
19POY18POYRTR3199H Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
19 American soldiers Nicholas Dikhat directs rifle in the doorway, after they started firing at the Taliban while on patrol district heat in Kandahar province on 26 April. (BAZ RATNER)
20POY19POYRTR34T49 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
20 Lightning during a storm in Potocari on the eve of a mass grave in Srebrenica on July 10. Body 520 newly recognized victims of the Srebrenica massacre buried on July 11, the anniversary of the massacre when Bosnian Serbs under the command of Ratko Mladic killed 8,000 Muslim men and boys. (DADO RUVIC)
21POY20POYRTR34H7R Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
21 The sun reflecting off the putter Tiger Woods during a golf tournament in Bethesda, Maryland, on July 1. (KEVIN LAMARQUE)
22POY21POYRTR33EX8 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
22 Native Rakhine State with a homemade weapon away from a burning building during the conflict between Buddhists and Muslims in Sittwe on 10 June. To the north-west of Myanmar's major armed conflicts broke out on religious grounds. (STAFF)
23POY22POYRTR34ZJR Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
23 Locals Magnitogorsk at sunset on a background of a metallurgical plant. (SERGEI KARPUKHIN)
24POY23POY MG 8246 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
24 Men are trying to align an overloaded truck with straw on the road in Dargan, about 165 km north-west of Pakistan's capital Islamabad, April 13. (MIAN KHURSHEED)
25POY24POYRTR39VD3 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
25 All that remains of the ride, three days after Hurricane Sandy in Seaside Heights, NJ, Nov. 1. (STEVE NESIUS)
See also issue - Devastation and chaos after Hurricane Sandy
26POY25POYRTR2Z6SB Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
26 Seven Years Wakana Kumagai came to the place where once stood her house, washed away tsunami11 March in Miyagi prefecture in the first anniversary of the disaster. (TORU HANAI)
27POY26POYRTR370AR Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
27 The relative quiet Khilnata Phuyala (right), husband of the deceased Tara Sharma Phuyal in Kathmandu hospital on 21 August. 28-year-old Tara died after giving birth. The mortality rate during childbirth in Nepal is 170 out of 100 000. (NAVESH CHITRAKAR)
28POY27POYRTR37XDG Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
28 Jennifer Nopfel in evening dress is waiting for the next race on the track in Agassiz, British Columbia, July 7. Job Jennifer - handing prizes to the winners of the race. (ANDY CLARK)
29POY28POYRTR33J4H Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
29 Colleagues, fireman and doctors are trying to cut steel bars protknuvshie worker's body.The picture was taken during an operation in hospital Ganzhou June 12th. Desktop pierced seven steel rods while working on the construction of the bridge. (CHINA DAILY)
30POY29POYRTR3210U Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
30 Fencer Alexander Massialas poses for a photograph at a press conference dedicated to the Olympic Games in Dallas, Texas, May 13. (LUCAS JACKSON)
31POY30POYRTR323UW Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
31 Boy of the tribe yavalapiti hanging over the river Xingu in the eponymous national park in the state of Mato Grosso on 9 May. In August, the tribe holds yavalpiti Kuarup - a ritual in honor of an important person for them. This year, the ritual was held for two people - Indian Yavalapiti, whom they regard as a great leader, and Darcy Ribeiro, the famous writer, anthropologist and politician, who has devoted himself to relations between indigenous people and education in Brazil. (UESLEI MARCELINO)

32POY31POYRTR362HI Best photos of 2012 from Reuters (Part 1)
32 Olympic rings on the background of the full moon in London on 3 August. (LUKE MACGREGOR)
33POY32POYRTR33MEO Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
33 Manolis Ouranos, 30-year-old chef at the tavern, "Black Cat" in Psiri, Athens, May 23.Manolis studied at the Technological University of Athens and earned a degree in civil engineering. He wanted to find a permanent job in the public sector, but the past six months working as a cook. (YANNIS BEHRAKIS)
See also the full issue - not where I would like to
34POY33POYRTR303VO Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
34 Israeli police officers used pepper gas on Palestinians during the riots in the old city of Jerusalem on 30 March. (AMMAR AWAD)
35POY34POYRTR39VNG Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
35 A woman is crying with joy to learn that her neighbor is considered lost, is alive and well, after Hurricane Sandy in New Dorp Beach, New York, November 1. (LUCAS JACKSON)
36POY35POYRTR39RLY Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
36 Buildings of Lower Manhattan, was plunged into darkness after the accident at the power plant, caused by Hurricane Sandy, in New York, October 30. (EDUARDO MUNOZ)
37POY36POYRTR32QRU Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
37 A woman with a hungry child in a therapeutic center in Sana'a on 28 May. (MOHAMED AL-SAYAGHI)
38POY37POYRTR33VGL Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
38 Sudanese migrants sleeping under the children's slide, which is riding an Israeli girl in a park in Tel Aviv on 16 June. In recent years, about 60,000 Africans crossed into Israel through Egypt in search of work. (BAZ RATNER)
39POY38POYRTR36YOM Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
39 Temple of the flooded area after heavy rains in Jammu on 19 August. (MUKESH GUPTA)
40POY39POYRTR36CE8 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
40 Syrian soldiers screaming in pain, getting shot in the leg by shrapnel from a shell Syrian tank in Aleppo on 7 August. (GORAN TOMASEVIC)
41POY40POYRTR33X9K Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
41 The Indian in the subway rides on the People's Summit in Rio de Janeiro on 20 June.(RICARDO MORAES)
42POY41POYRTR39NIM Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
42 office workers are reflected in the room where the sitting presidential candidate Mitt Romney in North Canton, Ohio, Oct. 26. (BRIAN SNYDER)
43POY42POYRTR3A330 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
43 Lone resident of Queens in New York City among the debris after Hurricane Sandy early morning of 6 November. (LUCAS JACKSON)
44POY43POYPJ SZ28677szh Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
44 American soldiers learned about the wounding of his friend while on patrol in southern Afghanistan on 12 June. (SHAMIL ZHUMATOV)
45POY44POYRTR38ZEI Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 1)
45 Wounded Syrians ferry boat to Turkey Orontes River in the province of Hatay on 10 October. Dozens of Syrian citizens, many of them - women and children - have crossed the narrow river Orontes, to flee to Turkey. Residents of the town on the Turkish side Hakipasa border helped them. (OSMAN ORSAL)

The best photos of 2012 Reuters 

(Part 2)

The second part of the best photos of 2012 according to the agency Reuters. Continuing to cover the major events of the year, summing it up.
(Total 50 photos)
TEMP16 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)

46POY45POYRTR3AFAE Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
1 Palestinian bypasses its dilapidated house after air strike in Gaza on 15 November.(SUHAIB SALEM)
47POY46POYRTR3AAA9 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
2 Puppy sitting in charred corpse of his mother, who died in a fire in burning down near Kyaukphyu, Burma 6 November. (MINZAYAR, Myanmar)
48POY47POYRTR3AFJM Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
3 Israelis are trying to hide the sound of sirens warning of approaching missiles in the southern town of Kiryat Malachi on 15 November. (NIR ELIAS)

49POY48POYRTR2W6VK Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
4 In one of the poorest areas of Medellín, Colombia, has been installed 384-meter escalator, divided into six levels to the locals it was easier to move around the slums.(FREDY BUILES)
50POY49POYRTR37XJZ Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
5 Woman beats man with a stick in the tactics, Guatemala, Sept. 13. Man and three other accused in the murder of two children in a local school. The man broke into a local school and hacked with machetes two pupils - 8 and 13 years old. The murderer was caught, and the crowd alive, burned it on the street. (JORGE DAN LOPEZ)
51POY50POYRTR38YB3 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
6 Naked protester runs to the parliament building in Athens during a protest against the visit of Angela Merkel in the city on October 9. (JOHN KOLESIDIS)
52POY51POYRTR3AQ12 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
7 famous house, around which grew the road, after the owners of the house refused to move out on 22 November. They thought that his proposed compensation was too small.After her owners increase yet moved out, and the house was demolished. (CHINA DAILY)

53POY52POYRTR32VYO Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
8 Tank during a firefight against Al-Qaeda militants near the town of Zinjibar in Yemen on 30 May. (YEMEN'S DEFENCE MINISTRY)
54POY53POYRTR30OL9 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
9 A child with her mother on the balcony during the festival Bisket in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu, April 13. 9-day festival takes place at the Nepali New Year.(NAVESH CHITRAKAR)
55POY54POYRTR370J7 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
10 Teleprompter closes President Barack Obama during his speech in Columbus, Ohio, August 21. (KEVIN LAMARQUE)
56POY55POYRTR394DR Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
11 A man photographs the space shuttle "Endeavour" at the research center in Inglewood, Los Angeles, October 13. (RICK LOOMIS)

57POY56POYRTR36WFY Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
12 Police (right) shoots protesters miners in the mine in Rustenburg, South Africa on 16 August. Police opened fire at thousands of protesters miners armed with machetes and sticks, leaving several bloody corpses lying on the ground. (SIPHIWE SIBEKO)
58POY57POYRTR30N33 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
13 Punk in a cloak with the image of Aung San Suu Kyi came to the concert at the winter festival in the piano bar in Yangon, Burma on 11 April. (SOE ZEYA TUN)
59POY58POYRTR38XDD Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
14 18-year-old Yuri Kudryavtsev, Krasnoyarsk choreographic college student, stretches for an English textbook in Krasnoyarsk on 4 October. Yuri and his partner Marina Volkova preparing for professional ballet weekly contest dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Yuri Grigorovich. This couple - winners of the Grand Prix of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. (ILYA NAYMUSHIN)
60POY59POYRTR30OM7 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
15 Indian with a knife pierced his neck on ritual "Chadak" in the village Krishanadevpur on 13 April. Hundreds of Indians came to the ritual, held in honor of the Indian deity Shiva.(RUPAK DE CHOWDHURI)
61POY60POYRTR34UVG Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
16 The photographer Reuters Dzhozebu Etksaburu knocked a bull during a holiday in the bullring at the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona on 12 July. Etksaburu hurt his right elbow, but continued to shoot the celebration. (SUSANA VERA)

62POY61POYRTR38279 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
17 Firefighter helicopter fills the water tanks on a background of thick smoke from a forest fire west of town Pinedeyl in Wyoming on 16 September. (JIM URQUHART)
63POY62POYRTR37UVH Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
18 A protester against the background of a burning building the American consulate in Benghazi on 11 September. (ESAM AL-FETORI)
64POY63POYRTR37WDR Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
19 Spectators look at the model on the catwalk during the show Spring / Summer 2013 at Fashion Week in New York on 12 September. (ANDREW BURTON)
65POY64POYRTR3594I Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
Artist Peter Pavlensky 20, a supporter of the group «Pussy Riot» sewed his mouth in protest against their sentence in St. Petersburg on 23 July. (MAXIM ZMEYEV)

66POY65POYRTR32CLA Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
21 Youth beat Svyatoslav Sheremet, head of gay offline Ukraine in Kiev on 20 May. On Svyatoslav attacked after meeting with reporters, he said that the gay parade was canceled. (ANATOLII STEPANOV)
67POY66POYRTR30DKO Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
22 prevents a Palestinian Jewish boy pictures of him on the background of police cordoned off the building in Hebron. (AMMAR AWAD)
68POY67POYRTR350WT Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
23 Actor Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri walks past a group of reporters out of the hotel in New York on July 17th. (KEITH BEDFORD)
69POY68POYRTR38QLN Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
24 Bavarian farmers transporting cows on a boat on the picturesque Lake Königssee October 3rd. Before the onset of winter, farmers have to carry their cattle to alpine meadows in a narrow valley, which can be reached only by boat. (MICHAEL DALDER)
70POY69POYRTR31WYC Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
25 Afghan man climbs the wall, reducing the path up the hill in Kabul, May 11. (DANISH SIDDIQUI)
71POY70POYRTR355CH Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
26 Maretta Perkins prays during a service in memory of the victims of the shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, July 20. (SHANNON STAPLETON)
72POY71POYRTR313OS Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
27 The woman is running on the road during the air strike Rubkona on 23 April. Sudanese planes conducted an attack on South Sudan, killing three people near the southern town of Bentiu. (GORAN TOMASEVIC)
73POY72POYRTR3368C Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
28 The Group is on the road of rice flight to greet the farmers near the town of Sinuiju in North Korea and the Chinese border on 6 June. (JACKY CHEN)
74POY73POYRTR3A543 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
29 delegates before the opening ceremony of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing on 8 November. (JASON LEE)
75POY74POYRTR35YAD Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
30 Gabrielle Douglas of the United States performs on the balance beam during the gymnastics competition at the Olympic Games in London on 2 August. (DYLAN MARTINEZ)
76POY76POYRTR2YC54 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
31 invalidkoy defies stormtroopers in the center of La Paz on 23 February. Hundreds of physically handicapped people came to La Paz, breaking the 1,600 km, demanding that the government provide them with financial support. (DAVID MERCADO)
77POY77POYRTR36DI0 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
32 members of the "Marshal Hussein Tantawi," go on a military vehicle after the funeral of soldiers killed during an attack on a checkpoint on the border with Israel. (AMR DALSH)
78POY78POYRTR38H87 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
33 Residents of lawnmowers in the street of the village Nantszi, where more than 3,100 people, and where the laws of Mao Zedong about morality and collectivism still play an important role in the life of the city. In addition to free housing, health insurance, food stamps and education workers local factories receive about $ 400 a month. Here Mao is still revered. (JASON LEE)
79POY79POYRTR30NJQ Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
34 Fakroddin Cyrus and his goat Cocoa ride in a taxi in New York on 7 April. Cocoa - a three-year alpine dwarf goat, who lives with his owner in Summit, New Jersey. They are often selected in Manhattan walk. Cyrus relates in Cocoa, as a person. "She does not like goats and other farm, she likes the people and the city," - he says. (ALLISON JOYCE)

80POY80POYRTR32VNF Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
35 Parker Rus suffering syndrome Martin - Bell, rolling on the floor after a quarrel with her sister in Canton, Illinois, April 4. Syndrome Martin - Bell - is the most common cause of autism. And my brother and sister have this syndrome, but Parker he developed much stronger. (JIM YOUNG)
81POY81POYRTR3A2O6 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
36 Woman vote for president of the USA at a polling station, built elsewhere posleto of Hurricane Sandy broke the previous section, in New York on November 6. (LUCAS JACKSON)
82POY82POYRTR32KYO Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
37 Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese dissident and human rights activist, recently sought asylum in the United States, gives an interview in New York on 24 May. (SHANNON STAPLETON)
83POY83POYRTR35024 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
38 American paratroopers waiting for take-off in a helicopter in Afghanistan on 15 July.(LUCAS JACKSON)
84POY84POYRTR37KY6 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
39 A police officer with a noose around his neck in front of the parliament building during a demonstration in Athens on September 6th. Greek police, coast guard and fire held protests in Athens, expressing their dissatisfaction with the budget cuts. (JOHN KOLESIDIS)
85POY85POYRTR2ZP6G Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
40 Huan Sufan just saw her demolished house in the center Guanchzhou March 21st.Builders accidentally demolished part of her house, which was not included in the project for the demolition of houses in the area. (CALVIN FENG)

86POY86POYRTR37U8T Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
41 protesters tore the American flag in front of the United States Embassy in Cairo on 11 September. (MOHAMED ABD EL GHANY)
87POY87POYRTR37G4H Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
42 Pole Lukasz Mamkzarts warms up before the long jump at the Paralympic Games in London on 3 September. (ANDREW WINNING)
88POY88POYRTR343FR Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
43 Participants of the festival in East London on 24 June. (OLIVIA HARRIS)
89POY89POYRTR30WCQ Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
44 Employees of the Greek Parliament replaced the torn flag new in Athens on April 18.(YANNIS BEHRAKIS)
90POY90POYRTR36CFC Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
45 Syrian army soldier runs for cover during the riots in the area of ​​Aleppo on 7 August.(GORAN TOMASEVIC)
91POY91POYRTR30B49 Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
46 Deonte Mobley looks in the mirror after his father had cut his near Goldsboro in Sanford, Florida, April 3. Sanford - a town in Florida, where 28-year-old George Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on the night of February 26, stating that he had acted in self-defense. (LUCAS JACKSON)
92POY92POYRTR2X3OM Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
47 Raven on a human corpse in the Ganges River in the eastern Indian city of Patna in Bihar on January 22. (ADNAN ABIDI)
93POY93POYRTR3A3UH Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
48 Confetti obscured view of the stage, where Barack Obama celebrates his re-election to the presidency in Chicago on 7 November. (PHILIP SCOTT-ANDREWS)
94POY94POYRTR38J3X Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
49 43-year-old Juan Carlos Castano turned on the television in his empty room while waiting for a court decision on his eviction in Madrid on 28 September. The Spaniard, who arrived from his native Colombia to Spain in 2000, stopped paying the mortgage at the end of 2009, when he became unemployed. (SUSANA VERA)
95POY95POYRTR3782Y Best Photos of 2012 Reuters (Part 2)
50 View of the village Yavalapiti before the ritual in honor of the most important personalities of the same name for the tribe in the State of Mato Grosso on 12 August.(UESLEI MARCELINO)
Just imagine you are traveling on a luxury car, accompanied by a loved one, and all around you - the most beautiful views. Cool it would be to give up everything to take only the most important thing and go to the present road trip, when the wind in your hair plays, and ahead lie kilometers. This post is dedicated to all the road romantics and just for those who love beautiful road.

20samixjivopisnixdorog January 20 most scenic roads
1 Milford, New Zealand
20samixjivopisnixdorog February 20 most scenic roads
2 Pass Stelvio, Italian Alps
20samixjivopisnixdorog March 20 most scenic roads
3 Cabot, Scotland
20samixjivopisnixdorog April 20 most scenic roads
4 Glenwood Springs, Colorado
20samixjivopisnixdorog May 20 most scenic roads
5 Bridge of Millau, France
20samixjivopisnixdorog June 20 most scenic roads
6 Karakoram Highway, Pakistan
20samixjivopisnixdorog July 20 most scenic roads
7 Chapman, South Africa
20samixjivopisnixdorog August 20 most scenic roads
8 Pass in Peru
20samixjivopisnixdorog September 20 most scenic roads
9 Sun Road, Montana
20samixjivopisnixdorog October 20 most scenic roads
10 St. Gotthard Pass, Alps, the road from Italy to Switzerland
20samixjivopisnixdorog November 20 most scenic roads
11 Baja, Mexico
20samixjivopisnixdorog December 20 most scenic roads
12 Highway I-84 in the Columbia River
20samixjivopisnixdorog 13 20 most scenic roads
13 Highway 163, Monument Valley
20samixjivopisnixdorog 14 20 most scenic roads
14 N Highway 1, Iceland
20samixjivopisnixdorog 15 20 most scenic roads
15 Ruta 23, Argentina
20samixjivopisnixdorog 16 20 most scenic roads
16 Avenue of Baobab, Madagascar
20samixjivopisnixdorog 17 20 most scenic roads
17 Karakoram Highway, Pakistan
20samixjivopisnixdorog 18 20 most scenic roads
18 Route 378, Maui
20samixjivopisnixdorog 19 20 most scenic roads
19 Transalpina, Romania
20samixjivopisnixdorog 20 20 most scenic roads
20 Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

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