Friday, January 8, 2010


Speranze deluse
Il Quarto Stato

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood
Hop o’ My Thumb
Hansel And Gretel
Hansel And Gretel
Hansel And Gretel In The Forest
The Wolf And The Seven Young Kids
Brother And Sister
Gulliver’s Travels
Der dreijahrige Mozart am Klavier seines Vaters

Sweet Dreams

Las Meninas
Infanta Margarita
Infanta Margarita
Infanta Dona Margarita de Austria
Infanta Margarita In A Blue Dress
Infante Felipe Prospero
Dona Antonia de Ipenarrieta y Galdos And Her Son Luis
Prince Baltasar Carlos With A Dwarf
Prince Baltasar Carlos On Horseback
Prince Baltasar Carlos As A Hunter
Don Baltasar Carlos
Portrait Of A Little Girl
The Waterseller Of Seville

title unknown
Sale Of A Child Slave
Kyrghyz Girl

Little Red Riding Hood
Carol Singers

In The Harem
Rencontre dans le désert

Little Red Riding Hood

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