Friday, January 8, 2010


Portrait Of Clara Hughes
Lady Orpen And Child
Portrait Of Gardenia St. George With Riding Crop
Midday On The Beach
The Edge Of The Cliff
The Artist’s Daughter Playing The Piano
Group Portrait Of George Swinton’s Family
A Bloomsbury Family
Portrait Of Miss Harmsworth
Miss Anne Harmsworth In An Interior
Son Of Oliver St. John Gogarty
A Portrait Of Master Spottiswoode


The Child Enthroned
My Crown And Sceptre
Mental Arithmetic
The Dancing Lesson
Alleluya (detail)
Holy Motherhood
The Flag
The Child In The World
The Pageant Of Childhood
Golden Youth
Young Girl Reading A Manuscript
Girl In Renaissance Costume
The Orchard
Madonna Of The Mount

Tibetan Child With Prayer Wheel
Tibetan Baby

Portrait Of A Young Girl (Clara Serena Rubens)
Deborah Kip And Her Children
Portrait Of Hélène Fourment And Her Son Frans
Hélène Fourment With Two Of Her Children
Rubens, His Wife Hélène Fourment And Their Son Peter Paul
Albert And Nicolaas Rubens
Night Scene
Old Woman With A Basket Of Coal
Boy With Bird
Nicolaas Rubens With Coral Necklace

Portrait Of Esmé Robbe
A Resting Place
The Music Lesson
Party For New Year’s Day In New Amsterdam
Autumn Along The Sea
Pilgrims Going To Church

Kinder im Wald
Slevogt’s Family In The Garden
Family Of Artist Janos Plesch

A Warm Exchange
The Last Hour Of Pompei
An Afternoon’s Amusement
A Classical Concert
Feeding The Turtle
The Children’s Quarrel
The Harp Player
The Old Doll

With A Babe In The Woods
Gathering Pansies
title unknown
A Carol
Nothing Venture, Nothing Have

The Five Children Of King Charles I
Children Of Charles I
Charles I And Queen Henrietta Maria
With Charles Prince Of Wales And Princess Mary
Prince Of Wales, Future Charles II, King Of England
Princess Mary Stuart And Prince William Of Orange, Future William III
Family Portrait
Portrait Of Philadelphia And Elizabeth Wharton
George Villiers, 2nd Duke Of Buckingham,
And His Brother Lord Francis Villiers
Paola Adorno With Her Son
Marie Clarisse With Her Child
The Wife And Daughter Of Colyn de Nole
Prince Rupert von der Pfalz
Thomas Howard With His Grandson Lord Maltravers
Lady Elizabeth Thimbleby And Dorothy Viscountess Andover
Portrait Of Family Lomellini
Filippo Cattaneo, Son Of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi
Clelia Cattaneo, Daughter Of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi
Susanna Fourment And Her Daughter

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