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The Queen of Hearts
Yes, I do want to see Alice in Wonderland, which comes out in March of 2010. Until I get my movie review on here, look forward to more stunning visual shots of these extravagant characters from one of Walt Disney's most beloved movies. (And it's a classic; original released in 1951)!
Tim Burton is a genius...
No surprise: I don't have a review. In fact, I don't know when I'm going to find any time to watch and review any movies. I start college tommorow and I am going to be uber busy with work and community service. But I doubt anyone really cares. So should I just give up the blog? Call it quits. I mean, if you enjoy reading my random rants because you could care less about my input on classic film, then, um, ok. But if this is just a waste of time, then Harley will stop the classic film blog for a bit. I don't want to. So I'll keep on with the random, and anything else that floats my fancy. But seriously, should I just call it quits? I'm trying guys, really I am! I miss my movies darn it!

Lighter note; what I'm LOVING:


I've started another blog, purely for fun. I want to know I'm not alone over there, so please check it out. The above photo is linked to it in my sidebar, right above Mr. Michael Jackson. I know I've already got a bazillion other things to do and I'm trying hard not to fall behind on this one, but I wanted another place to talk about another passion. Please and thanks!

Audrey looks so sad in this photo. (As sad as anyone taking a publicity photo for their film can be). Considering the title of this post, I like to think in this particular photo, she misses me too. She's wondering why I haven't finished watching Love in The Afternoon...I point to my nephew...and COLLEGE! (And Harry Potter; he's more to blame than my sweet, angelic, absolutely irresistible nephew).

Look how cheerful she is in this one. I love this picture; it's wistful delight. I can't wait until I find a day to just sit and watch all the films TCM played for her love fest. What can I say? Audrey's one of those people who makes my world a little brighter. 

First off, let me say, Jesse Jackson is a line cutter. A woman behind us in line remarked, "Why is Jesse Jackson cutting the line?" My sister replied: "Because he's Jesse Jackson." But Jesse's appearance wasn't why I stood in line for almost three and a half hours without sitting, outside the JFK Museum. It wasn't why I, along with 25,000 yesterday, felt my knees sink when I saw how much farther I had to walk, how long I'd have to stay in line. No, all of that was to make the sign of the cross and whisper "God Bless him," as I walked past the flag draped coffin of Senator Edward Kennedy.

Have I ever met Ted Kennedy? No; that doesn't make a difference. I never met Bobby Kennedy, and yet, there I was, cradling my right hand because Max Kennedy shook it. It was monumental, thinking that the son of my hero, who touched his father's hands, touched mine. Everything that Ted stood for drove me to his repose at the museum. He was passionate, committed, and most importantly, authentic. He was one of the most prominent politicians of our age, and truly believed in his voters and making a change.

If I ever become a senator, I want to emulate Ted. I want to make a difference in the lives of my (potential)? voters. Like he said, wanting to change the world is not enough; we must also change ourselves. I like to think that I am like Audrey; romantic and idealistic, and not cynical. Ted Kennedy was not cynical; how could he be? He said the dream never dies. And it doesn't. As long as we're willing to move forward, it still lives on. And yesterday, to be that close to a legend, was worth the long wait and the long walk, and proved that the cause does indeed, endure.

He's joined his brothers because it's time for all of us to take up their cause. Justice, equality, liberty...they're not empty words anymore. When you see people like the Kennedys, dignified, gracious, and humble, who are products of privilege and money, and who have compassion for the poor and less privileged, it reminds you that all kinds of people are committed to preserving that American dream. Yesterday, people from all walks of life were present to pay their respects. it just reminds me, we're not so different after all.

"In my heart, I feel you are all my brothers." -Michael Jackson, Heal the World

And on a last note, as John McCain said, Ted was flawed, as all lions are flawed. Yes he made his mistakes, but who among us has not? McCain pointed out that history judges all of us; if you're like me, you may also believe that God does as well. That is why I do not. 

Yay, finally saw it. Unlike The Order of the Phoenix, this sixth installment of the mesmerizing series definitely surpassed all previous Potter films. While I may not have dressed up as Hermione and gone to the midnight showing on the 15th, I still loved every minute of it. It had everything; from action and mystery, to romance and suspense. And what's more, it stayed truthful to the book. Yes, they missed one pivotal plot detail-the engagement of Ron's elder brother Bill to the gorgeous part veela phlegm, Fleur. They also added some scenes that were never there. Nevertheless, it was still awesome. But then again, I am biased. 

Paris Jackson at Michael Jackson's Memorial

I've read that people thought her tears were fake. I don't know. To me it seemed genuine. Maybe I'm dumb; dumb to have a heart and believe the best of people, and believe that an 11 year old girl can show true pain when she loses her father. A man, whom I'm sure, only she and her brothers, grandparents, and aunts and uncles knew. Some people just aren't human. If you've read what I have read, you would probably be appalled by the lack of human capacity for understanding, love, and compassion. 

9 More Days!!!!!!
Spoiler: SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!!!!!!! (But, if you read number seven, you "understand" why). I cannot wait.

Teen Vogue has become my newest guide. It's just the most darlin' magazine any one could ask for. And voila, here is lovely Emma in enchanted summertime gear at her photo shoot. There's a natural, woodland charm to all of these photos, and they remind me irresistibly of fairies, magic, and all wunderbar things about this gorgeous season of summer. The photo shoot was on location in Emma's own merry old England. I'd love to travel to the U.K. I don't think I'll be traveling anywhere this summer, except for the afternoon trips at camp, but study abroad will remedy that.

Guess whose getting this poster for free? Yes, that would be yours truly. I love this shot.

A beautiful breezy summer dress, and a lovely red jacket to boot.


Madame Butterfly....look closely, there are a lot of butterflies in this photo.

One of the new ABC shows I want to see is 10 Things I Hate About You, the televised version of the Heath Ledger movie. And yes, the cutie on the left is starring in the upcoming series. His name: Ethan Peck. Does the name sound familiar? Guess who his legendary grandfather is? Gregory Peck! Are you serious? I was having a ball when I read that in Teen Vogue at the salon the other day. There does seem to be a slight resemblance and Ethan is handsome, very much like dreamy Gregory. I was so excited, I decided to watch just because of his family lineage. What can I say? Ethan is related to my favorite actor...a man I am in irrevocable love with.

Originally, I had planned on posting ten random things about me, but in my dashboard, I saw that David over at Birth of a Notion had some really sad news. Karl Malden has died at the age of 97. There have been many celebrity deaths lately, each one shocking. Malden lived to a ripe old age, and I'm glad that he was able to live such a long life. I consider myself a Karl Malden fan; he was one of old Hollywood's stoic, and dependable character actors. Rest in Peace.

I haven't posted an Audrey picture in a while, so here she is, in all her glowing, beautiful glory. She was around 22 in this picture, since I believe it's a publicity shot for her 1951 film, Secret People. And the randomness rolls on!

Hey everybody! Geez, I have missed you guys and my blog like you wouldn't even believe. I haven't had time to watch any of the 70 (no kidding) movies on my tivo and that really bums me out. I miss my old movies, but I haven't found the time to watch them. It truly makes me sad. But not the sad, I have nothing better to do, what's the point of life kind of sad. I'm actually very happy right now. I'm learning to take everything in stride, and more importantly, to treat life like a gift and to treasure it. (That's Audrey's influence for you). So though yours truly feels this way, there's still that part of me that's really missing my TCM. (Though my tivo takes care of that). Alas alack, how classic film has shaped my life...or rather, how it's given me withdrawal symptoms.

So, I feel as if my fellow old movie lovers think I've abandoned them, or else they're getting sick of me and my posts on dear Emma Watson. Please forgive me guys! To quote the Jackson 5, I want you back! Don't worry; I am trying to watch one of my movies and get a review and pictures on here. Imagine reaaaaally wanting to watch A Letter to Three Wives because it's got two of your favorites, Ann Sothern and Linda Darnell, and not being able to because you're constantly getting interrupted.

In addition, I want to get a more personal post on here (don't worry, nothing too intimate), which brings together a lot of things on my mind and in my heart. Namely, old movies (of course), new favorites, what & who I'm hoping to check out, style, Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson (ugh sheesh, I know), the task of peace making, and the death of Michael Jackson. This has impacted me because: I grew up listening to him and his death has reinforced for me the need to not only change the girl in the mirror, but to not judge. How important this has been for me, even before his death, I cannot tell you.

So please stick with me, and check out these photos of you-know-who. Sorry guys, but this "modern" actress has great style, and what can I say? I'm a fan.

Teen Vogue photo shoot, in a beyootiful BCBG dress.


A somewhat longer shot of the dress Emma was wearing in the umbrella photo. Any surprise I really love it? Oh, and that's Harry Potter and Ron Weasley on either side of Emma. I mean, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

Where are Harry's glasses? Or does Daniel not wear them in "real" life? ;-D

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