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In Magdeburg, Germany hosted the World Cup among the robots (RoboCup), which was attended by 35 teams from 12 countries. Tournaments robofutbolu held since 1995.
On the Hollywood Walk of Fame fingerprints were late Michael Jackson. The participants of the ceremony were children Jackson - Prince, Paris and Blanket, who left no fingerprints, and with the help of his father's famous sequined gloves and boots. Also next to the following items the children's father left the pop star and his fingerprints.
Medvedev and Obama at the Summit in Seoul.
The act of self-immolation at the parliament building in New Delhi activist for the independence of Tibet - in protest against the visit to India of President Hu Jintao. Victims with severe burns, was rushed to hospital. This is the 30th such incident of self-immolation of Tibetan refugees since the beginning of 2012.
Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Mexico.
Sovyata orphans and Linford Christie who have found refuge in the house of the caretaker Safari Park in Wiltshire (England) Jimmy Robinson.
In the United States conducted the most ambitious to date, face transplant. Face 37-year-old Richard Norris of Virginia was disfigured randomly shot 15 years ago. 
In the course of an unprecedented 36-hour operation, the surgical team of 150 doctors and nurses of the University of Maryland Medical Center transplanted his face and neck skin from the crown to the clavicles, including both jaws with teeth and the tongue.
8-year-old family cat Russian President Dorofei breed Neva Masquerade couple ran away from home Medvedev Rublevo Assumption highway. To search for a pet is connected outside Moscow police, as well as volunteers.
Harvesting birch sap in Belarus.
TV presenter and director Alexander Gordon first came out with his new wife - 18-year-old student of Elena. Alexander 30 years older than his lady. "I could probably restrict civil marriage, having a close relationship with 35-year-old woman - said 48-year-old Alexander - or 30 years, even 25 years, but if I send Providence favorite 18, I consider the right to live with her only legally married. " Providence for the fifth time sent Alexander young wives. The third wife Catherine Gordon, he married when she was 19 years old. 
Once again, and I decided to marry 50-year-old Jim Carrey - yet a third. His choice was 23-year-old Russian Anastasia Witkin. 
Village Place White Pocket Arizona, reminiscent of the scenery for the sci-fi blockbuster, with miniature lakes formed from groundwater.
Employees elephant nursery in Nairobi (Kenya) covered baby elephant after the rain, so it is not cold.
One of underwater sculptures de Kayres Jason Taylor from Mexico. "The danger of our way of life for the planet has already been proved - but we continue to pretend that we do not know about it", - thinks the author.
On the surface of Spirit Lake (Washington, USA) still floating thousands of fallen trees, demolished by the eruption of the nearby Mount St. Helens (or Mount St. Helens) May 18, 1980, which killed 57 people.Oddly enough, the life of the lake has become even richer than before the crash - it is teeming with frogs, aquatic vegetation and rainbow trout on the half-meter length. 
Night Chicago Heights.
Kindergarten flamingos. Mexico
Train regimental priests in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Airborne Command School. 
March 31 at Triumph Square in Moscow hosted the traditional opposition rally in the framework of the "Strategy-31". This time the event was called "DDoS-attack paddy wagon." It offers participants line up at the police cars and ask themselves hold. The participants had to carry the attributes of uncoordinated action - slogans and banners - to have the cops had no reason to refuse the arrest. The authors of the action, the participants had to be so much that the police could not cope with the influx of wanting to be detained.
In Kiev have chosen "Miss Ukraine - 2012", was the way 21-year-old Karina Zhironkin Kharkov. August 19 she will take part in the international contest "Miss World" in the Chinese city of Ordos. 
At the close of the season in the ski resort Silichi 30 km from Minsk.
Bornean orangutan with her cub in the Moscow zoo.
"Bearded Woman". Detainees masked Taliban on the basis of the Afghan intelligence Mehterlame.
Macedonian athlete with a disability Mile Stoykoski, undertook to check the wheelchair 3.5 thousand. Km of hometown Krusevo to the Olympics in London to draw public attention to the problems people with disabilities.
In 2005 in Denmark and Sweden Hurricane Gadran, threw a huge amount of wood. Trees gathered in southern Sweden in an abandoned airfield. Get the great repository of timber in the world - 2.5 km in length, 13 meters in height, 75 million. Cubic meters.
Creation of Pierre Cardin at a fashion show in Beijing.
About a thousand people gathered in front of the building in which the election head of the administration of Hong Kong to protest against the local electoral system. Head of administration was chosen Chzhenin Lin, who is considered a puppet of Beijing.
Graffiti in New Delhi, India.
The Court took Linsey Lohan lasted for several years probation, during which she could not leave Los Angeles. Since 2007, the actress was arrested for driving while drunk and for shoplifting jewelry. 
Girl-werewolf. 11-year-old Supatra Sasupfan from Bangkok due to a rare genetic disorder - Ambras syndrome - hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most haired girl in the world.
Zoo Wuppertal, Germany. The white bear Vilma playing with her 2-month-old daughter, Anora, which happened for the first time after the birth of the great outdoors.
At the celebration of fertility in Japan.
The sculpture Liu Ruowang "Invasion of wolves" in Beijing.
Alligator with her calf in the nature reserve Grassy Water (Florida, USA).
Heavy rains continued in Ecuador in January, resulted in flooding and the death of 30 people. 
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba thank Parliament for acceptance of the budget.
On the Rhine Falls waterfall in Switzerland.
Swedish Princess Victoria to her newborn daughter - Princess Estelle.
Director of Facebook and winner of $ 17 billion. Mark Zuckerberg with his girlfriend Priscilla walking in Shanghai.
Palestinian athlete trains in the near Nablus
Airliner ATR-72 with 41 people aboard crashed this morning after taking off from the airport "Roshchino" in Tyumen. Killed 31 people. The main versions of the accident investigation is considering piloting error, error of ground services and technical failure. 
Several moose were observed May 16 at the east of Moscow. In particular, one of the elk came straight to the police department, "Sokolniki". Apparently, the animal wandered into the city from the National Park "Moose Island".
Following the example of the popular Japanese koto cafe, a similar institution - «Cafe Neko» - was opened in Vienna. The main attraction of the first avtriyskogo koto cafes - 7 cats from the local shelter, walking, sitting or sleeping where they zablagorasuditsya.
Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream", written in 1895, became the most expensive work of art in the world, having gone under the hammer at auction for a record $ 120 million. The previous record belongs to Pablo Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" for which paid in 2010 were $ 106.4 million.
The ship of the Chinese Navy, involved in the Sino-Russian exercises "Sea cooperation - 2012".
In the photo with this brisk beast from the Italian photographer Manuel Kafini took half an hour. In general, barely had time.
Tasmanian fisherman caught a 40-inch crab settled in bratanskom aquarium. They say this pipsqueak can and undergrowth twice.
Winning the day before at a major tennis tournament in Rome, Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova recognized the richest athlete in the world. Her fortune is estimated at $ 90 million. Most of his wealth she earned from advertising contracts.
Nigerian tamer hyenas. In Nigeria, they are trained and used for protection.
Cape Town in the fog, South Africa
 Participants race in flippers in Amsterdam
Zoo staff in Miami, is exploring the possibility of communication with primates, they spoke on their unusual experiment, during which they are trying to establish contact with the orangutans, teaching them to work with the iPad. According to the curator of the program Linda Jacob, orangutans have well-developed thinking, but there is no vocal apparatus that would allow them to communicate. Previously, scientists have talked with the monkeys using sign language, and has recently begun to use for this purpose tablets.
The birth of new stars in the constellation Cygnus, filmed telescope Herschel.
Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Windsor to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her stay on the throne. In April, she was 86 years old.
Train hard. The coach helps the student Shenyang gymnastic school to stretch.
American student Zonfrell Anthony, who came to Italy on holiday, discovered an image of Sylvester Stallone in the beginning of XVI century fresco of "The Cardinal Virtues and the Bible" in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace. In fact, there is depicted Pope Gregory XI, but maybe he is a relative of Stallone, who is known to have Italian roots. 
Humpty Dumpty on the Balloon Festival in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington.
Shower for Abai camp after the liquidation of the protesters "Akkupay Abay"
Preparations for the gay pride parade in Tel Aviv
50-year-old Axl Rose at the concert "Gunz N 'Rozes" in Moscow
Deprived of the natural mechanisms of camouflage caterpillar butterfly Synchlora aerata adapted to attach pieces of plants directly on your body, using silk. When camouflage wither and deteriorate, caterpillar change into a new one.
The traditional cemetery in the Turkmen village Nohur. According to local belief, the spirits of mountain goats, argali help the departed souls safely to heaven.
German model Micaela Schaefer, who became famous thanks to the participation in the local reality shows and extravagant outfits for the premiere of the film "Men in Black 3" in Berlin.
Ksenia Sobchak in court. For participation in an unsanctioned rally it was fined 1,000 rubles. Recently, members of the "United Russia" has been proposed a bill that increases the amount of the fine for violations during mass events of up to 1.5 mln. Rubles.
Prime Minister Medvedev in a trendy jacket at the Group of Eight summit at Camp David, United States
Fish with a "human" teeth Archosargus probatocephalus (Eng. Shipshead fish) inhabits the Atlantic coast of the Americas. 
New Moscow taxi. Mass protests and detained in Moscow continues.
Rainbow during the storm in the Chinese Haikou
Colombian police fired at students from a homemade weapon during a protest in Bogota.
23-year-old transgender Jenna Talakova in the finals of "Miss Canada". In April, the owner of "Miss Universe" Donald Trump announced that, in accordance with the new rules for participation in the national competitions will be allowed participants, to change their sex, if the laws of their country, they are recognized as full-fledged woman. Jenna started to conduct hormonal therapy 14 years. Then followed several plastic surgery and change documents. The Canadian government has recognized Jenna woman and finally to assert itself in this status, she decided to take part in the national beauty contest, hiding from the jury a sex change. When the secret was revealed, it was excluded from the contestants.However, under public pressure, the organizing committee of "Miss Universe" changed the rules, and Jenna took part in the competition along with the rest.
Wandering the streets of Madrid artists.
Japanese counterpart Johnny Depp - Ken Shimizu pulls his hand for an autograph prototype arrived in Japan for the premiere of "Dark Shadows."
Newborn white cubs in the Yalta zoo "Fairy Tale".
British scientists have named the girl who can be considered a "mathematical" standard of female beauty. 18-year-old Florence Colgate, working part time in a small restaurant, won the national contest "The most beautiful face of Britain" (Britain "s Most Beautiful Face) by sending your photo to the contest. According to the researchers, izuchayuschayuschih priivlekatelnost, on the face of the ideal distance between the pupils should be equal to 46 % width of the face from ear to ear - Florence at 44%. The distance between the eyes and mouth should be equal to one-third the length of the whole person - from Florence is 32.8%. "Her big eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and pale skin. And most material - all features perfectly symmetrical, "- noted experts.
Facebook founder and the youngest billionaire Mark Tsukerbeg married his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, whom he had met nine years ago while studying at Harvard University.
Japanese umbrella with children, survivors of last year's disaster.
Pilot Trent Davey with a 55-pound salmon, watched from Alaska to Seattle.
French bullfighter Sebastian Castella was unlucky during a bullfight in Madrid. Blow the horn went right in the groin.
Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico off the island of Petit Bois, Mississippi, United States
To dismantle the statue in Chicago "Forever Marilyn" set in Palm Springs, California, where she would stand at least a year.
Upside down house in the west of Austria Terfens - a new attraction for tourists.
Upside down house in the west of Austria Terfens - a new attraction for tourists.
During the Open Day of the Dutch army. Oirschot, Netherlands.
Students of the Institute Superior of Arts implement installation "Jesus against the universe," the Austrian artist Hermann Nietzsche within the contemporary art shows in Havana.
Veterans on Victory Parade rehearsal in the capital of Colombo, Sri Lanka. May 19 in Sri Lanka celebrated the third anniversary of the victory in the civil war on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
The world's largest diamond, "Cullinan" or "Star of Africa" ​​a mass of 3106.75 carats (621.35 grams) was found in South Africa in 1905. In 1907, the Transvaal government, while the former colony of England, has presented a giant diamond to King Edward VII on his birthday. Process diamond has been entrusted to the best jewelers in Europe Dutchman Joseph Asskeru. Since Kullinane had cracks from it was impossible to make a giant diamond. Over keskolkih months Assker studied unique diamond before it did in the faint scratch. Then in the presence of several famous jewelers in solemn silence, Assker put a scratch-chisel, hit it with a hammer ... and lost consciousness. But the calculation was correct.Recovering, Assker continued operation. As a result, the diamond was split into several large pieces, of which produced a result of two large monolithic block, 7 medium-sized diamonds, 96 small and one piece in 69.5 carat left untreated. Nine of the largest of these diamonds were named Cullinan-I-IX. In the photo the curator of the collection of the Royal Caroline de Guitaut shows brooch Queen Mary, consisting of Cullinan diamonds Cullinan III and IV ("Lesser Star of Africa").
93-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch - yoga instructor from New York takes the asana in its class.
Employees of automotive company decided to test a new model of Hyundai strength in the UK Knowsley Safari Park using flocks of baboons.
President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite visited Yulia Tymoshenko in the Kharkiv hospital.
The installation in the form of giant ants Colombian artist Barrosa on the facade of the theater in Havana Fausto.
"Moving" pelican in the summer aviary in the Krasnoyarsk zoo "Swarms creek."
Agricultural fields in the vicinity of Venice.
Haiti: the market brought the meat.
Spanish Paralympic swimmer Xavi Torres after training
Abandoned fishing boats in the port of Qingdao, China. Overfishing, pollution of the ocean and high fuel prices almost paralyzed the fishing industry in East China.
Indian marabou on the dump not far from the reserve diporeia Beale in Guwahati, India. The rapid decline of wetlands threatens the survival of the species of birds whose population has less than 1,000 individuals.
Annular solar eclipse in Tokyo.
Artist Emily Frankoski and Dolores Bilke paint a tree affected by a tornado in Missouri.
Association of training companies of St. Petersburg welcomes business  seminars  in the northern capital.The talks, work with debtors, time management, self-confidence, public speaking, successful job search and moving up the career ladder, NLP and other relevant topics.
Fukang meteorite - a precious gift of the universe. He was already 4.5 billion years.

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