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We offer a look at the most famous couples with a big age difference. 60-year-old married 20-year-olds, 25-year-old out of the 80-year-olds. Although few believe in clean and pure feelings between the two men ...


John Cleese (a member of the comedian group Monty Python) and Jennifer Wade. The difference in age: 31 years. They were married in August 2012, when she was 41 years old, and he was - 72. (Richard Young / Rex Features) Rodney Dangerfield (American comedian and actor) and Joan Child. The difference in age: 31 years. They married in 1993 and remained together until his death in 2004 (at age 82). Later, she was betrothed to the 95-year-old millionaire Kirk Kerkorianom. (Jim Smeal / BEI / Rex Features)



Dennis Hopper and Katherine Lanas. The difference in age: 31 years. They were married in June 1989 and were divorced in April 1992. (MARIO GOLDMAN / AFP / Getty Images) Again, Dennis Hopper, but this time with Victoria Duffy. The difference in age: 35 years. When he died in 2010, they were in the process of divorce. (Gregory Pace / BEI / Rex Features) Woody Allen and Previn Sung-I. The difference in age: 35 years. Their relationship began in 1991 when Allen was 56 years old, and she - 19. They were married in 1997 and have adopted two girls. (Startraks Photo / Rex Features) Actor Des O'Connor and Jodie Brooke Wilson. The difference in age: 37 years. They married in 2007 after a relationship that lasted 17 years. They met when she was 21. (Rex Features) Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad. The difference in age: 37 years. They married in 1989 when she was 26 and he was - 63. (KIP RANO / Rex Features) Patrick Stewart (British actor of theater, cinema and television) and his girlfriend Sanya Osella. The difference in age: 37 years. (Dan Wooller / Rex Features) Patrick Stewart and Lisa Dillon.The difference in age: 39 years. (Richard Young / Rex Features) Ronnie Wood and Ekaterina Ivanova.The difference in age: 41 years old. In July 2008, member of the «Rolling Stones» left his wife for the sake of the 19-year-old Russian beauty. (Sylvan Mason / Rex Features) Fred Astaire and Robin Smith.The difference in age: 45 years. They married in 1980 and remained together until his death in 1987. (Kip Rano / Rex Features) Tony Curtis and Jill Vandenberg. The difference in age: 46 years. They were married in November 1998, when he was 73 years old, and she - 27. They were together until his death in 2010. (Dave Lewis / Rex Features) Dick Van Dyke (American actor, comedian, writer and producer) and Arlene Silver. The difference in age: 46 years. We got married in February 2012. (Peter Brooker / Rex Features) Cary Grant and Barbara Harris. The difference in age: 47 years. They were married in April 1981 and remained together until his death in 1986 at age 82. (Geoffrey White / Daily Mail / Rex Features) Anthony Quinn and Kathy Benvin. The difference in age: 47 years. We got married in 1997 and remained together until his death in 2001 at age 86. (CROLLALANZA / Rex Features) Tony Randall (American actor, comedian, producer and director) and Heather Harlan. The difference in age: 51 years old. The actor married her when she was 25 years old, and he was almost 76. They remained married until his death in 2004. (ERIK C PENDZICH / Rex Features) Once again, Hugh Hefner, this time with his girlfriend Holly Madison. The difference in age: 54 years old. (Action Press / Rex Features) Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris. The difference in age: 60 years. Playboy founder married former model New Year's Eve. They married a year after in 2011 they planned the wedding fell through due to illness Hefner.(Reuters) Finally, the biggest age difference in this list. J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith. The difference in age: 63. Oil tycoon married model of Playboy in 1994, when he was 89 years old, and she - 26. He died 13 months after the wedding. (Sipa Press / Rex Features)















Octogenarian Playboy founder Hugh Hefner poses with his bride Crystal Harris as they ring in the new year at their wedding in Beverly Hills ... Octogenarian Playboy founder Hugh Hefner poses with his bride Crystal Harris as they ring in the new year at their wedding at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California in this handout photo taken on December 31, 2012. Hefner briefly swapped his iconic silk pajamas for a tuxedo to marry Harris, the one-time "runaway bride" who followed through this time at the New Year's Eve wedding.  The couple tied the knot more than a year after their planned 2011 wedding was scuttled when Harris got cold feet.  REUTERS / Elayne Lodge / PEI / Handout (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA) NO SALES.  NO ARCHIVES.  FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY.  NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.  THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY.  IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS


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