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We invite you to cruise the world's largest cruise ships!

My dear friends and readers! Birthday is fortunately once a year, and we now have the opportunity to travel to several stunning liners. One, even the most enormous, I think is not enough. Therefore, do not stand on the shore, as it is sung in one famous song, and ask everyone on board our ship. Hopefully, taking the swimwear, tuxedos, evening gowns and a good mood. Here on this handsome giant and others we might go on a cruise on the unknown and the known route. Three is night and promises that all go home happy, relaxed and a little drunk ...

Oasis of the Seas - the world's largest airliner. The length of the ship is 359 m, width - 66 m, and its highest point above the water surface - 72 m. For comparison, the length of the "Titanic" was only 269 meters. Today Oasis is 40% larger than any existing cruise ship in the world. 16 decks in 2704 cabins can accommodate 6360 passengers and crew of 2,100. Liner, the creation of which has been spent over $ 1 billion, is now the epitome of luxury. Set of entertainment available to the Oasis, able to satisfy even the most refined traveler. Inside it you can find a carousel, water slides, on which you can ride from the ninth to the first deck. In addition, the ship has 4 swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, a golf course, a climbing wall and a children's area with theme parks and entertainment scientific laboratories. The ship is decorated with 12 thousand. Plant. The entire area is so vast, that is divided into different climatic zones! On the ship also has an outdoor theater with 750 seats, built in the shape of a Greek amphitheater, which during the day is filled with water and acts as a pool depth of 10 meters. The pool is equipped for scuba diving. An indoor theater, located in another part of the ship, designed for 1,300 guests. Ship "Oasis of the Seas" was built in Finland in 2009
 "Allure of the Seas" is the largest passenger ship and its characteristics are stunning: - Length 362 meters - 66 meters width - height above the waterline of 65 meters - 9.1 meters of sediment - cruising speed of 22 knots - 16 passenger decks, 24 passenger elevators - 4 Engine horsepower at 7,500 each - only 6318 guests, members of the team in 2384 (from 80 countries) - 2,706 cabins in upright cruise liner reaches 1,187 feet, 124 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower. Shestnadtsatipalubny Allure of the Seas - a real pride the cruise industry. Along with the ship's twin Oasis of the Seas is the largest passenger airliner in the world. The revolutionary design of this facility is implemented in such a way that the center of the ship stretched a huge park with exotic live plants, shrubs and trees. It offers a wide range of entertainment: rock climbing, surfing simulator, a real ice rink, theater and akvateatr 1,380 spectators, volleyball and basketball courts, a golf course. Thanks to the collaboration with Warner Bros. DreamWorks, on board regularly hosts animated shows with the participation of all of your favorite cartoon heroes.
Everything is ready for our departure. Deck kick and shiny. At the level of "third floor" is a deck on which Hikers can cheat your miles - one lap - one mile. Make yourself comfortable! I just want to warn you that the walk will take a lot of time, through every kind of distance))) switch and listen to music, do not forget to switch off, otherwise will remain standing on the shore .... Mist!
While going to all the guests, you can go to the concert halls, listen to classical music, or take a refreshing dip in the pool, ride on the water slides.
 I wish you a relaxed and enjoyable experience!


Liner launched in 2010. The situation on the ship, from cozy cabins to furniture and collections of paintings from the luxurious area of ​​spa services to the masterpieces of the best chefs. And most importantly, allows you to see the beautiful cruise to Norway and its fjords magic in all its glory.
Oddly enough, but the huge number of people (more than 3 thousand people) can stay on the ship in the physical alone. So it is great.
"Costa Serena" - on the ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Cruise ship Rotterdam 
Liner "MSC Orchestra"
Liner "MSC Orchestra"
Dance: "One, two, shoes Nadia!"))) Pam-pam-TAM-TA RA RUM!)))
Stop in Stockholm
  Listen to the famous band ... and seagull calls, flaps its wings ... It is necessary to catch the island until the light!
Sail to the coveted island, it is already visible from the window!
Picton. South Island. New Zealand. 
On the island paradise garden.

Norway is a country of fjords
This island is called Bora Bora. Cheerful Polynesians live there. Sing and dance for turYstov and in their pleasure. There are neither cold nor hot. There - good! Beautifully and unnecessarily expensive. They belong to French Polynesia. Currency them - the euro. Flora and fauna pleases the eye. Colored fish are found in the lagoon, stingrays swim. If you want to see lemon sharks and dolphins - you need to swim in the blue ocean water at depth. This large sail ships. They squeeze through the gate in the coral reef that explosion did the Americans during the 2nd mir.voyny (it was their base). Sail luxury yachts. You can buy all sorts of pearl necklace and pearl jewelry. Or receive them as a gift. Most of all there honeymooners. Rest quiet, relaxing, but sometimes ... krichashy pleasure of the rooms. Just Married ...:-)
Left - liner, right - Cathedral of La Major in Marseille. Marseille Cathedral, originally known as the Cathedral of La Major, is the Roman Catholic Church, one of the national monuments of France and, besides, Archdiocese of Marseille. The cathedral was built in the Byzantine-Roman style, its construction was completed in 1896, after about 44 years after the start of work. The place where there is a building that once served the Cathedral of the V century and part of its ruins can still be seen (Vielle Major).
«Crystal Serenity» - a five-star cruise ship class "lux" (Bahamas). Built in 2003 in France.Launched in the UK. The ship's length - 250 meters, width - 32 meters. Displacement - 68,900 tons. The maximum speed, which is developing the giant - 22 knots. Receive up liner - 1170 person ,. Serves a team of 655 people. On board the vessel are 9 passenger decks, 535 cabins with ocean views, 8 of which are equipped for the disabled. Among the varieties there are even cabins penthouses. By the way, the company paid $ 25 million for the redesign of suites (two-room cabin category of "luxury" in a minimalist style with Jacuzzi, bathroom with shower and bidet, air conditioning, mini-bar). Now they are presented in the style of Hollywood glamor.
Liner Freedom of the Seas has 12 decks and superstructures in two mines with 14 elevators for easy communication between them. Central 5 deck has a height of 3 floors. Here are located service centers and shops. The aft is a 3-tiers plus a luxurious restaurant on deck 11 above - cafeteria. At the bow there is a theater hall for 400 people. 4th deck between the lifts completely occupies the casino "Royal". Below are arranged conference rooms and sports a basketball court with bleachers, which quickly transformed into ice. 11 deck -otvedena for water treatment. There is a minimum of 15 pools of various depths and configurations, including at least poludyuzheny with hot water and Jacuzzi. Deck 12 is designed for solar procedures and sports.There is a circular running track, basketball courts, mini golf, rock wall, running water track, table tennis. Free space occupied sunbeds for solar procedures. And, of course, in the liner s an variety of comfortable cabins of different categories with all amenities. Before the cruise, it seemed that the main part of the cognitive voyage will take place during stops on the islands. It was found that on the contrary. The most interesting events taking place on the ship. Liner enchants with its technical strength and perfection, excellent schooling and goodwill team, democratic mores and international spirit, a variety of sports and entertainment programs. Tour of the George Town - the capital of the Cayman Islands during a cruise in the Caribbean on the cruise ship "Freedom of the Seas"
Cozumel Island - Mexican resort on the Caribbean Sea.
THREE AND at night
Do you want to relax, all at your service!)
It turns out that I came to congratulate the band "Boney M" - Boney M)))) Of course, kidding!

I invite everyone to the table, I am very glad that you were with me and keep me company.Dance, have fun, eat, eat! Rest!
THREE AND at night
Treats and drinks enough for everyone!

THREE AND at night

Do not hesitate to sufficiently cool the champagne!)

You can take a cocktail apperetivy with him to walk on the floors liners. Someone wants to play basketball, and who catch a bird of good luck in the cozy casino.

Geirangerfjord, Norway
It, unfortunately it was evening and we can admire the beautiful sunset. Our ship arrives in port.Those who do not want to leave, you can stay .... There will be fireworks! And dancing till the morning!
RMS Queen Mary 2 - the most powerful and fastest ocean liner in the world. And also, one of the world's largest passenger ships (after class ships Oasis: Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the seas, Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Navigator of the Seas). Built and put into operation in January 2004, December 2003) at the shipyards in Saint-Nazaire in France and at the time of launch was the largest passenger ship in the world. Liner named after the liner RMS Queen Mary, which in turn was named after the Queen Mary Teck, the wife of the king of Great Britain George V. Queen Mary 2 is longer than the famous Titanic on 76 meters.
Cruise ship Eclipse This salute in my honor! Urrrrraaaaaaaaaaa! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Inna!

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