Sunday, November 23, 2014

Eyes Rest Photos Of The Day


The whole world is full of flavors.
smelled the sea shore,
Luga - myatoyu daisies and
clover and gently stack. And I will take a sprig of lavender and dream in silence. It is like a little news from childhood sent to me.

Herbalist's skillful hands
of all diseases healed
chronic wounds heal,
and soothe and invigorate. She even lovelier with age,all because I remember: My mother also smelled her hair and a stack of clean laundry.

Lavender blooms in summer season
and as an optical illusion,
fog creeps over the field. © Copyright: Ludmila lighter 2006


Rich lavender field with a lone tree

323729b4c356 --- Copy- (2) (270x400, 146Kb)Heavenly place his bare feet of purple night, down from the mountains the day, driving the heavenly mist. And the sun was shining, playing flute in the hour of the morning, in the fields, a lot of space and a lot of freedom to him.Aleli the sky strips pearly dawn, dark bird flew in anguish znobyaschey for the sea. Swam smell of lavender, mingling with the freshness of the morning,out of the blue flowers in sundress dressed up land. Fog blanket carelessly thrown aside, rustling trees hide what - that dream. Gloss dew combined with flowers so cool, that heavenly place seemed a masterpiece of beauty.© Copyright: Daniel Pakhomov, 2012

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