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Elephant in India since ancient times, is considered a sacred animal. Indians are very honored and this giant in homage and gratitude arrange an annual celebration of elephants. One of the most colorful and spectacular - Elephant Festival in Jaipur. Owners paint the Giants with their feet to the tip of the trunk ... all sorts of patterns
On the festival of elephants gathers many tourists both white and from India. Owners decorate their elephants, a procession accompanied by folk dancing, dancing, playing musical instruments.

The festival was revived relatively recently - in 2001 alone.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
The elephant is a symbol of power, wealth, power Rajput rulers.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
In the days of the British Raj in Jaipur maharaja arranged for distinguished guests from England, elephant trekking in the Amber Fort.

Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
The program of the Festival of Contemporary - parade decorated with flowers and painted in gold and colors of elephants playing polo on elephants, elephant race, the tug of war between elephants and men.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
Owners elephants paint the tip of their trunk to tail all kinds patterns. On the backs of elephants - embroidered blanket.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.
By the way, participate in the festival only elephant.
Each owner tries his best, because at the end of the festival selected the winner in the nomination "The most beautiful elephant."
Elephant Festival - is one of the most colorful festivals in India. Wonderful festival for the wonderful animals that deserve such attention and respect.
Rajasthan, India.  Elephant Festival.

Elephants (700x500, 51Kb)
Indian rulers knew long ago that they can best show its power, sitting on the back of an elephant whose tusks gleaming and glittering with gold and silver, and the head and body covered with silk or velvet. "The elephant was carrying the king, beaming. A king who sits on the back of an elephant, the very splendor "- it is a tradition. 

Today, many tourists come to India and therefore the festival of elephants in Jaipur (Rajasthan), which arrange elephant polo, tug of war elephants and giant pachyderm beauty contest. Model is the working elephants, those who wear the visitors in the Amber Fort - a fortress built in the late 16th century. 

During the annual festival of elephants covered with beautiful fabrics and decorated with jewels and head, trunk and legs of an elephant paint in bright colors. So here you can see a pink elephant, yellow or purple.
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