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Developments in the automotive industry can reduce fuel consumption, without losing the performance of the engine. We present to you a list of the most fuel-efficient models in several categories, including electric, diesel units, minivans and even sports cars. Notes: EPA - performance rating of the fuel economy is measured in miles per gallon. In other words, fuel consumption. Prices may vary in different parts of the world. Here are prices from the manufacturer, the production line.
1. Chevrolet Volt Engine: Hybrid Body Style: Hatchback (5-door, 4-passenger)Rate EPA, electricity: 95 city / 90 highway (gasoline equivalent) Rate EPA, petrol: 35 city / 40 highway Price: $ 41,000 Fuel Economy : The batteries will last for 25-50 km. Charged per night. The cost of the charge is $ 1.5. Saves up to 1,900 liters of fuel per year.

2. Nissan Leaf Engine: Electric Body Type: Hatchback (5 doors, 5 passengers)Rate EPA: 106 city / 92 highway (gasoline equivalent) Price: $ 33,600 Fuel Economy: Continuous monitoring of energy consumption. Whether it is climate control, headlights or wipers.

3. Ford Fusion Hybrid Engine: Hybrid Type: Sedan (5 doors, 5 passengers)Rate EPA: 41 city / 36 highway Price: $ 29,165 Fuel Economy: Customizable toolbar shows moments of inclusion of the fuel engine.

4. Honda CR-Z Engine: Hybrid Body Style: Hatchback (3 doors, 2 passengers)Rate EPA: 35 city / 39 highway (Transmission: automatic) Price: $ 20,095 Fuel Economy: Three driving modes. Manual transmission is available, but it does not contribute to fuel economy.

5. Tesla Roadster Engine: Electric Body Style: Convertible (2 door, 2-passenger) Rate EPA: 245 miles Price: $ 109,000 Fuel Economy: At high speed Tesla generates so much energy that lights light up from a surplus.

6. Volkswagen Jetta TDI SportWagen Engine: Diesel Body Type: Hatchback (5 doors, 5 passengers) Rate EPA: 30 city / 45 highway (Transmission: Manual)Price: $ 25,765 Fuel Economy: High performance diesel engine allows less refuel.

7. BMW 335d Engine: Diesel Body Type: Sedan (4-door, 5 passenger) Rate EPA: 23 city / 36 highway Price: $ 45,025 Fuel Economy: Again, diesel performance, and hence more economical than gasoline, even in the sports BMW.

8. Honda Odyssey Engine: Gasoline Body type: Minivan (5 door, 7 passengers)Rate EPA: 19 city / 28 highway (Transmission: 6-speed automatic) Price: $ 20,095 Fuel Economy: Intelligent engine. Use as cylinders, as power is needed at this point.

9. Porsche Cayman Engine: Gasoline Body type: Hatchback (3 doors, 2 passengers) Rate EPA: 20 city / 29 highway (Transmission: automatic) Price: $ 52,850 Fuel Economy: Lightweight body and a 7-speed gearbox make of it modest in fuel consumption car.

10. Hyundai Sonata Engine: Gasoline Body Style: Sedan (4-door, 5 passenger)Rate EPA: 24 city / 35 highway (Transmission: mechanics) Price: $ 20,145 Fuel Economy: Direct injection provides more accurate fuel consumption.

11. Toyota Prius Engine: Hybrid Body Style: Hatchback (5 doors, 5 passengers)Rate EPA: 51 city / 48 highway Price: $ 23,810 Fuel Economy: Aerodynamic body reduces the load on the engine.
You have ever been dissatisfied with the service? You are not alone. Owner expensive Lamborghini Gallardo L140 also was unhappy with service ...
1. Workers prepare hammers to destroy the Lamborghini Gallardo L140, a luxury sports car. Thus noted Consumers International in Qingdao, eastern Shandong province, China. March 15, 2011 Wu Hong / EPA
2. The owner of a car hired workers to ensure that they crashed the car after he appealed to the authorized service center Lamborghini and was dissatisfied with the service. The protest action aims to draw attention to the manufacturer, that it respected the rights of the buyer. Wu Hong / EPA
3. Lamborghini Gallardo (Lamborghini Gallardo). The average cost of a car in Russia is about 10-11 million. Russian rubles or 350-380 thousand. Dollars.Lamborghini Gallardo - car (supercar), produced by Lamborghini c 2003. Today it is the most mass model of Lamborghini - in just 2 years has built more than 3 thousand. Cars. Speeds up to 309 km. hour. Acceleration: 4.2 sec.Displacement 4961 cc. cm. Fuel consumption: 19.6 liters per 100 the combined cycle. Wu Hong / EPA

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