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The observation deck on the 103rd floor of a skyscraper Sears Tower, Chicago.

Only some 412 meters under your feet. Four glass balcony under the name Ledge, installed on the west side of the observation deck Skydeck, will allow tourists to see the city in a new way. And thanks to the transparent floor every detail of the surrounding landscape will not escape from their eyes. 
Balconies fitted at the 103rd floor of a skyscraper, each of which can simultaneously accommodate up to 5 people. They are made ​​of three-ply glass superalloy capable of withstanding the weight and up to 5 tons. The thickness of each layer of glass is only about 1.3 cm, and wall thickness of the glass itself - about 4 centimeters. Balconies have retractable design that will allow unhindered cleaning and maintenance of a skyscraper.

Sears Tower To Unveil New Glass Ledge On 103rd Floor

This bridge - pearl necklace River Bridge - connects Hong Kong and China and is designed to facilitate the transition from left-hand to right-hand traffic.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Kyaiktiyo Pagoda)

In Myanmar, Mon State, on a mountaintop Chaykto there is such a pilgrimage shrine, which is about 2,500 years old, and her name Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. This is a huge boulder covered with gold leaf, height of about 5.5 metrov.On is on top of a granite stone. In some mysterious way, contrary to the laws of gravity, it is held at the end and not fall into the abyss. 
According to legend, one just dedicated hermit monk from the Buddha himself was a strand of hair. Hermit for a long time with her ​​not to leave, as she carried the vibration of Nirvana. He was looking for a long time, which would hide the shrine and found the boulder, which reminded him of the Buddha's head. Monks built a small pagoda on the stone, and there hid hair.Tradition says that this hair holding a stone. For several centuries, the boulder does not change its position.

Tennis courts at the height of 211 meters. Hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai, AEO.

Tennis court, located on the record high from the ground, is located at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. In 2005, the helipad was converted into a tennis court tennis tournament on the eve of Dubai Open. The size of the sports field - 415 meters, the distance from the earth - 200 meters.


Shibam - a city of skyscrapers clay (Hadramaut, Yemen).

Shibam - a phenomenal city at least by the fact that its high-rise buildings (5-11 floors) built of adobe kirpicha.Konechno in our area of ​​this city over the last month would have remained a pile of clay, but Yemen can not boast of excessive rainfall, so it home safely there are now 500 years old.

The city is included even in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the construction of an extreme ratio material-altitude more than anywhere else in the world primenyaetsya.Shibam there are about 2000 years, and during that time managed to visit the central city of the province of Hadramaut and an important trading point. Since the city was rich, to its walls were torn not only merchants and traders, but also the "romance of the highway," as well as more organized groups Bedouin for the defense of which was decided on so-called "vertical planning" - outside the house tight adjacent to each other, thereby creating an impenetrable wall.

The walls of high-rise buildings built shibamskih old-fashioned, and indeed in Europe in the Middle Ages, reducing the thickness of the walls of every floor of 120 cm (1st floor) to 30 cm (8 floor). 

The longest water bridge in the world is located in the German city of Magdeburg.

Magdeburg Water Bridge - the largest in Europe navigable bridge over the Elbe channel length of 918 m. With a system of locks with savings pools - an ambitious water projects through which managed to provide a direct link between Hanover, Magdeburg and Berlin.

Sinkhole in Guatemala.

Heavy rains in Guatemala severely eroded soil that led to the collapse and the formation of a huge crater depth of 100 meters and a diameter of more than 25. 
Guatemala, 2010: The failure covers the intersection of the streets after a tropical storm "Agatha".
APTOPIX Guatemala Sinkhole

Auroville - the "city of dawn."

Auroville ("City of Dawn") is an international city - a project of UNESCO and the Ministry of Education of India created by the representatives of various countries and peoples of the world on the Indian Ocean, 180 km south of Madras. 
Auroville - an international settlement, which was founded February 28, 1968 followers of Sri Aurobindo. The settlement was conceived as a unique place where everyone can realize their lofty and spiritual ideas. 
This city in southern India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, near Pondicherry - a former French colony, was established according to the foreknowledge of Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) - one of the those who are called spiritual teachers of humankind, the founder of Integral or supramental yoga, who believed that mankind - this is not the last stage of the world's creation, but only a link in an endless chain of evolution.

The idea of ​​the creation of Auroville belongs to Mother (Mirra Richard - 1878-1973), Associate spiritual Sri Aurobindo (Sri Aurobindo), who was convinced that it is - one of the incarnations of the Divine Mother - "divine power which acts in the universe and in the individual body as well as outside the individual and the universal. "

The house, owned by the architect. Miami, CSHA.

This gorgeous house that resembles a castle, located in Miami, and the architect named Charles Sieger.

Cave of Naica.

The cave is very small (30 to 10 meters), but there are very large crystals that have ever found on earth. Some reach 11 meters in length and weigh over 50 tons.

Volcano in Chile.

Puyehue volcano located on the Chilean side of the Andes, 800 km from the capital Santiago.

Arrow rivers Gega and Bzybi.Gornaya Ingushetia.

The water of the two rivers is not smeshivaetsya.Ona different color.

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Construction of the attractions of Dubai launched in June 2001. In late 2006, the island was gradually given for development.The Palm Jumeirah - an ambitious project of Nakheel, a man-made island of luxury, having the shape of palm trees with 17 branches.

"Palm Jumeirah" "grows" along the Jumeirah coastline, opposite the Dubai Internet City, a 30-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. The island is built in the form of a date palm tree, which for centuries a source of "Arab bread" - dates.

"Palm Jumeirah" consists of "Crescent", "crown" and "trunk". "Crescent" - a barrier that surrounds and protects the "Palm". It will be located hotels known hotel chains, built in different styles - the Brazilian, Venetian, Japanese, and so on. N.

"Crone" consists of 17 "branches" -mikrorayonov, rushing into the sea. On the branches are built exclusive villas vary in size and design. At the "crown", you can purchase the following types of villas: Signature Villas, Garden Homes and Town Homes.

"Barrel" - the central part of Palma, which will be in parks, shopping centers and restaurants. It also built high-rise residential buildings (Shorline Apartments), where you can buy one-, two-, three- and four-room apartment with beautiful views of the sea or the picturesque water canal running along the center of the "trunk".

"Newsprint" parking.

Interesting parking which is located in Amsterdam. It is full of headlines and a bird's-eye reads like a newspaper. Parking see every day hundreds of people as it is located next to the airport runway. The very same park owned newspaper factory and inscriptions belong to the first newspaper that was published at them.

Canadian Rockies Mountains, Canada.

Magic Canadian Rockies is a segment of the North American Rocky Mauntis. These mountains are much older than the American Rockies. 
There are 6 national parks, 4 of which are UNESCO World Heritage. Beautiful mountain landscapes, lakes, canyons, waterfalls, caves and many more will leave an indelible mark on your soul, your worldview and sense of beauty will change radically as soon as you see it all ...

Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan - the lowest place on earth - at 400 meters below sea level.

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