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There are a few gems that are able to create around its owner (the owner) special energy, enhance their desire and attract them happy relationship. These stones a little, write about them in different ways. 
In this post, collected succinct and useful information. If you love to wear jewelry with stones, you will be interested to know how they work. 
Makes a Woman a gentle, dreamy, easily appeased, resulting in softening tensions, and this strengthens them. Charoite can do to make voluntary owner charming and seductive. He even saying the name. Carnelian
kacharoit (610x410, 27Kb)

kaserdolik (610x468, 34Kb) 
It carnelian able to attract a partner, which is currently the most suitable time for you sexual energy. Unfortunately, this stone attracts partner only at low vibration, that is, if it's hot macho, it is not exactly an ideal partner with similar spiritual qualities. Well, here everyone chooses. The most effective earrings and necklace with Carnelian. Carnelian are 17 lunar day about 2-3 weeks, then give the rest a stone. 
The stones that work on the attraction of a partner should definitely clean, especially if you are with someone broke. Stones actively write information and overtighten it into a new relationship.And it is hardly necessary. Malachite Malachite ring, new, just bought, a special sign. Bought a ring - has found a new friend. Malachite very quickly get used to the owner, is able to perform his requests, protects and beckons to the owner of everyone. Normal. Abnormal. Maniacs. Any.And also develops oratorical and literary talent, so if you are fond of going to clubs, wearing malachite, will be the star. Malachite are only in silver, other metals, it does not work. Malachite not tolerate Neighborhood red and blue stones. Spinel red (lal) Bright red with thick stone wine-pink tint to actively increase libido and creates passion. It is a stimulant and existing relationships, and the patron of those who are looking for a new love. If you are a supporter to get to know a new person, do not wear Lal. He just create a field around you desire. Will be the object of passion. But if you are satisfied, please. It is better to wear earrings with Lal. Turquoise (blue) In ancient times, turquoise worn as a talisman that protects the love that was just born.Turquoise can not (strictly) to wear, if you can not control your negative thoughts. It is very cruel and straightforward. If you are hurt, and you get angry, then your idea to punish the enemy turquoise accept literally. Maybe even kill a person. But keep in mind that the responsibility, with a double, for this act of your mascot incur yourself. In the east, believe that blue turquoise creates a heavy karma. As for green turquoise, it is generally considered a stone that makes people callous, stubborn and intractable. Turquoise is very strong mineral, works almost immediately. Peredarivat turquoise is impossible. If lovers give each other turquoise, they will miss each other apart and can not be changed. Turquoise is for this reason recommended to wear only a very highly developed people who carefully control their desires. Turquoise is now a little, by the way. Her fake and genuine distinguished from counterfeiting and analogue - govlita- Only very experienced buyers. This mineral is very similar to turquoise, white only. Its color, and it turns out a very similar imitation. howlite stones donation up to 10 times stronger than purchased. Stolen stones always bring misery, especially garnets and diamonds. Diamonds - birth stones, if you do not know for sure their history and the history of your family, do not wear your grandmother's diamonds. Amethyst a love stone. If she gave the man amethyst, he could for her even to leave the family. However, this dangerous act, even a misdemeanor, you can make only those who believed that love is mutual. Otherwise, the consequences of dishonesty can be very serious. Amethyst - stone of justice. He does not give a person to lie. Wearing amethyst always gets in their own lies and become its victim. Stones require a combination of different metals.Yin, opaque, female - silver, sometimes alloys yang - transparent, to be worn in gold. Stones in the wrong metal not only half do not work, but may even harm. Do not wear two different stones together, if you do not know exactly how they work. For example, now the fashion to combine turquoise and red coral. So can only do illiterate people. These two stones in general are not together, no matter how it was beautiful. Imitation plastic - please. What stone is more expensive, so it is "selfish." For example, a diamond in general can not tolerate the neighborhood, like emerald, ruby and sapphire. And we have very often sell diamond jewelry with pearls. These stones almost opposite energy. Rose quartz stone ideal for those looking for the other half.Makes a woman adjust to the correct feminine energies, displays her emotions and forces to work on yourself. Becoming more attractive, a woman becomes more interesting for real men. But it is work, and wearing a rose quartz under the force of each. While some believe that it works smoothly, but it's as anyone. For some people such an internal break-up begins, it is easier to get rid of the stone. Quartz-hair-worm According to legend, this is the hair of Venus, which she left in the stone. Literally a stone bearing the magnet attract a partner of the space. If the arrow in the stone lines, then a partner for the physical parameters, and if smooth, - spiritual partner.Sapphire (especially blue) Stone strong, serious, active. Helps to win the love, if all else fails.Gives confidence and creates favorable circumstances. But it's more for men, because the association with persistently conquering Woman some not so good. Sapphire does not tolerate other stones in. Ruby Stone big and long love. Perhaps the most active stone for those who want to find their forever. It is better to wear very clean transparent ruby in gold, it is better in the ring. It can not be worn, he is also developing authoritativeness, strength of character. Rubin is transparent and opaque, with a pinkish tinge cloudy. Pink tourmaline Pulls gentle and pure love.For those looking for a couple, can not be worn serpentine (stone-provocateur), jade (stone of spiritual growth, which contradicts the finding of another person, the circumstances are not folding), obsidian, rahutopaz, black stones (Shirley jet) as it rocks, absorbs negative energy, stones-keepers. "

RєR RјR ° ° P "P ° C ... Roes, (610x610, 250Kb) 

RєR ° RјRЅRёR "P ° P» (610x559, 237Kb) 

RєR ° F ± RёSЂ (610x499, 280Kb) 

RєR ° F ° RјRμS,RёSЃS, (610x537, 219Kb) 

RєR SЂRѕR ° · ° RєRІR SЂS † (610x472, 143Kb) 

RєR ° ° RєRІR SЂS † RІRѕR "RѕSЃR ° S,RёRє (610x258, 117Kb) 

RєR ° ° SЃR RїS "RёSЂ (610x322, 160Kb) 

RєR ° ± SЂSѓR RёRЅ (610x248, 79Kb) 

RєR S,SѓSЂRјR ° ° P "RёRЅ (610x470, 211Kb) 


Medicinal properties of stones (lithotherapy) - rather mysterious phenomenon being studied for centuries. Since ancient times, precious stones used in alternative medicine: agate, amethyst, turquoise, hematite, garnet, pearl, moonstone. If you believe spirituality, healing power of stones not only helps to heal the human body, but also helps to restore harmony, relieves stress and can bring good luck in your personal life, in the work and other aspects of life. Healing stones used in local and internal treatment: massage, insisting healing water, feeding her a certain energy stone; manufacture of amulets, amulets, talismans. Magically, the healing properties of stones work, if you manage to choose for themselves the right stone. Of course, the treatment of stones - not a panacea, but strong support in the fight against certain physical or psychological ailments. The ability to create a certain aura of stones, energy, long ago proved by scientists, physicists and bioenergy. Consider the most common types of healing stones. Agate Transforms negative energy into positive figures. Relieves stress.Prolonged wearing agate improves vision.

n2 (448x336, 41Kb)

SЏ3 (500x357, 130Kb)

Person suffering from a headache is recommended to wear jewelry agate on the left hand; asthma, bronchitis, diseases of the upper, lower respiratory tract, thyroid - agate beads. 
Agate blue can help in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, green - the liver, cardiovascular system, pancreas. 
This stone should be ambitious, self-confident people. Amethyst

SЏ4 (492x410, 134Kb)

Strengthens the immune and endocrine systems, increases the activity of the brain. Helps in the treatment of nervous disorders, insomnia, relieves stress. 
It improves the properties of the blood, has a positive effect on the health of the kidneys and liver, bladder and gall bladder. 
Amethyst put on the back of the head, in the "third eye." Turquoise (Stone of Happiness)

SЏ5 (635x628, 237Kb)

The therapeutic properties of this stone apply to the treatment of eye diseases, liver, heart, lung, thyroid, colds and viral diseases of ENT. 
Turquoise - a loyal ally in the fight against allergies, arthritis, rheumatism, skin and neurological diseases.
If the stone changed its color - rush to the doctor since it is a signal for the coming of the disease. 
It is recommended to wear a bracelet made ​​of turquoise, set in gold, on his right wrist. 
Elderly and blind and deaf - turquoise contraindicated. Hematite (Bloodstone)

SЏ6 (550x353, 66Kb)

From the title it is clear that the stone is responsible for hematology. Improves the functioning of the circulatory system, spleen, liver, kidney, "podzheludki." 
It strengthens the etheric and physical body, normalizes blood pressure and metabolism. Cleans the root chakra. 
The stone is placed on a hematoma and veins, varicose veins appeared at. 
In ancient times, hematite powder was used as hemostatics. 
hematite recommended to wear jewelry, worn close to the heart - bracelets, necklaces, brooches.Garnet

SЏ7 (501x376, 176Kb)

This filter is the whole organism. Activates lymphatic, immune and circulatory systems, stabilize nervous.
It helps to bring down the temperature, as well as in the fight against inflammation of the throat, persistent headaches. 
Garnet, especially red, stimulates appetite, sexual desire, courage, will and other strong and passionate quality therefore it is contraindicated excitable people, and people who are prone to be overweight and hypertension. Pearls (the symbol of purity and innocence)

SЏ8 (640x480, 163Kb)

Harmonizer body functions. It is used in the treatment of hepatitis and cholelithiasis. 
Pearls - accomplice longevity. 
It is useful to drink "water pearls" that helps to overcome the inflammatory processes. For the preparation of this water, you need a vessel with purified water, lower 4-6 pearls, leave for the night. 
It is recommended to wear a pearl ring on the right ring finger. Moonstone

SЏ9 (600x454, 147Kb)

It is believed that the stone has the ability to absorb the lunar energy. 
It soothes his master. 
It helps get rid of diseases of the bladder, ureters, as well as swelling and edema. 
Stone favors the development of intuition and imagination. 
It brings good luck to everyone except people capricious and sociopaths. 
"Stone Moon "is advisable to wear, set in silver on the right ring finger or the left breast pocket. 
His chakra - the heart and throat. 
Remember that the stones from diseases not eliminate, but helps to speed up recovery

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