Thursday, December 18, 2014


Old things with something like old friends, kind of like you know everything about them and, falling into other hands, carry things with you some piece of memory, as in the song - "Friends go somehow by chance, friends thing of the past how to hush ... "and then the song fit" And we laugh with new friends .. ", but now I'm not new, I am still of the old ... things. It's amazing how many things we have accumulated. And what do you do with them, throw - hand is not raised, because it remained from her grandmother, a gift from someone before expensive, or just long with us that not remember where it is, and throw again, the hand does not rise . That's going to such relics, curiosities or simply "old memories" in the markets, but not simple, have such markets called "bloshinka." In many large cities there are, but today I want to talk about bloshinka at Dry Bridge in Tbilisi. The place itself is history. Dry Bridge was built in 1881 by the Italian architect Giovanni Skudieri. Previously, he was part of a bridge linking the right and left bank of the Kura River .After as under it dried, it was attached to the name "Dry Bridge". This modern bed Chickens, along the left bank which stretches flea market and the views from the bridge over the Kura Attraction Tbilisi and flea market Dry Bridge began during perestroika and the first years of independence of Georgia. This time Tbilisi with Dry Bridge remembered as the most difficult ... the first sellers on the market were those who lived nearby and carried to market, native - in order to survive. Old things and then serve their masters, giving the possibility to survive. Something conversation I. Let's walk through ... The market there are shops with antiques but that's not all the attractions of the place. Just across a small park and you get to Tbilisi "Arbat" ... And there's a little walk ... shops and there is the same and we will go a little further and walk through another "trade area" more like a historical museum ... Here they are - the characters of the Tbilisi "bloshinka" - young and old ....

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