Friday, December 19, 2014


Portrait of a Woman. Not the usual topic for a blog erotic themes, distracting from the overall series, does not require the prefix "18+", does not attract fans of "strawberries", and many more of these "no ..." can be listed. But ... these professional photographers in these individuals, there is something for which was conceived and the whole project of Esther.Feminine beauty. Bright, catchy, cute, extraordinary ... plain in general. The one that every day around us, which is in every woman ,, and we men are so often overlooked. However, as always, judge for yourself.
I present you a selection of women's photo-portraits.
All pleasant viewing!
 5355213_1_2_ (700x500, 337Kb)
5355213_2 (700x466, 249Kb)
5355213_3_1_ (651x700, 231Kb)
5355213_4_1_ (700x413, 210Kb)
5355213_5 (700x466, 144Kb)
5355213_6 (700x467, 241Kb)
5355213_7 (700x463, 275Kb)
5355213_8 (700x488, 429Kb)
5355213_9 (667x700, 214Kb)
5355213_10 (700x700, 376Kb)
5355213_11 (700x466, 181Kb)
5355213_12 (700x700, 110Kb)
5355213_13 (700x700, 232Kb)
5355213_14 (638x700, 241Kb)
5355213_15 (700x466, 196Kb)
5355213_16 (700x700, 102Kb)
5355213_17 (700x700, 195Kb)
5355213_18 (700x700, 148Kb)
5355213_19 (446x700, 283Kb)
5355213_20 (700x610, 176Kb)
5355213_21 (466x700, 138Kb)
5355213_22 (513x700, 185Kb)
5355213_23 (560x700, 268Kb)
5355213_24 (700x466, 54Kb)
5355213_25 (700x417, 159Kb)
5355213_26 (574x700, 254Kb)
5355213_27 (466x700, 208Kb)
5355213_28 (525x700, 199Kb)
5355213_29 (443x700, 230Kb)
5355213_30 (466x700, 218Kb)

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