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There's nothing nicer than the good old stories about animals. But today I do not tell about pets, but those who live in tropical forests. In the rainforest ecosystem is home to a large variety of animals than any other ecosystem. One reason for such a large diversity is constantly warm climate.
Tropical forests also provide an almost constant presence of water and a wide variety of food for animals. So here are 10 amazing animals of tropical forests and a few facts about their lives.


10 amazing animals rainforest
Toucans can be found in South and Central America under the canopy of the rainforest. During sleep, toucans turn inside their heads and put their beaks under their wings and tail. Toucans are very important for tropical forests, because they help to spread the seeds of the fruits and berries that they eat. There are about 40 different species of toucans, but unfortunately, some species are under threat.The two main threats to the existence of toucans are the disappearance of familiar surroundings and the growing demand in the commercial market pets.
They vary in size from about 15 inches to a little more than two meters. Large, colorful, light beaks - hallmarks of toucans. This noisy bird with his loud and raspy voice.

Flying Dragons

10 amazing animals rainforest
Tree lizards, the so-called flying dragons actually glide from tree to tree on his skin "flaps" that look like wings. On each side of the body between the front and rear, is a large flap of skin, supports the expansion of mobile ribs. Typically, these "wings" are folded along the body, but they can be opened, can slide to lizard many meters almost horizontal state. Flying dragon feeds on insects, particularly ants.For breeding, flying dragon descends to the ground and lay in the soil from 1 to 4 eggs.

Bengal Tigers

10 amazing animals rainforest
Bengal tiger lives in the Sundarban region of India, Bangladesh, China, Siberia and Indonesia, and are under serious threat of extinction. Today in the wild there are about 4,000 individuals, while at the turn of the century in 1900 there were more than 50 thousand. Poaching and habitat loss are two main reasons for reducing the number of Bengal tigers. They have not been able to adapt to the harsh conditions, despite their belonging to the dominant species. Tigers, also known as the Royal Bengal tiger, which is a subspecies of tiger, can be found in the Indian subcontinent. Bengal tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh and is the second largest tiger in the world.

Harpy eagle

10 amazing animals rainforest
One of the largest and most powerful of the fifty species of eagles in the world - Harpy eagle live in the lowland tropical forests of Central and South America, from southern Mexico south to eastern Bolivia and southern Brazil to northern Argentina. It is an endangered species. The main threat to its existence is habitat loss due to permanent deforestation, destruction of nesting and hunting.

Dart frogs

10 amazing animals rainforest
This frog found in Central and South America. They are known for their bright colors that warn other animals that they are poisonous. Poison frogs is one of the strongest known poisons and may lead to paralysis or death. It is so powerful that one millionth of 30 grams of poison can kill a dog, and the number is less than for a crystal of salt can kill a person. One frog has a stock of poison, enough to send to that light up to 100 people. Local hunters used to poison their arrows, where the frog got its name in English Poison-Arrow Frog (Frog poisoned arrow).


10 amazing animals rainforest
Sloths - this is an extremely slow mammals, which can be found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. There are two types of sloths: didactylism and three-fingered. Most sloths the size of a small dog. They have short, flat heads. Their fur is gray-brown, but sometimes they look gray-green, because moving so slowly that the tiny plant-masking time to grow throughout their wool. Sloths are nocturnal and sleep curled up, putting his head between his hands and feet, turn close to each other.

Spider monkeys

10 amazing animals rainforest
Spider monkeys have large dimensions. Adult monkey can grow almost 60 centimeters tall, not counting the tail. The tail is very powerful. Monkeys use it as an extra limb. Spider monkeys like to hang upside down, caught in the branches of the tail and legs, making them look like spiders, from which they take their name. Also, these monkeys are able to jump from one branch to another at high speed. Their coat color can be black, brown, gold, red or bronze color. Spider monkeys are the object of attention from hunters, which is why they are on the verge of extinction. This photo is probably your only chance to ever see this monkey. Not to mention our species ...

Wine of the snake

10 amazing animals rainforest
Only about a centimeter in diameter, snake wine is surprisingly "slim" extended view. If the snake lain down among the branches of forest trees, its proportions and green-brown color makes it almost indistinguishable from the thick creepers and vines. Head of the snake, the same thin and elongated.Slow-moving predator, active during the day and at night, wine snake eats mainly young birds, which he steals from nests, and lizards. If the snake in danger, it inflates the front part of the body, revealing a bright color, which, as a rule, usually hidden, and wide his mouth.


10 amazing animals rainforest
Capybara spends a lot of time in the water and is an excellent swimmer and diver. Her front and hind legs webbed fingers. When she floats above the water are only visible eyes, ears and nostrils. Capybaras feed on plant foods, including aquatic plants, and molars in these animals grow throughout their lives to resist wear from chewing. Capybaras live in families, they are active at dawn and dusk. In areas where they are often disturbed, capybaras can lead nocturnal. Males and females are the same, but there is a nose on the male iron that is greater than in females. They mate in the spring, and after 15-18 weeks of pregnancy in the litter can be 2 baby. Babies at birth are well developed.

Brazilian tapirs

10 amazing animals rainforest
Brazilian tapirs can almost always be found near water bodies. These animals are good swimmers and divers, but also they quickly move on the ground, even over rough and mountainous terrain. Tapirs have dark brown color. Their hair is short, but from the back of the neck down mane grows. Thanks to mobile snout, tapir feeds on the leaves, buds, twigs and small branches, which breaks the tapir trees and fruits, grasses and aquatic plants. The female gives birth to one mottled striped baby after pregnancy, which lasts from 390 to 400 days.

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