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Many of us, especially those living in big cities, sorely lacking in the life of nature. Therefore, it can be extremely pleasant stroll through the fabulous living corridor of woven crown, literally plunged into the nature of the head, whether it is a street in the center of the bustling city, the park or forest. Here is the top ten most beautiful tunnel of trees from around the world. Some of them are created by natural means, the other - with the participation of the person, but they are all equally beautiful, inviting you into their green or flowering "arms."
BIGPIC16 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world

015 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world

1 tunnel of cherry blossoms, Germany.
Tunnel of cherry trees, is definitely worth a visit this street in Bonn. Flowering cherry create an amazing pink archway within 7-10 days, depending on the weather.
025 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
2 Street Gonçalo de Kovalev, Brazil.
Under the arch of the giant trees Tipuana (or "Rosewood"), which in this street of the city of Porto Alegre, more than a hundred, you can spend the whole day. In 2006, the mayor of Jose Fogasa announced the street part of the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of Brazil.
035 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
3 Tunnel autumn trees, USA.
These trees growing in a park in Vermont "Gorge smugglers" literally glow with all the colors of autumn. "Submission" begins at a northern section and gradually moves to the south during the season.
044 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
4 Tunnel Ginkgo trees, Japan.
Gingko Biloba trees - one of the most revered in Japan. Some of these trees have suffered atomic bombings in Hiroshima. They are called the "symbol of hope" or "living fossils."
055 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
5 Tunnel yews, UK.
Yew tunnel in Wales inspired the writers to 1470. Medieval House Aberglasni in the garden which is a tunnel, is now a popular tourist destination. However, as a result of the previously abandoned tunnel was virtually destroyed. On the restoration of the natural corridor took 9 years.
065 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
6 Dark fence, Northern Ireland.
This mysterious tunnel as if descended from the cover of the book. James Stewart beeches planted in the 18th century to impress your guests at the entrance to his house Greyskhil. There is also a legend about a "Grey Lady" - living in a tunnel ghost maid, who lived in a nearby mansion, and died under mysterious circumstances.
075 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
7 Bamboo walkway, Japan.
This tunnel is located in the bamboo forest in Sagano Arashiyama historic place. The Ministry of Culture of Japan announced Arashiyama "place of scenic landscape." Not far from this forest are also famous temples and tombs. In Japan, it is necessary to maintain the sound of the wind, swinging high bamboo trees.
085 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
8 Tunnel of Love, Ukraine.
According to legend, couples have to drive through the tunnel and make a wish. If their love is strong enough and clean - wish will be granted. The tunnel is the site of a private railway, used woodworking plant, located near the town Klevan in western Ukraine. The train passes through here three times a day, hurry up to buy a ticket!
094 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
9 Dzhakarandovaya Alley, South Africa.
If you love the color purple - this tunnel for you! In Johannesburg, is created by human hands forest of more than 10 million trees. Tropical trees, including 49 species of jacaranda (rosewood), brought to South Africa, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. In October, when the trees are in bloom, the ground is covered with blue and violet petals.
106 10 most beautiful tunnel of trees in the world
10 Wisteria Tunnel, Japan.
Strolling through this tunnel of wisteria can feel like real royalty. Wisteria flowers hanging in clusters like grapes, begin to bloom as soon wither cherry. Every spring, the Japanese celebrate Fuji Matsuri (Festival or glycine) in Tokyo, Sidzouke and Okazaki. The park Ashikaga colors can you find the greatest number of varieties of wisteria.


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Dry, endless and seemingly lifeless desert - it is something more than just the unbearable heat and the hot dry sand.
In fact, it is now and you will see the desert - it's surprisingly beautiful part of our planet, which conceals many mysteries.
Hougaard Malan Photography artist originally from South Africa, traveling to Africa, was able to gather a huge collection of photos of works dedicated to this amazing continent. Below are pictures taken by him in the greatest Namib Desert. It occupies a large part of the African state as Namibia.
Photos taken by this master, just shocking. Look, as a photographer tried and did, in my opinion, true masterpieces.
Just desert, but it is still beautiful!
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