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Natural wonders are in each country and there are a number of miracles around the world, which we all know. In this list, we tried to collect the lesser known wonders that deserve a visit when you are planning your vacation.
Selected only one seat from each of these countries, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.

Erg Chebbi, Morocco
5218894_1_15_ (670x448, 189Kb)
Erg Chebbi is in the Moroccan Sahara. This is - a stunning landscape of dunes that transport you to another world.They extend over 22 kilometers and reach a height of 150 meters. Sands is believed to heal physical pain, so the Moroccans visit them every year to bury themselves up to their necks in the hot sands.

The Pantanal, Brazil
5218894_2_10_ (670x419, 283Kb)
Pantanal - the world's largest wetland. In addition to beautiful scenery, the Pantanal is also home to some amazing (and strange) wildlife such as the capybara capybaras and giant anteaters.

Bryce Canyon, USA
5218894_3_9_ (670x442, 326Kb)
Everyone knows about the Grand Canyon, but there is a less well-known natural wonder - Bryce Canyon. There are many natural amphitheater (this is not a canyon, despite its name). The strength of the wind and water erosion have created these bizarre-looking pillars, which have an unusual scientific name hoodoos.

Playa Ostional beach in Costa Rica
5218894_4 (670x503, 297Kb)
Each year, the beach is filled with thousands of Ostional turtles. Because it is one of the few places for laying eggs of these rare turtles, the area is now part of the National Park. If you can plan properly vacation at the right time of year, you can see the spectacle.

Blue Lagoon Iceland
5218894_5_6_ (670x377, 209Kb)
The water of this beautiful geothermal lagoon has a temperature of 37-39 ° C. This place was formed under the influence of a lava flow, and mineral-rich water is good for the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis. If you want to swim here, please note: due to strict hygiene laws of Iceland, all swimmers are required to shower before entering the water. While natural lagoon itself, it is filled with water heated to adjacent thermal power station.

Moon Valley in Chile (Valle de la Luna)
5218894_6_8_ (525x700, 349Kb)
Caught in the Valle de la Luna you might think that you supposedly landed on the moon! An impressive range of unusual structures paints region (formed by wind and water) and dry lakes, which are similar to cosmic craters, giving the place an otherworldly atmosphere.

Colca Canyon
5218894_7_6_ (670x503, 300Kb)
Colca Canyon two times deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States, and it is still inhabited by people who support the ancient Inca terraces, growing food here. In addition to archaeological sites and cultural attractions, there are numerous resorts spas in the area for those who want to maintain their health and preserve youth through special healing water.

Geothermal area Wai-o-Tapu
5218894_8_8_ (670x338, 204Kb)
Wai-o-Tapu - one of the most beautiful, but little-known natural wonders of New Zealand. Having gone on a three-hour walk, every turn is a new miracle - from geysers to the incredibly colored lakes. There is also a mud pools and popular Champagne Pool - probably the most famous attraction of this place, with its stunning outer ring of orange.

Jiuzhaigou valley of nine villages, China
5218894_9_6_ (670x503, 470Kb)
Jiuzhaigou means "nine villages," on behalf of nine Tibetan villages in the valley. The whole valley is filled with beautiful rivers, lakes, and is surrounded by mountains with snow-capped peaks. This place is considered a very important natural wonder, and even classified as a World Biosphere Reserve.

Tsinzhi du Bemaraha, Madagascar
5218894_10_5_ (670x503, 449Kb)
Amazing limestone formations in Tsinzhi du Bemaraha cause the name of this miracle of nature - a stone forest of Madagascar. In addition to the stunning formations, you can also see the preserved mangrove forests and amazing flora and fauna.


Male (pronounced "Maa-lei" (Maa-Lay) - the capital and largest city of the Republic of Maldives. Male City is located on the island, in the Kaafu Atoll (Kaafu Atoll). Population Male has 104 400 people (2006). Traditionally Male considered Royal Island, from where the Maldives ruled dynasty royal families since ancient times.
Maa Lay22 City in the ocean

Maa Lay01 City in the ocean
1 The name of the capital of the Maldives derives from the word "Mahaalay", came from the Sanskrit (ancient language), which means "Maha" - "big" or "great" and "aalay" - "home." In Sanskrit, the word "Mahaalay" called the Royal Palace. And got the name of the Male.
Maa Lay02 City in the ocean
2 And the whole group of islands of Maldives (Maldives) and called the name of the capital thanks. The word "Maldives" means "Islands (Dives) Male (Male)" - Male Dives.
Maa Lay03 City in the ocean
3 Male Island, just 2 km long and 1 km wide, is completely built buildings, covered roads, and therefore there are very few places open. At the same time Male remains clean and tidy city with mosques, markets, a maze of small streets, wrapped in a blanket of charm. Although Male sometimes gives the impression of quiet provincial town, but overall the construction of new modern buildings and life abounds. Officially, the capital's population is about 65,000 people, but with foreign workers, tourists and residents of other islands, often coming here in the city is usually 100,000.
Maa Lay04 City in the ocean
4 Size of the island has been doubled through the implementation of projects to restore the land and the surrounding islands are used for different purposes, and one of the islands of the airport is located. The government plans to develop other islands to reduce the pressure on the island of Male. In the past, the island was known as Male Island Sultan. In the capital, there is all that is necessary to have the eastern city: mosque, market, many shops with souvenirs, small cafes with exotic foods and so on.
Maa Lay05 City in the ocean
5 Right in front of the marina, opposite Jumhury Maidan park or Republican, is the Islamic Center, which is the main building - the Great Mosque. Its golden domes shine so bright that they can be seen from the sea, when approaching from the north to Male. Grand Mosque, with capacity for 5,000 people - a terrific facility. Its interior is decorated with wood carvings and Arabic calligraphy, finely crafted by local artisans. Remember, the mosque - a place of prayer, and the crowds are undesirable. If you do decide to go there, it is better to do it accompanied by Maldivians. Visitors must be dressed appropriately and maintain complete silence. Across the road - Sultan Park and National Museum. In his exposition of a large collection of clothes and jewelry of the sultans, the manuscript of the Koran and interesting pre-Islamic statues found during archaeological excavations of Thor Heyerdahl; most ancient finds and stone figurines are described in his book "The Mystery of the Maldives." Around Malé is located about 20 mosques, some of them are just coral room with a tin roof. The oldest of them, Hukuru Bowls, is famous for its carved stone panels. A series of panels, carved in the 13th century dedicated to the arrival of Islam in the Maldives, and the cemetery is the tomb of Abu al-Barakat and tombstones of former sultans.
Maa Lay06 City in the ocean
6 Among the unique monuments - the head of a Buddha statue from the island Todd relating to the pre-Islamic period, and wood panel of the XIII century, covered with ancient inscriptions. Fruit, wood-burning ovoschnoyi markets are never empty and are picturesque places where islanders from other atolls peddling their wares. Fish Market, located nearby, initially empty, until the fish is caught, and after lunch here are starting to flock to the fishermen with their booty. Fishermen, cutting and cleaning fish, turned the process into art. It is clean and well mastered an area that attracts many tourists and provides insight into the life of a typical Maldivian fishermen. Other attractions include the Singapore market - the accumulation of stores - selling high-quality products of local handicrafts and Maldives and imported trinkets and souvenirs. In addition, there are shops selling electronics, marine equipment, fishing equipment, and household goods for the local villages. Many small tea you can eat, smoke, and mingle with the locals.
Maa Lay07 City in the ocean
7 where no high buildings, bicycles much more than automobiles. In Male virtually impossible to get lost, all the streets are located on three major roads. The island has many hotels. Each hotel has its own dinghy, where you can take a cruise in the archipelago for a few days.
Maa Lay08 City in the ocean
8 Things to do in Male just a great variety. It will suffice to mention only a few of them. The most interesting, according to many, it is evening fishing. Staff working boat, help you cope with the initial difficulties, and then everything will depend on your skill! The next night, you will find a barbecue dinner of catch that you caught.Will also hunt and large commercial fish. Check for such an event occurs on special boats far beyond the territory of the atolls. It will be interesting to ride on a glass bottom boat. Thanks to such a miracle can make a lot of colorful pictures of the underwater world. And you can most diving - scuba diving. Each hotel has a training center for diving, where you at the end of the courses will receive a special certificate.
Maa Lay09 City in the ocean
9 It also offers activities such as windsurfing, catamaran sailing, canoeing, "water banana", water skiing, etc. Riding pleasure will be a helicopter tour.In Malé you can find cheap hotels and fast food, but the nightlife is limited to tea and a few small restaurants in the western style. In two theaters show Indian and Hollywood movies.
Maa Lay10 City in the ocean
10 Artificial Beach - this phrase may surprise in a country known natural beaches, but residents Male really chosen an artificial beach, built on the eastern side of the capital. The beach is ideal for swimmers and those who do not have access to nearby islands. There you can have a snack and just relax on one of the benches overlooking the ocean. The North Malé is artaktsionov park, there are also restaurants, cafes, shops ...
Maa Lay11 City in the ocean
Some 11 restaurants are air-conditioned Male, others offer a more relaxed outdoor setting. The choice of cuisine is quite extensive reorganization from international gourmet menus to local versions of Asian and European dishes. Some restaurants are open in the morning, the other with lunch. All restaurants close at 1 am. Traditional teahouses still enjoy the residents Male huge popularity. Here you can try a variety of local food, though sometimes in a noisy environment. Numerous teahouses scattered throughout the island. If you hurry, you really should drop by there - these eateries serve as a fast-food chain. Tea usually open early in the morning (some even at 5 am) and close at 1 am. Coffee Shop - a more modern version of the Maldivian tea. Hdes serves a variety of snacks and fast food at low prices. Open between 8 and 9 am and work without interruption until 1am.
Maa Lay12 City in the ocean
12 Despite its modest size Male, taxis in the city you can come in handy, especially if it's rain. Price by taxi ranges from 15-20 Rufiyaa for travel anywhere in the city, with an additional charge of 5 Rufiyaa for each piece of luggage. Taxis can be caught on the street, but decided to call in Male machine by calling one of the many taxi companies. The fare on the ferry 10 Rufiyaa until midnight and 20 Rufiyaa after midnight. If you are traveling in a large group, profitable book a private ferry flight - the cost for the day 250 Rufiyaa after midnight 350 Rufiyaa. Pier Number 9, where the ferry is moored to the airport, located on the waterfront Boduthakurufaanu Magu, nearby Nasandhura Palace Hotel.
Maa Lay13 City in the ocean
13 The country has four domestic airport of destination. Local airline Island Aviation operates regular flights from Male International Airport on the island of Gan in Seenu Atoll, Laamu Atoll in Kadhdu, Kaadedhdu Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and Hanimadhoo in Atoll Haa Dhal. Between Malé and the atolls plying no scheduled passenger and cargo ships, although marine transportation is carried out quite often. Book a place on a seaplane and book a private flight to Male possible, while at the airport or at the resort. Motor Dhoni comfortable to move only short distances, mainly due to slow-moving. They are ideal for trips to the dive dive. Malé there are several companies that provide high-speed boats for rent and Dhoni.
Maa Lay14 City in the ocean
14 The official currency of Maldives- Rufiyaa. One Rufiyaa is 100 Laar. In circulation are banknotes of 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 Rufiyaa and coins 1 and 2 rufii and 50, 25, 10, 5, 2 and 1 Laar. Exchange rate as of December 2004 is 12.75 Rufiyaa for 1 American dollar. All ski resorts, hotels, large shops and restaurants are authorized to provide services Currency exchange and accept payment in currencies of many countries, as well as credit cards. Branch of Bank of Maldives (Bank of Maldives), located at the arrivals terminal of the international airport, also provides currency exchange services. If you need rufii during your stay in Male, you can always contact one of the local banks.
Maa Lay15 City in the ocean
15 State Bank of Maldives The Bank of Maldives has several branches in Male. Its branches are also on Seenu atoll (island of Hithadhoo), Xaa dhal (island Kulhudhufushi) and Lhaviyani (island Naifaru). Bank branch located in Malé International Airport. Among other banks, having offices in Male, the bank HSBC, State Bank of India, Bank of Ceylon and Habib Bank. Most of the banks having offices in Male, services offer automatic teller machines (ATM). ATMs The Bank of Maldives and other banks rather conveniently located and service the most common credit cards.
Maa Lay16 City in the ocean
16 Telephone services and mobile services in the country are carried out by Maldivian telekomunnikatsionnoy Diraagu (Dhiraagu). GSM mobile services provided by two operators - Diraagu (Dhiraagu) Telecoms and Vatanen (Wataniyya Telecoms). Available as a prepayment and payment for services after the fact. Valid international mobile (roaming). Internet cafes can be found in different parts of the city. Internet connection services provide two providers holding a state license. Company Maldives Post Limited provides conventional and express mail EMS. Most of the international courier services have their offices in Male.
Maa Lay17 City in the ocean
17 Male - shopping center of the country with great selection of shops, meeting the needs of 100,000 people and thousands more buyers coming from the islands. Small shop on the outskirts of the capital can take visitors for 6-7 hours in the morning, while the main streets of shops open about 9-10 hours. All shops close at 11 pm, as well as small 15-minute breaks at the time of prayers.
Maa Lay18 City in the ocean
18 The northern part of the street candana Magoo (Chaandhanee Magu) known cluster of souvenir shops, although the like are found in other parts of the city. Attention buyers here offer products of local craftsmen, t-shirts, batiks and a wide range of books about Maldives in different languages.
Maa Lay19 City in the ocean
19 Male In a few bookstores and lazok stationery. They trade mainly textbooks, fiction and nonfiction, translated books for children known international publications. Majidi on Mary (Majeedee Magu) and other central streets of the city are many shops offering clothes, shoes, accessories.Among them are specializing in the sale of sports goods, clothing electronics from world famous brands. Shops are open from morning until 11 o'clock in the evening.
Maa Lay20 City in the ocean
Maa Lay21 City in the ocean
Maa Lay22 City in the ocean


5 hour drive in the general car Gorakhpur-Varanasi - a great time to start to get used to in India. A stranger in general, is nothing, just to get used to and you find yourself in this place such a new-but-home country. True particularly for the 5 hours to place your own backpack in the vestibule near the toilet, but the way quietly, the blower breeze from the open doors and can even quietly read a book. 
collected enough opposite, but always vivid impressions of Varanasi, badly wanted to make your own. Feel, to accept or reject the city to make friends or aloofness and exotic stay in it.
As a result, the opinion which I got before I visited it fortunately did not coincide with the true feeling. Did not have to knead the clock poop everywhere, bowled floating behind the boat and the bodies suffer from severe atmosphere of the old city in the world.
Surprisingly fabulous and bright, take to their arms and left a special, sacred-lyrical feeling and desire to come back for more. Impression exactly coincided with the old name of the city - Kashi (City of Light) "in Kashi shining light. This light illuminates everything. Someone who knows that Light, True came to Kashi ".Shankaracharya

cDSC_0372 (465x700, 105Kb)

Slow walking on the ghats, pink at dawn and at sunset orange medieval city inhabited such different creatures.

nnn257 (700x466, 350Kb)

Stunning morning ablutions, bells, murmuring prayers, splash water on the oars, the rising sun, swaying candles in the colors on the waters of the Ganges.

nn251 (700x465, 543Kb)

nn227 (700x464, 358Kb)

iiiDSC_0551 (700x520, 278Kb)

gDSC_0211 (465x700, 282Kb)

bbb253 (700x465, 521Kb)

mm259 (700x519, 345Kb)

Walking along the ghats. Funny memories - very difficult to go through all the ghats and not to get involved in the line of kites, run by local boys.
ii228 (700x466, 366Kb)

No one is in a hurry. Even the usually dostavuchy masher (Boat! Room! Gashhh! Riksha! Massage!) Screaming all these sensible suggestions, though constantly, but quite unobtrusively. Although, maybe we have become accustomed to them.

ii235 (700x466, 443Kb)

DSC_0121h (700x465, 236Kb)

iii232 (700x465, 397Kb)

ttt233 (700x465, 102Kb)

iii234 (700x466, 232Kb)

Maze of narrow medieval streets stuffy ending unexpectedly broad bustling streets, quiet outputs ghats, busy courtyards populated peeping out bright women in saris, business goats t-shirts, light-hearted sacred cows humpback, lively conversation men in dhoti and turbans. And the person, persons, people.

qDSC_0351 (445x700, 313Kb)

qDSC_0317 (465x700, 322Kb)

mmm224 (700x465, 463Kb)

eDSC_0343 (465x700, 358Kb)

sDSC_0374 (700x471, 315Kb)

vDSC_0336 (465x700, 213Kb)

tttDSC_0957 (471x700, 318Kb)

237 (700x466, 369Kb)
261 (700x476, 387Kb)
x (700x456, 286Kb)

2ddd65 (465x700, 231Kb)

264lll (700x466, 309Kb)

241lll (520x700, 372Kb)

We also visited the exhibition at the Museum of Nicholas Roerich Benareskogo University. The truth had povozmuschatsya, so we opened it :) But the pictures really are worth it to watch them in the original. 

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