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Long history of Indian culture can be traced to many things - including on a variety of Indian jewelry. Do not be surprised such claims ... After all, every country has and can be proud of the distinctive traditions and customs, and the uniqueness of India manifested in everything.  And especially in the variety and beauty that marked Indian jewelry. By the way, the value of Indian jewelry for the people of this wonderful country is extremely high.
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Trembles as seductive pond full of radiance,
Your waist ravishing in a yellow silk robe.
in garlands of lotus flowers tender bleschesh you like
gold and silver dazzling skin.
Admit it, you - the goddess of passion, lovely Rati?
Otherwise, from whence such grace?
Lovely sharp straight teeth innocent
sparkle with its whiteness, like jasmine buds.
tears from reddened whites of the eyes, but the apple
Huge eyes, flaming, burning through her ​​lashes.
About Maid with rounded hips, sweet pitched
With guise as a fruit filling, velvety crimson,
with a charming laugh , with breasts pressed close
to one another that pearls selective decorated wonderfully!
(Ramayana, 1965)

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Indian Jewelry talk about their owner almost everything: she is married to which caste belongs, whether she has children ... And it's not the whole list ... On an Indian woman can not wear clothes, but jewelry will be required. They are a kind of language , along with speech and gestures.

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In Indian culture all symbolic, all - a metaphor. Decorating a visible, material body, Indians express a longing for his divine nature. For many Indian women beautiful clothes - one way to worship God. Elegantly dressed woman - the personification of the ideal of beauty and mystery inherent in the nature and music. Each piece of furniture is justified and consistently woven into the overall pattern of symbolic forms and images.
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Srngara - so the complete decoration of a woman. It includes 16 attributes associated with sixteen phases of the moon, which, in turn, are linked with the female lunar cycle. Thus, 16 - a special number. srngara name associated with Sri Lakshmi - the goddess of female beauty, good luck, prosperity and fertility, the perfect wife of Vishnu.demigods In the spiritual world the eternal 16 years. This is the most beautiful and vigorous human age. At 16 years old girl has all the perfections it at the peak of physical development. Its nature is to play, to seek new experiences, to charm all around. Her innocence attracts all of it is true and good.

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1 Bindi - small decorative point in the center of the forehead between the eyes. On the metaphysical language is a place of infinite potential, from which arises all manifested existence. This mystical third eye - the channel of wisdom and sublime intuition, divine knowledge. Eye is often compared to the sun and the moon. Another symbolic meaning - fire. Two eyes can only see the past and present. Third Eye has the authority to see the future.
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2 Sindur - a deep, blood-red powder with which paint a red stripe in the hair parting. Use this decoration only married women. Sindur - an important component in the Hindu deity worship (puja). Red - a symbol of fertility and restoration of power, the female energy of Parvati and Sati. Sati is an ideal wife in Hinduism because of the sacrifices that she makes to protect the honor of her husband.
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3 Teak. Suspension should get the exact center of the forehead. This place is considered the home of the Ajna chakra. Thus, a woman reiterates its status as married.
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4 Nick - wide black tench around the eyes, where the arrows are connected, giving a special look sharp: "My eyes, not the eyes, beloved, but the arrows of light. My eyebrows, no eyebrows, but swords of destruction. "
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Every feeling of the heart is transmitted through the eyes. They can express awe, compassion, love, lust. Indian poets usually want to drown "in the depths of the eyes of his beloved." Most poetic comparisons of eyes taken from nature. Eyes as the rose, almond, lily, as "fish, sparkling in the slip," as the seas and oceans, deep, fire, etc. 5. Nat - ring or other decoration in the nose. Nate is the most seductive adornment. Ear Nose take many different forms, ranging from precious studs to large gold hoops in his cheek.

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6 Haar - necklaces, beads, necklace. Neck - one of the most important centers of the mystical. It is therefore considered that the necklace to attract and retain the love to bring good luck and protects against sglaza.Sredi other types of jewelry necklaces always had high magic spells. Probably, bright and rich necklace distracted detractors on behalf of the owner, and thus protected from the danger of the evil eye, hypnotic effect.
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Most likely, the forerunner of beads was an ordinary flower garland. But the flavor of many colors, such as jasmine, rose has a clear erotic overtones ... 7. Karn Phule (literally, flower in the ear) Since ancient times, the earlobe was seen as a sign of spiritual development and high social status.

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According to legend earrings - comfort in pain and suffering. The more decorative and expensive earrings, the more a person gets consolation.
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Most popular from ancient times to the present day are earrings in the shape of flowers and fruits. They reflect the tenderness, youth, spiritual perfection, ingenuousness, innocence - the basic attributes of the female character.
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 8 mehndi - henna. Unlike tattoo is a temporary body decoration and kept for about three weeks. The most common in the Arab countries, India, North Africa and Indonesia.
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Mehndi appeared about 5,000 years ago. Even in ancient Egypt, noble ladies decorated their bodies and nails pattern.In the XII century it is entrenched in India, becoming not only a decoration. For example, many Arab women believe that mehndi brings luck and protects against failures. So the day before the wedding (in a bachelorette party) Bride paint a picture, and the remaining henna buried in the ground to protect marriage and avoid the infidelity of her husband.
Mehndi is the power of love in marriage. The darker the mehndi, the stronger love. Red - the color of fertility and power.
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In the figure used only vegetable ornaments are symbolically linked to the nature of a woman, the concepts of birth, nutrition, growth, regeneration. Mehendi protects from evil spirits, misfortune, sickness and even death. 9.Wristbands. Poets call them shiny badges radiant life, circles of light for a happy daughter and a happy wife.

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Bracelets symbolize the powerful energy of the sun. Made of any material able to be treated: terra cotta, stone, shell, copper, bronze, gold, silver, etc.
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Bracelets - a sign of a married woman. They have a lot of love and romantic allusions. Ringing sound bracelet announces the presence of a woman that she needs attention, she is angry and wants to exchange views.
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A married woman will never allow himself to appear in public without bracelets. Tend to be 8, 12 or 24 bracelets on each wrist. 10. Baadzhyuband - Headband, bracelet or thread with an amulet on his forearm.

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Depending on the traditions adopted in the community, and the status of women in marriage baadzhyuband can cover the entire upper part of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder. Baadzhyuband should sit firmly on your arm. Made of different materials, richly decorated with ornaments. Serves Kawachi - protection from bad attitudes and considered a symbol of perfect beauty. 11. Arcy - ring with a mirror, is worn on the thumb. According to legend, the first thing is to see a woman waking up - his face. To do this, you always have to hand mirror ...

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On the other fingers worn gold rings or jewelry, consisting of a central medallion, to which is attached 8 chains - three of them are attached to the bracelet, five - to the rings worn on the fingers. 12. Keshapashacharachna - hair decoration hair belongs to the earth element as something solid and tangible; an element of water, as they are free flowable; to the element of fire, because it comes from the furnace of the brain to the element of air, as they are easy and can be carried away by the wind.

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Hair has a life of its own. Growing faster than any other part of the body. They are the connection between this world and the future. Hair - the lifeblood and magical powers. They form a crown around the head - the most sacred part of a person. hair braided in a braid, is considered the most auspicious symbol. According to mythology. Three lash hair in the queue represent three of the most revered Indian rivers - the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati, as well as the trinity of gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. 13. Kamarband - seat belt retaining and decorating sari. Protects Manipura chakra. Holds a keychain, which means a symbolic transfer of the Board-in-law to daughter-new powers and responsibilities. 14. Anklets ... from subtle to heavy chains, thick rigid bracelets. Sometimes to secure the anklet bells.

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15 Rings toes
toes are decorated with rings, simple or complex designs. Some of the ring is decorated with bells. Sometimes on foot wear jewelry medallion with chain.
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16 Sari has not changed over the centuries. Different peoples of India with time only contribute, using a variety of fabrics for saris, applying new ways of draping.
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Sari - the pride of Indian women. It can be executed from the glittering silk or the finest cotton in pastel colors or richly decorated with flowers. His embroidered with gold thread, decorated with trim. Saris are romantic, elegant, modest, bright, elegant and innocent.
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However, this ornament deserves a separate story ...
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