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Always fashion jewelry and energy bracelet POWER BALANCE

 Always fashion jewelry and energy bracelet POWER BALANCE
In the summer, more than ever all ladies prefer to wear bright jewelry. Now there are a great variety. What to prefer not to look gaudy. Many women have long realized that to cope with the role of jewelry ornaments is not worse than jewelry. Well-chosen earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets made of leather, plastics, ceramics, glass, wood, inexpensive metals and stones, profitable complement suit and emphasize the individuality. Costume jewelry is much cheaper than jewelry, so there is an opportunity to have a lot of jewelry, and therefore more likely to experiment and constantly surprising people new look.

The main thing to know how to combine items of costume jewelery with the style of clothes and be able to create a harmonious way. trends of fashion jewelry, with all the variety of jewelry, its main feature is the size, whether it's earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and brooches. Decorations will vary in volume, multi-layered, unusual shapes, brightness and extravagance. To the fore in the new season out irregular shapes and asymmetry. Actual combination of earrings, pendants and bracelets - original look suspension, worn on a bracelet or earring. In the modern fashion welcome once considered tasteless decorations in gold and silver. Any fashion jewelry - is expressive, bold, eye-catching solutions and no simplicity and boredom. For example, here are:

Brooches are back in fashion brooch has always been considered an exquisite decoration, emphasizing femininity and nobility of its owner. Brooches, gone in recent years in the shadows, in the upcoming season - again at the height of fashion. Today, you can wear them anywhere: on hats, belts, pants, bags, lapel, on his shoulder, in a corner of the cutout on the necklace or necklace. They may take the form of a flower, bow, butterfly, heart. Glamor and romance prevail in the design of modern brooches. Rings - jewelry pleases the eye in the collections of fashion rings present major products of conventional and original forms. In vogue wide or double rings, closing half a finger, which is put directly on some pieces.

Bracelets The new season of fashion jewelry represented the most incredible bracelets, which can be made ​​in any style, made ​​of various materials, but - certainly impressive size. It can be ethnic, romantic, elegant or retro bracelets of metal, leather, plastic, with ornaments of small and large stones. Relevant articles of the chains, which can complement the pendants. Can be put into the hands of two large bracelets of different sizes, but the same style. Looks great combination of thin and wide bracelets.
Along with these many bracelets bracelets acquire POWER BALANCE, which today are not only available to athletes and personalities, but also anyone who wants to:
1 Increase performance.
2. Boost immunity.
3. Stabilize the nervous system.
4. Increase potency and sexy effect.
5. Be strong.
6. Improve health.
7. Normalize blood pressure and heart function.
8. Feel young and energetic.
As stated by the developers bracelets POWER BALANCE, it contains volcanic ash and tourmaline, which since ancient times has magical properties. And the content of negative ions, positive effect on the human body. Details, reviews and how to purchase a bracelet, you can learn online shop power balance POWER BALANCE in Moscow.
Always fashion jewelry and energy bracelet POWER BALANCE
Necklaces Stylists recommend emphasize neck with a complex necklace, wide collars, big chains.

At the forefront of the fashion season, of course, are broad necklace collars, made of metal, leather, fabric, fur, plastic. It may be strict and modest metal products or decorated with sequins, stones, flowers decoration romantic style.

As we know, fashion jewelry different multi-layered, which fully applies to the neck ornaments. In complex multi-tiered fashion necklaces, layered necklaces and chains. Latest pearl beads in several rows. And, of course, all the decorations is massive and volume. Fashion Earrings Earrings upcoming season - it's large size, unusual shapes, original design and a variety of styles. Dominated by large hanging ornaments from lightweight materials such as plastic and leather. In fashion earrings in the form of diamond rings, semicircles, opened bud of a flower.


Romantic boho and not just in the online store Boho.Boutique

Romantic boho and not just from the online store Boho.Boutique
Style Boho, otherwise also called bohemian, hippie or freestyle. Able and competent to combine seemingly incongruous styles and creates a unique artistic image. Light, flowing fabric combined with leather, suede, velvet, denim, embroidery, prints, all laminated, a stunning transformation for any fashionista, and the most demanding. Such things would be desirable to consider carefully: here and the finest embroidery, delicate lace, fringes, ribbons, burlap, sequins, leather trim, sheepskin, all kinds of prints, the mixing of different parts seemed incompatible. Such a style, it's so democratic, that is suitable for everyone.
When choosing new clothes, presumably because of boho style, has found such a wonderful collection of clothing from the online store Boho.Boutique. Stunningly beautiful selection of dresses, sundresses, skirts, jeans, jackets, coats, accessories, shoes, and all of high quality and at reasonable prices. Incredibly attractive all the clothing collection "Spring-Summer", "Fall-Winter", the most sophisticated models here and romantic boho that I particularly like, boho-ethnic, gothic, punk, for all queries and admirers of various styles. Pick fashionable clothes can women with any body shape and not only in standard sizes. It's hard to stay on some individual choice, it would be desirable, as well as any woman several models. I hope you can tell me, what would I leave myself out of the proposed options. However, you will see that the choice is worthy for each of us. Come and enjoy choose new clothes in the style of boho.
Romantic boho and not only in the online store Boho.Boutique


Brazilian top model Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) starred in a bright and memorable photoset for the popular fashion brand Morena Rosa.
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Most of the set - a demonstration of swimwear.

On the nose the middle of a hot summer, so, swimwear relevant than ever. Beautiful seascape, beach and beautiful woman - a great "set" for a successful photoset. As you know, in front of you a collection from the Brazilian brand in 2015. Sexy swimwear and elegant attributes of a beach holiday demonstrated charming native of sunny Brazil, Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) - it's all here in the new collection Morena Rosa Beach.
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach
Isabeli Fontana (Isabeli Fontana) in a photo shoot for Morena Rosa Beach

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