Saturday, January 15, 2011


Leave SOMETHING for friend..
Never Leave FRIEND for something..
coz in life, SOMETHINGS will leave u but FRIENDS will always live with u.

Where r u? what r u doing?
R u busy? How much busy?
Ltl or more?
If ltl, Y dont u call me?
If more busy, then who asked u 2 read this?
Dont smile, call me immediately.

Earth may stop Rotating

Birds may stop Flying

Candles may stop melting

Fishes may stop swimming

Heart may stop bearting

But I will never stop……


Life is Short, Live it!
Love is Small, Flirt it!
Troubles are Momentary, Face it!
Memories are Sweet, Cherish it!
I'm too Good, Accept it!

Some of the best moments in life:-
Lying in bed listening to the rain outside…
Thinking about the person you love…
A long drive on a calm road…
Finding money in your old jeans just when you need it…
Giggling over silly jokes…
Holding hands with a friend…
Getting a hug from someone who loves u…
The moment your eyes fill with tears after a big laugh…
Wishing you these moments in your life always..!

Love is like
“missed call”
it stops when u try to catch,
But friendship is like
bcoz it comes & stays inside ur inbox untill u delete it.

Happiness is like a RADIO Station,
Broadcasting all the time..
YOU just have to learn
how to tune it &
receive your favourite channel…

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if doctor is cute, forget the fruit.

What is the diff between pleasure and torture? Pleasure is thinking of u & torture is thinking of u 2 much.

A wedding is a door to happiness,
When two decide to share their lives as one.
Your marriage is an adventure bright and new;
The pleasures and delights have just begun.
I/We wish for you a lifetime full of love;
May you always keep that magical attraction.
Let your bond and your commitment grow with time,
So that all your days are filled with satisfaction.


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