Friday, January 8, 2010


Petite Juliette
Fillette et melon
A l’an prochain
Brigitte sous l’arbre
Avec le temps
Petit violon
Coeurs fideles
Les glaieuls
Une puce sur le quai
Vue sur le lac

The Little Postman
Best Friends
Dolls Supper
Feeding The Young
Kleine Kasperlvorfuhrung
The Honey Pot
Posy For Mother

Children’s Toilette
Pasacka Hus
Family Scene
Kinder in einem Birkenwald
Prvny Kruky

Girl In A Bonnet
Child Portrait
Girl In A Kerchief
Family Portrait
Boy With An Apple

An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump
A Philosopher Lecturing With A Mechanical Planetary
Two Girls Dressing A Kitten By Candlelight
A Young Girl Reading A Letter
The Wright Family
John Coats Brown
The Children Of Hugh And Sarah Wood of Swanwick, Derbyshire
Portrait Of Sarah Carver And Her Daughter Sarah

Jaroslava And Jiri, The Artist’s Children
Young Ballerina
Straw Hat
title unknown
Favorite Doll
Girl With A Doll

The Empress Comes (Poppaea Comes)
Pink Bonnet
Jim Blake In Liverpool
An Ejected Family
Steady Johnnie Steady
Kiss And Make-it-up
Looking Out For A Safe Investment
Wayside Prayer
The Missing Boat
Famille de paysans dans un intérieur
The Milkmaid’s Family
Peasant Interior
A Visit To Grandmother
La famille heureuse (Le retour du bapteme)
Landscape With Peasants
The Resting Horseman
The Young Card Players
Peasant Interior With An Old Flute Player
The Pilgrims At Emmaus
Four Figures At Table
La charrette (Le retour de la fenaison)
Two Young Girls

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