Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Love the little pops of red. You have to admire Heather for painting those tall walls too! She could of just left them white.

Love the way her photography looks on her walls. She uses this space for meeting with her clients.

#8 John's Bold, Bright, Day or Night (link)

Maybe black isn't "color" to everyone. I think its stunning. One of my favorite colors to paint on walls actually. John's place is homey without being cluttered.

He's a graphic designer who places his items well, not to mention puts great color combo's together!!!! He has many many votes, I am sure he is going to place.

#20 The Crew Tag Boys' Balanced Energy (link)

Well, for one, I LOVE THE FURNITURE! Look at the orange lamp!! I just love all the stuff together in this one room. It just works.

They painted the stripes themselves instead of going and buying wallpaper. Good for them!!!! Looks wonderful.

They have a PANTON chair. Not that they should win because of that,..but it helps. lol

#28 Jamie's Unorthodox Color Palette (link)

I think Jamie did a great job mixing colors and styles together. She has tons and tons of votes, so I would say she is a winner. I will say she used color, unlike some people who entered. ;)

Love the white walls opposite of the couch. Nice to see someone likes WHITE with color like I do.

Okay this is 4. That's all that will be picked in each region. I think there are many more that deserved more attention. I was sad for some that got such bad comments or none.

#7 Michael & Mindy's Sunny Chicago Loft (link)

#13 Aj's Box of Crayons (link)

#30 Moca's Color Evolution (link)

I haven't taken the time to look at the other regions to pick my favorites from them. I just wanted to look at who was going to beat me. 
ere is the item that came up in my "Warhol" search.....

I would "LOVE" to have this. lol The Love Mirror! I might ask for it for Xmas. :)
Here is a bunch of other goodies that SHOULD be in MY home!!!

Click HEREfor the link to these products.
I love the look of their store. They are in the UK,....way to far away from me to go shop.

Just thought I would post about them, maybe somebody will find something they can't live without on their online store. :)

By the way, I want this.....

Anybody got a clue of where I can find one. I do online searches and get nothing.:( Modern Seed had them for sale on their website back in 2006.

Summer is now gone, and I realized how fast it has gone by. I have been so wrapped up in the remodeling of our home, that I don't feel like summer was ever here. lol Its now crunch time at my atomic ranch. We only have a feel weekends left to finish up what is needed to refinance. We are a bit stressed of course. The Masterbedroom and Bathroom is what is left. The room which we started in, is the room we will finish in. I have been decorating though.

Here is my office.

I never intended on it being so "girly", but when you paint it pink I guess its gonna happen. I collect toys from the 80's, so I was able to display my Carebears. I also love Hello Kitty. The room makes me happy. I have never had an office do that. At my last house I never could get my office "right". I feel I finally have. :) (my husband hates this room.)

My black kitten, Lexey, loves the hot pink shag rug!

My magazine collages I made turned out really well for the room!

I have 5 hanging over each window. It was a cheap and a fun way to decorate. It really helped to bring the pink and red color scheme together. I need more red in the room though. Its not completely done yet. I am sure I will post more photos in the future! I still have a whole blank wall to work with across from my desk. (I have plans for it.)

Here is what my office looked like BEFORE.....

It was a wonderful feeling ripping up the nasty dirty carpet that was in there.

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