Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 Here are some photos of things in my kitchen & dining area....

warhol print & billy bookcase

Muffins eating area. (my dog)

White vases hold my tea bags! yum! Vanilla Chai Tea is my favorite! You should try it. :)
 I was looking at photographs of my office the other night and realized it is way to "cute & girly". I guess that is what happens when you love pink & hello kitty. My office looks very cluttered right now and I hate clutter!!! I am working on "toning" it down a bit. I am thinking about painting my office pink and changing the way I display my hello kitty collection. I want to design a less cluttered contemporary space. I still want my color scheme to be pink & white. I am in love with this pink & white zebra rug from Walmart.

I love animal print and have not be able to place it anywhere in the my house yet. ( Husband hates animal print ) I am currently using a dining room table as my desk in my office.

I want something that is just a plain square lines. It would give me the contemporary look I am seeking. In a perfect world I would buy a Parsons desk from west elm. Pictured below.

I found the photo above from Decor Pad. If you haven't check out their blog before you should! Lots of great photos. I love the look of that home office, but I need pink. lol I am thinking about buying this table from IKEA, since I can't afford a Parsons desk.

I love this photo below of cabinets painted HOT PINK inside and hung on the wall....

I am leaning towards pink walls. I found this image with a design painted on the walls. I really love it!

I love the color "Springtime Bloom" by Behr paint. I just don't know if I want to go that dark since my office is such a small room. I am just bored with the white walls & white furniture.

I have already been moving my furniture around and taking a lot of items out of the room that I felt were just cluttering it up! When I first decorated my office in June of this year I loved it. Now I hate it. I just need to make it contemporary, then I will love it. :)
Design board 1 ~ My Office Makeover

I still am in the early stages of designing the space. I have tons of ideas, but need to spend as little money as possible. I thought it would be fun to hang a fancy mirror in the room and paint a fun design all over the walls that would appear to look like wallpaper. Add some touches of chrome! I am feeling like Hello Kitty may be getting the boot. :(

Trying to pick the perfect shade of pink is becoming very hard for me. I think I have to many choices!!! This is what happens when you grab paint swatches every trip to Home Depot and Lowes. How about adding this new pendant lamp from IKEA above the desk..

First thing is to buy the zebra rug, and the rest will fall into place. :)
 I am not only redecorating my office,....I have decided to change my bedroom also! I thought I would share some photos of some bedrooms I found on Decor Pad yesterday!

 I found this vintage mirror at the thrift store for $5.00! I spray painted it white and it is now hanging in my office.



The redecorating of my office is almost done! I just have to get my desk! :)
 I love the Keep Calm & Carry On Poster/Print! I love seeing it in different colors and different rooms in peoples homes.


Aunty Cookie

Wall color : Springtime Bloom - Behr Paint

My Office - Nov 09

My Office - Nov 09

My Office - Nov 09

Hello Kitty Collection

My Office - Nov 09
I stumbled across this lovely black and white apartment on flickr yesterday. This apartment belongs to flickr user:


The gray walls are painted. I still have a lot of finishing touches to do. Here is a few photos...
Guest Bedroom
Not sure what bedding will actually go on the bed. I put the white on just for the photos. I need window treatments and a bedskirt!
Guest Bedroom

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