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My Living Room done.....well kinda. ;)

I realized that I spent all summer posting about rehab weekends and working on my house. I never posted my living room decorated. I had entered the CB2 COLOR contest, so my pictures were posted on there. I also uploaded them on my Flickr account, but never on my blog. So, if you haven't seen it, here it is.

In the last photo over in the corner where the teal chairs are, I want to hang some Roy Lichtenstein prints. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. We also plan on moving the TV to the basement eventually. The TV is in front of the fireplace at the moment. We just didn't have the energy to deal with the cleaning the fireplace up yet. We hope to work on the basement this winter or spring. I can't wait! MORE SPACE, and a place to display my 1980's toys!
She and I share a love for Interior Design & IKEA. Oh, and color! Also she has a great house that I am very jealous of! ;) lol Her rooms & designs are wonderful. The best part is its her "hobby" and shes a pure natural. I have that in common with her too. As we talked more, I found that she had studied Interior Design the same way I had, Sheffield School of Interior Design. Aja likes to change her rooms around by switching out accessories. She has a knack for great furniture layouts and placement of her accessories. Which are two of the most important things, I think, when decorating a room.

Living Room & Dining Room Fall Decor 2006

Living Room & Dining Room Spring Summer Decor 2007

I had to post a bigger picture of this for Peggy. (Try not to drool to much Peggy!!) Its so well done!

Guest Bedroom

Aja really did make this a true room to RELAX in.

Master Bedroom


I am so in love with the Sunroom. I want one. I could do this at my house, but we gotta stop remodeling sometime!!!!!


Can't get much more color then this!!! I just want to go sit in her kitchen and drink coffee all day. :) Aja just remodeled her kitchen this summer ironically the same time I was remodeling my IKEA kitchen. It was fun to watch each others progress.

he truly only GOOD thing that came out of this weekend was the items pictured below...

For those who may not know, I collect toys from the eighties. I went to the thrift store and was lucky enough to find some stuff. (Okay, the hello kitty stuff isn't old, but its HELLO KITTY!!!!) My favorite find is the small Garfield in the devil suit. The Garfield stuffed animal was made in 1981, he is as old as me. :)

The photo above is circles I had painted in my closet. They were for practice. I wanted to do circles all over my bathroom walls. Instead, I decided to just paint them on the ceiling and leave the walls bright WHITE. I really wanted to keep the bathroom white since it is so tiny.

To add color I painted the ceiling the same color as the master bedroom walls. I think its pretty!!

We finally installed our pretty light fixture. It looks so good. I am very happy with it. I started circles in the left handle corner, but they don't show up well in this photo. The next photo is where the weekend went to hell.....

Our fancy $500 shower door!!!!! Looks pretty, but it DOESN'T FIT!!!! I special ordered it over 3 months ago, so there is not returning it. Also, we are out of time. It needed to be DONE today. CRAP. If you look at the photo, on the right side, the door is hitting the shower. We have adjusted it as much as we can. (after many attempts, injuries, and cuss words.) There is still a silver piece not even on yet. NOT GOING TO FIT!!!! Now we have to go get the 80 pound $500 piece of glass cut somewhere. We also haven't gotten good news about refinancing. They want MORE work done!!!! ALL THE TRIM in the house, lots of things fixed in the hall bathroom, and many other things. Things that take alot of time and money. All I can say is, "We'll see what happens." I am just trying not to freak out. :) All part of rehabbing a house I suppose. I don't want to move for a LONG time.

Okay there is one more good thing that came from this weekend.... we finally have the toilet in the room it belongs. lol Its been in the living room, my office, the dining room, the guest bedroom, and even the hall bathroom. We actually bought it for the hall bath, but it didn't fit.
I was doing some online searches and thought I would share some of the things I was drooling over. When is money going to start growing on trees?????

Google search ~ Chrome lamp

From Next (link)

I want one of these so bad!From Decennia Design (link)

Art Deco Chrome Lamp from Lepoix

Vintage lamp from Folk Artisans (link)

Last but not least, more chrome love from Netlighting (link)
I have fallen in love with this bedframe from West Elm. I got excited today when I saw that a white king size was on sale for $295.00. I was ready to whip out my credit card!!!!

Oh how pretty it would be against my turquoise wall. I seem to have a love for rectangles and squares lately. Here it is in another photo of the bed. I thought this picture showed what it looked like better.

Only problem is, the headboard is what is $295.00!!! The bed frame is another $300.00!!! I was heartbroken. :( I can't afford to spend that much. I still have to buy the KING SIZE bed!!!! Ouch. Leaving me with a grand total of something close to $2000.00!!!!! I don't think so. Here is the nightstands. :( Again, heartbroken.

My husband and I went to an outlet mall last weekend. They had some West Elm stuff. It was falling apart though. The dresser to match this bed frame that I love was there. It was all beat up and falling apart though. They still had it priced at $350.00! The funny thing about West Elm furniture is that its just like IKEA stuff. Just NOT the IKEA PRICE! Makes it very hard for me to want to drop $600 on any of their furniture. I do love their stuff though, just not the prices. Hopefully I will have better luck next time at the outlet store. :)
Here is the latest at the atomic ranch.....
Early November 07

New Garage Doors! WooHoo!

They do not have garage door openers yet, but they are not hard to lift. I could only open the old doors halfway. They were very heavy. Now we just need to paint the house.

I painted the Masterbedroom. (A day I thought would NEVER come.) The color turned out alot darker than I hoped. Its been a week or so now, and I really like it more everyday.

The color is : Classic Turquoise by KILZ. I got the swatch from Walmart. I had it color matched at Home Depot in Glidden paint.

Simon thinks its HIS bedroom.

This Andy Warhol print is my favorite thing that is going in the room. I love the yellow and hot pink together. This room is going to be interesting...... Might need sunglasses. ;)

I painted the closet orange just because I felt like it that day. lol Why should the color stop????? (and I didn't get picked for the got color contest? ha.) This room is going to be my Andy Warhol Heaven.

My husband has been busy laying the floor in the bathroom. We just picked WHITE tile. Go figure, right?? ha. I plan to keep the bathroom simple. Its so tiny. White walls with POPS of bright/bold colors. Such as these.....

These are just some paint swatches I grabbed while shopping at Walmart one day. Anytime or anywhere I go that has swatches, I grab them. Any color that catches my eye!!! I have a whole shoebox full. Anybody ever needs help finding color, they come to me. :) Currently I am loving HOT PINKS and FUCHSIA colors. My husband is scared. This weekends plan is to actually install the toilet,(that we bought back in May)sink, and the shower door. Here is two more photos I just wanted to share.

That's my goldfish Carl. He makes me smile. At my old house he was in my bedroom sitting on a dresser. He is now in the kitchen next to the sink. I like him there better I think. Plus, the cats are clueless that he is up on the counter.

The colder weather brings more cuddling. They are so cute and sweet. 
I had posted a month or so ago about wanting to apply for an Interior Designer Position at IKEA. Shortly after I had posted about it, I had another job offer. I was offered to work at a new antique mall that is opening 5 minutes from my house. I love antique malls, and worked at one for 5 years. My favorite job ever, and really the only job I have ever LOVED. My boss is someone that I have already worked for and someone I get along with VERY well. In a nutshell, I took the job. The timing felt right and I am very excited about it. I decided to stick with keeping my small Interior Design business as my "design outlet", and going to IKEA just for fun to shop. I didn't want to end up hating the place because I worked there 40 hours a week. :(

I will be doing a Home & Garden Show in March 2008 to hopefully get some clients to design for. March will be here before I know it. I have been brainstorming on how I want to design my booth. Its so important to stand out and catch people's attention!

Kiitos Marimekko Bedding (link)

Love all this bedding and the patterns. The black and white circles is my favorite!! I have done two shows so far and both my booths have been nurseries. I want to do something a bit older this time. I also really want to design my booth contemporary. I think its my strong point, and its what I love to do.

This image is of a room I can't get out of my head! I love it! It's been saved on my computers for over a year. Its modern with great colors, but its not to grown up. The popart of the little boy is adds great personal touch. I love the red all the way around the room. He also has cooler furniture then me!!!

I am in love with this kids' room also. Love the colors. Love the stripes. Even though I have already painted a striped room, I am leaning towards stripes for my booth! Of course I wouldn't copycat these rooms. I am just inspired by them. They make me want to design.

Here is some inspiration boards I have made. I am in love with this IKEA line for kids'. I wanted to do something more unisex, then boy or girl.

My main problem at the moment is deciding on the furniture. My booth is only 8ft X 10ft. This is why I have only done nurseries. The furniture has always been smaller. I love this bedframe from IKEA.

It has the look I am going for. If I put a twin size bed in my booth though there won't be much room for me, or anything else. We'll see. If anyone has seen any great mod kids' stuff, websites, or has any ideas, please share them with me!!!!
don't post about famous designers ever. I do not really care about trends and whats in and whats out. Maybe I should as a young Interior Designer. Its just not how I design I guess. As a blogger, and someone who flips through design magazines, I do know the "trends". I just think its best to decorate your home in what you love and WON'T GET TOTALLY SICK OF in a month or two.

I was watching the Tyra Banks show yesterday. She had Interior Designer Ron Norsworthy on her show. He designed and decorated her dressing room, office, and bathroom. My mouth dropped when I saw his work and the rooms. I wanted to redecorate my house already. lol ;)

Of course I am not going to redecorate!!! I love his style and ideas. The rooms are very trendy, but that could also have something to do with it being for Tyra Banks. The colors and furniture he used are great if you ask me.

Of course, there is alot colors, styles, and furniture in the spaces that I could see myself having in my home if I had more money. :)

I am not sure if the flowers on the wall are handpainted or wallpaper. I can't wait to do something like this in a room. I love it. I just haven't had the right room yet.

I love stripes. Painting them isn't very hard with the right tools, and they make such a strong impact on a space.

I am glad I watched Tyra's show yesterday. I love Ron's work and he has inspired me.

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