Friday, January 8, 2010


Celestial Visitation (Crosby, Stills & Nash: Daylight Again)
Moon Temple
Harvest Moon
Fairy Window
Dawn Invocation
Celestial Arrivals
Healing Temple
Light Dancer
Return To The Source
Lady Of The Sea
Lincoln Reading The Emancipation Proclamation To His Cabinet
The Death Of Lincoln
Lee Surrendering To Grant At Appomatox
Battle Of The Wilderness: Attack At Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia
Braddock’s Retreat On 9th July 1755
Death Of General Richard Montgomery On 31st December 1775
Wyoming Massacre
Landing Of Roger Williams, 1636
Battle Of Tippecanoe – November 7, 1811
The Frontiersmen
General Andrew Jackson At The Battle Of New Orleans
Winfield Scott
James Buchanan
James Fenimore Cooper
Alexander Hamilton In The Uniform Of The New York Artillery
Thomas Jefferson
Robert Livingston
James Monroe
George Washington

Kiowa Matriarch
Indian Scene
Kiowa Couple
Kiowa Figure And Peyote Birds
Sisters Of The Southwest
title unknown
Peyote Prayer
The Gathering
title unknown
title unknown
The Quest
Peyote Chiefs

Uncle Sam With Rifle, Miss Liberty Pointing The Way
The Biplane
Tired But Happy
Pitching Horseshoes

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