Thursday, December 17, 2009




E Khuda Aaj Ye Faisla Karde,
Use Mera ya Mujhe Uska Karde.
Bahut Dukh Sahe He Maine,
Koi Khusi Ab Toh Muqadar Karde.
Bahot Mushkil Lagta Hai Usse Duur Rehna,
Judai Ke Safar Ko Kum Karde.
Jitna Duur Chale Gaye Woh Mujhse,
Use Utna Kareeb Karde.
Nahi Likha Agar Nasib Me Uska Naam,
To Khatam Kar Ye Zindagi aur Mujhe FANAA Karde.


All of my life I've been waiting
For a love to come knocking.
Down on my knees I'm praying
That you'll never say you're leaving.

You made my life complete,
You brought the light in my eyes,
You put carresses in my soul,
You sprinkle joys in my heart.

You've always been there for me
With a love so pure and free
Giving it unselfishly,
Not asking for security

Now honey, for you, I swear
With all my heart I really care
That my love is forever true
Till the end of time, I'm in love with u


Why do u make me mad?

Make me sad?
Make me cry?
Make me wanna die?
You say u love me
then u play games with my heart
and eventually tear it all
you said u would always love me
I thought it was true
but all it was was u being you
I will always love you no matter what
this may be true
even though u always turn me blue.


I'm sorry for the pain i caused
I'm sorry for the tears i made you cry
I'm sorry for the lies i told
I'm sorry that I'm not perfect
I'm sorry that I'm not pretty
I'm sorry for not being there when I said I would
I'm sorry for causing so much trouble
I'm sorry for always doing the wrong thing
I'm sorry I'm a failure to you
but i can't help being me.


I thank God sent you to me,
For you and I were meant to be.
We have a bond too strong to break,
We have a love no one can take.

In you, I have found a love so true,
My heart is filled with love for you.
Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat,
You make my life whole, you make my life complete.

My love for you grows more with each passing day,
The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away:
Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness,
Those luscious lips I love to kiss.

The day when I become your wife,
Will be the happiest day of my life.
Even thinking of that day makes me smile,
I can't wait 'till I walk down that aisle.

I dream of that day when we'll both say, I do
For always and forever... I will love you.

And sometimes it happens
that you are friends
and then you are not friends
and then friendship has passed
and whole days are lost and among them
a fountain empties itself.

And sometimes it happens
That you are loved
And then
You are not loved
And love is past
And whole days are lost
And among them
A fountain empties itself into the grass.

And sometimes you want to speak to her
And then
You do not what you speak to her
Then the opportunity has passed
Your dreams flare up

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