Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to make parents understand you

How to make parents understand you

Everyone loves their parents, but every so often, we get upset because they take us for granted. And of course, there is the pressure of living up to our parents' expectations.

But there are several ways to deal with this parental problem.


Talk to them

This is a tricky one. Sometimes parents understand when you tell them what your problem is, because maybe they simply hadn't realised they were taking you for granted. Sometimes, it might not be so easy, and they may get defensive or even sentimental instead.


Give them security

If your parents depend on you financially, it's important that they realise you're not an unlimited source of funds. So instead of them asking you for money, give them an allowance every month so that they can take care of themselves. The up side is, you won't feel like you're constantly running short of money.


Household chores

If you're still in school or college, you definitely have a ton of homework to finish, so helping out around the house might be an added burden. So, draw up a list of chores you can honestly manage without burdening yourself. This way, you do your share without hurting yourparents, and they don't take you for granted either by expecting you to manage everything on your own.


Social life

A thorn in every girl's side is the fact that parents expect them to have virtually no social life (strange, considering we're at a perfectly sociable age!) and they take it for granted you want to attend every family wedding, distant relative's get-together or family friend's anniversary.

Put your foot down and tell them that they need to ask you if you'd like to come along instead of just ordering you around.

At the end of the day, they're your parents, so be tactful, but learn to establish yourself as a person with a mind of your own too.

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