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20 iPhone Apps That Contribute To Our Health & Wellness


As we grow older, we become more conscious of our health and what we eat, since a significant number of us have already made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. But, as has always been the case, we don't want to give up anything and completely change our lifestyle. We need to do it slowly, and the idea of being able to make this healthy change using the iPhone, pleases us to no end.

This roundup presents a number of iPhone applications that deals with our health. So whether you need to get organized, take your medicine on time, track your exercise regime , count calories etc, the iPhone acts as a nifty health tool by offering unlimited possibilities.

In this write up, explore some of our favorite iPhone Health apps and see how they turn your iPhone into your personal trainer.

* * *
The FoodScanner

The FoodScanner app uses your iPhone's camera to scan UPC barcodes on the foods you eat. This simple application calculates values for food based on criteria like calories, fat, and fiber. It's very simple, convenient and useful.


* * *

In order for one to be successful and fit, recording calories is crucial and this where the Weighbot application comes in play. Whether you are trying to gain or to loose a few pounds, the Weightbot app does the needful. Weightbot also helps you track your weight. Just set your weight goal, then record your weight at any interval and then see your progress on a beautiful graph.


* * *
RunKeeper Pro

If you are a regular runner, or one of those who want to maintain your motivation and determination too keep running, the RunKeeper Pro will be a great tool for you. With RunKeeper Pro you will be able to track your progress, the duration of run, approx pace/speed, calories burnt, and the path you traveled on a map. Now you don't need an expensive, standalone fitness tracking device because you can use your iPhone 3G or 3GS to do the same thing.


* * *
"I'm good in Sports"

Still not sure what kind of sports is the most suitable for your body? Then this wonderful iPhone app is right for you. The following app will help you make out your abilities and likings as well as test your sports knowledge thanks to its sports trivia segment. Test your mental strength by trying to guess answers to questions that range from the general to the obscure. Still hesitant about the app? Well just keep in mind that health is your greatest possession and an active interest in sports will help achieve a healthy body.


* * *
Self Defence for All

This particular app will not only teach you all the moves but also the theories behind the various self defence techniques. You can access video content and as well as photos that illustrate various defense moves that that can be learned to face any difficult situation. Self-defense techniques are crucial for everyone and this application may just be your guide.


* * *
iHeadache - Headache & Migraine Diary

iHeadache is perfect for those who often suffer from migraine headaches. The app has the ability to track headache symptoms and feature options like acute headache medications, length of time disabled; duration of headache, MIDAS disability scale. Once you enter all the data, the app analyzes it, then classifies your headache and generates reports you can share with your physician.

Headaches can be cumbersome but but by tracking them, you and your physician can optimize your treatment plan.


* * *
EatRight - Daily food log diet checklist

Have you ever thought of what you eat? Everyone wants a healthy life, but most are not willing to trade off convenience or taste to get it. The EatRight app for iPhone will help you record you food habits and daily nutrition intake. EatRight is a daily food diary that encourages eating the correct amount of food from each of the five food groups every day. It is perfect for those, who are on a diet andwant to follow the published USDA guidelines for nutrition and health in the form of a checklist. You can also track water and sweets/fats intake.


* * *

This software will be perfect both for beginners and advanced sportsmen as egoFITNESS features nearly 120 exercises for tone up, muscle power and cardio activities. You only need to input your profile (sex, age and level), with what and how you want to train (which muscles and which kind of training). Once the data is in, egoFitness will create all the algorithms for your personal workout.


* * *
Pzizz Relax

Pzizz Relax is an an advanced relaxation system designed for iPhone. Pzizz Relax is perfect for those who work too much and hardly have time for sleep. This application has specific instructions designed to wake you up feeling rested and more energized.


* * *
Absolute Fitness

Stay absolutely fit and healthy with the Absolute Fitness app for iPhone! The application allows people to track their daily expenditures as well as daily food intakes while also taking into account personal body stats and health goals. Hence every calorie consumed is recorded! It also gives you the ability to see the nutritional composition of more than 10,000 kinds of foods. Keep track of your progress together with Absolute Fitness!


* * *

To stay healthy one must eat health food and the GoodFoodNearYou app will help you find the best food options based on your current location, which is tracked via GPS. You just need to enter your location, and you will get instant access to the menus and nutrition information for popular dining restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores near you.


* * *
Baby's Coming

Baby's Coming app will help you keep track of contractions during labor, as it shows how long your contractions last and the interval in between. Using this app you will easily establish whether it's time to head to the hospital.The application has an intuitive and simple UI, making it ideal for all the mommies out there.


* * * SOS! SOS! is a multifunctional application that gives you access to all the vital information you may require during an emergency. It is also a comprehensive guide that will prepare you for disasters and situations ranging from theft to a tsunami !! is also an indispensable assistant on the roadsas it saves you a lot of time from searching around.


* * *
Self Massage

We all live in the dynamic fast-moving world. In order to be a success in today's life and reach our goals, we have to work hard at the expense of our health. We all have to fight daily battles that play havoc with out health, be it constant stresses at work or at school, not getting enough sleep, difficult environments or even adverse weather conditions. But there is a way out of this situation and the Self Massage app will help you. This application will teach you how to treat yourself using a relaxing massage. No matter when and where, let Self Massage help you relieve you stress by massaging your discomfort away!


* * *
Health Tips LE

To keep our body healthy, is our primary duty. As everyone knows, to prevention is always better than cure. This is where the Health Tips app for iPhone comes in as it contains over 365 tips covering general health information, food and nutrition information and fitness tips for your daily reference.


* * *

YOGA Instructor PRO

Sometimes when you're tired, the best medicine is a restorative, rather than an active, yoga practice. YOGA Instructor PRO is a safe and diversified yogic practice that you can take anywhere, anytime, and customize your practice. Take a break from your YOGA Instructor and get the app instead!


* * *
Cold & Flu Companion

Taking charge of your own body and health is pivotal and avoid exposing yourself to germs by getting the Cold & Flu Companion app for iPhone. The Cold & Flu Companion shows you the percentage of sick people in any given zip code, what types of symptoms are most prevalent and which ones to look out for in a specific area.


* * *
Pillboxer Lite

Pillboxer Lite is a free app that lets you easily and efficiently keep track of all your medications, vitamins, supplements from one place.


* * *
Woman Calendar

The Woman Calendar app is an indispensable tool for women who want to plan their pregnancy and try conceiving when their bodies are the most fertile. The application keeps tabs on information pertinent to fertility, such as dates of menstrual cycles and other biological data.


* * *
Green Charging

All the apps presented above dealt with our health, but this one deals with our Planet "health". Green Charging is an energy- saving utility application for mobile phones which assist users to save electricity and contribute towards a greener planet. Everyone knows that electricity is one of the major causes ofthe greenhouse effect, so let's charge our iPhones wisely and save electricity.


Please, remember: it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Take care!

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