Sunday, October 25, 2009

Winter in Dry Skin out!

Why does your skin become drier during the winter months? Because many of us are exposed to factors that cause us to lose moisture, including the soaps that we used on a daily basis.

Take fewer showers

Dermatologists recommend that we limit the number of showers or baths that we take. For those of us who simply must bathe frequently, try spending a little less time in the tub/shower.

While many of us like a hot shower, try adjusting the water temperature. Make it warm, rather than hot. The hotter the water, the more it depletes your skin and hair of natural moisture. Try switching to gentle cleansers, ones that do not contain a lot of harsh chemicals: Aveeno, Dove, Nuetrogena, or Tea Tree Gel Therapeutic Body Moisturizer.

Lay it on thick!

If you?re like me, then you don?t care for the feel of thick, heavy, greasy moisturizers. But, let?s face it, they work best. If you cannot tolerate the heavy stuff, then you might want to mix it with a lighter lotion, but make sure to avoid products containing alcohol. It?s best if you apply your moisturizer right after bathing.

Don?t forget to drink lots of water, at least 8 fluid ounces per day and add a humidifier to your arsenal, especially if your house has forced-air heating.

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