Friday, October 23, 2009

I Want My Ex Back? – That’s Easy. Use Reverse Psychology!

Good old reverse psychology. If you know how to use it correctly you will not scream “I want my ex back?” anymore. Using reverse psychology might sound sneaky or difficult at first but anyone can get the hang of it very quickly. Simply put you only want to use reverse psychology to get your ex to notice you and not to ignore you.

Your Reverse Psychology Blueprint:

Step 1: No contact!

Yes no contact whatsoever. So the following communication channels are off limit - Text messaging, phone calls and face to face contact.

Now you might be saying jeez I want my ex back not to get rid of my ex? Well remember this is your reverse psychology blueprint. So we are doing everything differently. In reverse so to speak.

And with this strategy we are targeting the one weakness all of us humans have and that is “curiosity”.

So think about this logically. If you are contacting your ex daily or even pleading to them to take you back on a daily basis what is going to happen if you stopped doing this. Don’t you think your ex’s curiosity levels will shoot up a notch?

Your ex will start to wonder what you are up to and why you stopped contacting them. What this accomplishes is that all of a sudden you nestled yourself into your ex’s mind. And this is exactly what you are aiming for with this strategy. You want them to start thinking about you.

One last thing about this step is that by not harassing your ex daily you will not paint yourself as a needy person and you will not alienate yourself from your ex, especially if they requested that you stop calling them.

If you can follow through with this step you will portray yourself as a calm, mature and confident person which will be much more appealing to your ex.

Step 2: Fun Time!

If you are longing for someone having fun is the last thing that you are thinking off. But you must start going out and do things you can enjoy. Go out with your friends and do things to keep yourself preoccupied. If you can have some fun with your friends and keep yourself busy the temptation to call your ex will be much less.

Which of course will be much more difficult if you stay home or in your room the whole time.

So it all boils down to the following.

You stopped all contact with your ex. You are having fun. Word gets out to your ex. Surprise sets in that you’re coping so well with the breakup. All of a sudden your ex realizes you don’t have time for them anymore. Now they want some of your time again. You just became desirable again.

Reverse psychology at its best.


If you want to make it easier for yourself to use this strategy there is one important thing you must remember.

Put yourself first. You have to concentrate on your own requirements first and foremost. Stop obsessing what your ex want or what you should do to please your ex. If you focus on putting yourself first you will find using the reverse psychology steps above much easier. And if you can master the reverse psychology blueprint you definitely won’t be screaming “I want my ex back?” anymore.

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