Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DREAMY Bedrooms!

Just a cozy place to relax in? Well, these look like master suites to die for!! This is just a really neat collection of some really super cool bedrooms. The bedroom is undoubtably probably my favorite room in the house. It's your place of rest & refuge, intimacy and privacy. It's where you snuggle with your little ones, it's where you dream at night. So, for me I rate it as the most important room in the house...besides the kitchen, and, a well ok, the bathroom... ya, gotta have one of those! Oh & while I love all things white, I'm really loving the purple one, very cool!This one is simply awesome, can't say enough about how much I love this big romantic bed! I love the curved feet and the lace curtains. The carved headboard is simply too beautiful!
The canopy and drapes on this big bed create such a lovely romantic, warm and cozy feeling. It would be perfect for keeping warm on cold Washington nights, a fireplace in the bedroom would be the perfect finishing touch!
By now you figured out that I love four postered beds. I like them tall and big, I guess they make me feel cozy. This bed I especially loved the way they paired the creamy whites with a soft dusty blue. The big beautiful blue & white provencial chair and nice round table by the window are very pretty and a perfect touch!
Well, this bedroom just say's "indulgence". The mirrored armoire is gorgeous, love the skirted chairs in the seating alcove and the pretty little tuffed settee by the bed. This is a very pretty, feminine room. I adore the chandelier.
Now, I personally have never been crazy about purple, but this room is very cool, I think I could live in this room. But, it could be because it's a softer lilac/lavender color with splashes of purple. The bed is very cool, I love the shape and the big beautiful tuffed headboard. I love the pretty white lamps and accent pillows.
The net canopy on this bed is pretty and all the lush variety of pillows is just too fluffy and inviting. Who couldn't imagine lounging on this bed...ZZZZZZZ
This room is all about white. I love white and this room pretty much say's it all. Big hotel style pillows, a fluffy white down comforter and lots of white drapes. Dreamy

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