Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Things Men Can Learn From Women

Lesson No. 1: Emotional quotient
They might call us overtly emotional, but that’s one thing that adds meaning to life. Ace director Kalpana Lajmi says, “Men lack that maternal perspective. They can’t see things the way a woman does, enriching every relationship with depth, a healing touch and compassion. If men learn that, then the relationship between men and women would be quite easy.”

Suchitra Pillai, actor, says, "One thing that men should learn from women is to be more in touch with their emotions. This would include being aware of mood swings the partner faces. It would make questions like ‘Are you upset?’ redundant. Women can teach men by not hiding their own emotions."

Rakhi Sawant, item girl, says, "Women have a lot of emotional strength. They can do a lot that men can’t even dream of. It’s wrongly believed that men are stronger than women. Whenever there is a crisis, it's men get depressed, lose their confidence and approach their lady for comfort.

Lesson No. 2: Think about the other’s pleasure as well
Now, this one goes for men who are obsessed with their own single-minded pursuit of happiness.
Alka Pandey, author, Kamasutra for Women says, “Treating the other as equal becomes all the more important when it comes to your chemistry in bed. Men must understand that a woman’s pleasure is as important as a man’s.”

Lesson No. 3: Endurance
Well, you’ll never tag us as constant cribbers once you learn this art, which we are quite good at.
Singer Shibani Kashyap says, “They might be physically stronger than us, but when it comes to emotional endurance, men still have a long way to go.”

Mehar Bhasin, says, “Men certainly need to learn the ability to be patient in any situation – be it workplace pressure, ego clashes, selfishness, pride, etc. Women take longer to react because they know that men are impulsive. She knows how to be patient in all walks of life. Be it a mother waiting for her child’s results, a wife waiting for her husband to apologise for harsh words, or a girlfriend waiting for a commitment – men need that inner patience to deal with trying situations.”

Lesson No. 4: Respect woman
Guys, you better remember to dish it out otherwise you know where your relationship is heading!
Actress Mahima Choudhary says, “They expect us to respect their clan, while they can’t even respect us. So, this is one lesson men should learn from women, particularly Indian men!”

Lesson No: 5: To multitask & balance
Now, this one’s a hit! Most women would love their men getting into the multitasking groove just like themselves.
Actress Shefali Shah says, “Men can focus on just one subject at a time and that’s so irritating at times. And to add to the irritation they either focus on cricket, work or buddies. So, I think they should learn the art of balancing it well.”

Gurdip Kohli, TV actor, says, "A sense of balance is the biggest quality that a man can pick up from a woman. A man must discover the experience of trying to juggle personal and professional lives. Since I'm married now, I can see how important it is to achieve a balance between your work and home. Unfortunately, men don’t really understand this, so they need to be more efficient at balancing priorities."

Lesson No: 6: Forgive
This otherwise not so emotional breed will suddenly become the worst emotional blackmailers the moment they catch you on the wrong foot. They would either not forgive you and if at all they do, they’ll make you feel guilty forever!
TV actress Tina Parekh says, “The day men learn to forgive and move on, there won’t be any fights between husbands and wives.”

Lesson No. 7: There’s more to sex than just being physical
Well, all the women who have been there and done that would agree that men get into the act for the act’s sake, while a woman gets into the act for sheer togetherness.
Sandhya Mulchandani, author, Indian Erotica says, “Women give their whole self to the experience, while men just consider it a physical thing. So, if men learn to get more generous when it comes to foreplay and let emotions seep in while having sex rather than getting anxious about performance, bedroom relations will be much better.”

Lesson No. 8: Sense of commitment
It won’t be wrong to say that men are almost allergic to commitment. Be it sticking to a job, a partner or for that matter anything, they need a great deal of perseverance to make up their mind.
Playback singer Alka Yagnik says, “Apparently, a man needs to learn everything from a woman – with commitment topping the list. Women exhibit a higher level of efficiency in everything they attach themselves to. So, I feel a man can learn this ‘sense of commitment’ in whatever they do from a woman.”

Lesson No: 9: Devotion
Truly, hopelessly devoted — now, that’s a tough one for men!
Director Tanuja Chandra says, “Women have this innate ability to be generous when it comes to devoting themselves to their near ones. They are impeccable when it comes to investing emotionally to the other’s concerns. Unfortunately, men lack that.”

Lesson No: 10: Kill that ego
They’ll definitely find this one hard to digest. After all, they think they’re always right!
Actress Juhi Babbar says, “It’s high time they realised that they are dependent upon their wives and mothers. So, better kill that ego and love each other for whatever roles God has made us.”

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