Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The best makeup for brown skins would be colours from pale beige to rich brown.

Dark colours need shades that will complement their skin tones.

For Indians

Fair :Natural
Brown : Beige
Dark brown : Tan

Foundation and Powder Compact:

Use foundations and powder compacts according to your colour. If the exact shade you would like is not available then select a shade that is closest to your neck colour and add a little distilled water to make it more translucent.

Dark circles :

On dark circles apply Foundation colour which is one shade lighter than the shade applied on the face. This will make dark circles around the eyes look lighter.

Mascara :

Brown mascara looks beautiful on dark colour. A black eye pencil rimming the eyes can give a stunning impression.

Eye shadow :

Soft eye shadow in brown giving the winged doe-eyed look would be excellent, this should blend into the upper brow bone, from a soft brown to soft brick brown. Soft brown eye shadow used on the lower lashes would complete the entire effect

Lipsticks :

Shades of maroon or brown will look good on dark skin.

Blusher :

Shades in Maroon and brown will go well

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