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About beauty, femininity, and not only ...

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Name Monica Bellucci - a synonym for female beauty. It should be noted that the effective woman not only has the body of Aphrodite and the face of Nefertiti, it has more charm and one, which is very often lacking in other actresses. Yes, she did not deserve the "Oscar". But when a woman such external data, everything else fades into the background, and it is a truism, the essence of which do not need to explain.

Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Many believe Monica ideal. She herself says that she was just lucky with the appearance and whether she of the beauty and charm of which is still (and Bellucci has 47), it would have remained a lawyer in the godforsaken office. Now, thanks to Mother Nature, at Bellucci good career, a stable income, charismatic husband - Vincent Cassel and two daughters - Deva and Leonie.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
It attracts attention with its striking femininity in a bottle with sexuality, and the film can not utter a word, but you're still looking at it with gusto, before she is beautiful ...
Let's hear the arguments Monica about beauty, femininity, movies and much more.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
People can forgive a man mind, even talent, but beauty - never.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
For me it is very important to seek and find the unusual role, and later check if I can fulfill them. Someone told me that in all the artists have sleeping beauties, and each time playing the role of one of these beauties wakes up. Within us all. We just need to see it.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Actor's game - it is not just words. Holly Hunter did not speak a word in the film "The Piano" and won an Oscar.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
My body is very important for me, my face, my hands, my feet, my hands, my eyes ... everything. I use everything that I have.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Beauty becomes alive and interesting when it's hidden clothes.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Stupidity - not a hindrance, if you are brought up, and you know how to use their beauty.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
I feel alone with a good and comfortable, but not because I'm beautiful. I know a lot of very beautiful people, whose life is horrible. And they are very poorly alone.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Feel comfort inside - this is not what you look like in appearance, and the way you feel inside. I am a happy person, because experienced a lot of love to yourself - I have a wonderful family.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Beauty for women becomes a problem only in two cases: when it is not present and when there is nothing but beauty.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
I live in Paris, but I feel like a daughter of Europe. And as a resident of Europe, I have to be here and to act in Italian and French films. But America is also interesting for me.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
What I love about America is big-budget film, and more independent films - there are plenty of options. But I know that I'm from Europe.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
At the same time, I could never live in the United States. There, people are obsessed with youth and beauty is much more than we do. In America, the actress is up to 40 years and are going crazy, because the film industry requires youth. They all like the other type of women.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
I will never be skinny. And I had a baby a year ago and I am lazy. And I love to eat. Who cares? I - the real one.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
I grew up in a Catholic family. But I - not Catholic.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
I listen to "young" music, one year with me. I adore soul, rap and funky.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
These moments of pleasure in my life - when I eat in the company of their friends.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
For me it is very important to seek and find the unusual role and check if I can fulfill them
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
When I'm old, I'd rather look after their children than their films.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
The human mind is evolving in terms of technology, but not in terms of feelings.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
My career at the moment is very exciting, but love remains in first place, because it balances me.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Perhaps the reason that I work so much that every director thinks - it was with him, I will show the best acting game. Perhaps at the moment, when I am completely satisfied with his acting game, I will no longer work.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
For 10 years I've done a lot of things. First of all, I do not know if I'm staying model, becoming an actress. I know that I wanted to become an actress, but it's so hard to believe. Now things are getting better and better, there are offers more interesting than five years ago. It's like being older - then get better.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Being an actress is the highest degree of femininity.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
After lovemaking man sleeping and woman thinking how it went.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Vincent is so cute and touching ... When we were in Cannes on watching the film "Irreversible", at the moment when I was carried out of the tunnel, all the blood, he wept. I said, "Vincent, what's wrong? It's just a movie. We know that it's not really. "But he still could not calm down.
Monica Bellucci about beauty, femininity, and not only
Need to be lenient. After all, who we are: madmen, who are trying to keep your balance on the ball, which itself by moving with frightening speed, travels the universe. Who in such circumstances can be perfect?

If I was voshebnitsey !? Irina Alferov!

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I really do not like TV movies about yourself - there ever such a sympathetic, sad voice-over: she supposedly did not give roles lacking in the life of one of this ... I remember in one such program includes excerpts of my interview, where I say, "I'm fine, I'm happy." And then - voiceover: "But she was suffering ..." I have this pitiful tone is simply to hear I can not - any programs about themselves or about other actors. 's recently about one actress the same sad voice said: "At the end of life, she was lonely and unhappy ... "My God, where they got that idea? We are talking about all the beloved, fully realized woman who many times loved, loved her ... After all, when a person has experienced a lot of love, but still he has brains - he will always say to myself, let all in the past, but it happened to me, and so I have not taken away. Each of us, artists - even the medium - happy! Poor people in our profession does not happen. People wanted to become actors, and they were able to - it means that they have pulled out a winning lottery ticket. course, the actors life can be quite boring, but, unlike others, we are able to compensate for the lack of everyday emotions with their roles.Implementation on the stage - in itself an amazing thing, but if you have an interesting character and living some beautiful, deep life in which you can immerse yourself and thus to live it - my God, it's all happiness unspeakable!

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Catherine: Well, if you're interested, sign role falls only once, it is still an actor happy? Irina: That's right! If you ever do something like that experienced - is lucky! Plus, you're not alone in filming a movie or play in the play. Next to you the director, writer, cinematographer, partners. And all of them are very bright, talented, deep people. Actors do not are fools if they do - good actors. I think in other professions is much more difficult to find such a communication, which has fallen to me. You can live all your life, but never meet someone with whom you would be interested. And there is nothing to do but to take up a book and her dialogue. And I had to deal with tragedy and Jankowski, Dahlem, Martynov, Zbrueva, Solomin, Evstigneev, Zolotukhin, Gaft, Kalnins, Durov, Filozova, Boyarsky, Gritsenko. And it's crazy luck!

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Speaking of reading. I know people who have a lot of reading. Mainly women, of course. I remember, in Soviet times, is printed in a thick journal of some new novel - so impossible to get the magazine from hand to hand pass. Everyone talks about the old. And now comes the turn of some knigolyubki ... And she-she - and uninteresting, and cruel and stupid, because all her actions stupid. Sasha Abdulov general almost did not read the book - at least, with me. But he was smarter than many of those who begin reading something. Sometimes, I myself something to read and tell him, and then hear him somewhere in rehearsal recounts how talented ... Yes!
Catherine: He fantasized probably ... Irina: Yes, fantasized all recycled in the head. And Sasha watched a movie! Him any movie was so interesting that it is a hundred times could be revised. And cartoons too. Said: "Look, how many notions as mounted!" If he was alive, would have continued to develop in the direction of direction. (Alexander Abdulov time to try his hand at film direction, removing the 2000 musical film "The Bremen Town Musicians." - Approx. Eds.)

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Catherine: And who else from the partners you have identified? Irina: Yes, everyone! In Boyarsky was impossible not to fall in love - until the effervescent he was when he played. Or here's Oleg Dal - absolutely stunning, in a word - genius. We shot him in the movie "The Uninvited friend." Directed by Leonid Maryagin from the beginning, wrote the role for me, but I had to leave to appear in Hungary. And then invited another actress. But Otsmotrev material Maryagin removed her from the role and decided to still wait for me. And now - the first day of shooting with Dahl. The director tells him: "Oleg, you've played this scene from a previous partner, do exactly the same thing." And Dahl, apparently began to play as something completely different. Maryagin says, "Stop! Oleg, so I asked you why you all of me? Play the same as before! "We start from scratch, but Oleg again does not do what the director asks. Shooting stopped three times, in the end, Dahl says, "Yes, I can not do the same! To this must be serious! "He was very serious, even tenderly to me. I remember we had all sat together on the bus - before because there was no personal cabins, as it is now. And he told me constantly saying something, tell ... And I listened and just knew it! I thought: My God, how did this man is bad, how can it be lonely! And then, on the dubbing of this film, it was too bad to me. I was worried because of the events in his personal life. But the mind, of course, tried not to serve. Even I remember laughing ... Dahl, though not looking at me, but on the screen, something felt. And suddenly said yes so bitterly, "You know, I can not do anything to help you! I'm not out of your life! "Here on earth, as he guessed? He was all like naked nerve ...

Catherine: And why is it all the time, it was a bad thing? Irina: This man! It did not suit all. He also had a very high bar - in life and in art, in relation to the men and to himself. He knew what he wanted, but that in those days it was impossible. And so Dahl constantly leaves everywhere - from the theaters, with films in the middle of filming ... He said: "I realized that nothing can be done, by and large." I remember at the premiere at the Cinema House Dahl saw me and was so happy! Sat down beside me, took her hand and says, "Wait a minute, sit with me for several minutes ..." And we sat with him in silence. Felt that he was able to quite last, last resort! Then he said, "All right, thank you," - got up and left. A week later, Dahl was gone ... But, it looked like it all began to build: and in the movies filmed, and the Little Theatre took. But he apparently was not enough. Catherine:Yeah, was a complex man. And this very hard, and he's hard to ... Irina: I - is not difficult! I'm just such a dialogue accustomed to such people - and happy about it. I can not imagine how could live outside of their profession. Society of people of another warehouse I sometimes unbearable!Especially over the years it has become difficult to communicate. My husband (actor Sergei Martynov. - Approx. Eds.) Recently took a trip to visit. When parting, we say: "Thank you for coming, as well as with you, it is easy." And I think to myself: yes, with us, it is easy, but how hard you sits! At least I always went to his room, went to bed, reading. And Sergei is communication had to endure all the time! Can you imagine a society of a man who speaks two days in a row, says all about himself, and all the interesting ... Catherine: Ira, it is also possible to understand that he wants to somehow entertain, take a guest ...

Irina: The actor would certainly felt - the listener wondering what he says or not. And if also a good actor, he will tell any case, so that to hear them! At one charm keep attention, regardless of the essence of the story. Get at least my husband, with whom you can be silent for days or days to talk - and everything will be great! Sergey always something studies, masters - and what not will be taken, it turns out. For example, he suddenly begins to teach languages. Gets up at six in the morning and teaches! With no one to compare him not: completely self-sufficient, intelligent, interesting person. Catherine: And how did you meet him? Irina: It was a long time ago, in the late 70s, in Minsk on the samples for the film "The Brothers Rico". I remember my feelings at that moment, when I saw Sergei. He was young so handsome! From him as if was light! I remember how after seven years of the same director that shot "The Brothers Rico" and invited me to a different picture. And the first thing I asked, "And where Sergei Martynov?" - "He's somewhere abroad is removed." It then often invited foreigners ... Catherine: I think you too Sergei remembered those samples. I can imagine how it's your beauty in the 70s with a razor in his eyes slashed ... Irina:Yes, he remembered me too. Given that our acquaintance then really never took place - the role I did not approve, I left. And when we met many years later, Serge I repeated every word that I was saying. It turned out he really wanted it to be the invited me to persuade the director: "Take Alferov, she - a miracle!" But he said, "I need a woman, and it is - a child." By the way, I agree with this assessment - that the child I was and felt himself on the woman did not even claimed.

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Catherine: And Mark Zakharov did not mind when his actors in the movie were filmed? Irina: No, in general, it is understood that for the theater well, the actor makes a name for himself in the movie.Another thing is that the discipline of the theater was harsh. And with me at all it was a pretty strange story ... I told him, "Let me go, please, to play, I shoot." And he said: "What do you do better than the actress, which I could replace you?" And I can not then it is better not thought myself worse than thought! Therefore, stood silent. Mark A. seemed to think that I "zazvezdilsya", starring in "The Road to Calvary" - all of a such a beauty, and I need to put in place ...

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Catherine: I remember, as in "Juno" and "Perhaps" you sang somewhere in the chorus. For me, it was amazing how you can not use such an actress? Irina: But now the people with whom I worked for many years and who loved him, said in an interview that I have passed them in the theater the way ... What is the way I could go, if she was almost behind the scenes, not even in the "first line of the corps de ballet"? I did not have to push - I'm very moved! Catherine: But it's understandable ... Look at yourself in the mirror! Irina: So you're talking about a mirror! Many times I have something like that heard it. But in the mirror I do not see anything special, I say useless things, they do not explain anything. I here the other night for some reason remembered one episode - it seemed to be a trifle ... Zakharova reaction on my part in the "night fun." Have you seen this movie?There Yevstigneev, Gaft, Filozov ... Catherine: I saw! Wonderful movie ... And you have a wonderful role. Irina: I compared it with the script deepened because the heroine was originally just some harlot, reptile. And I played a woman who fell into the trap of not love her husband, and at the same time sorry for him. By the way, I asked to myself for this role. Said director Uskov: "Join me on trial, because only I can do it honestly. It's my role! "So I try to Evstigneev. First, it was evident that he was very unhappy with my appearance. He had a good reason - Evgeny wanted this role was played by his wife, and with Krasnopolskiy Uskov felt that she was too young for the heroine. But you should have seen how quickly changed his attitude towards me - it was reflected on his face as soon as we have played with him the first scene! Later, at the premiere, I was shaking with fear, and Yevstigneev came up to me and asked, "Why are you so sad?" Explain that here is a scene unhappy, and in another it was necessary to play better ... And he sank to his knees in front of me, took her hand and said: "Yes it is better than you no one would have played! You all did great! " Catherine:And as he was, Yevstigneev?

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Irina: No person look like. In between shots never left, just sat and slept. Then he woke up and rehearsed twenty times each scene. In my opinion, Evgeny barely remembered the text, and this was his way of learning. But he correctly felt need for a particular episode. I remember we were rehearsing with him a scene in which his character and my character laugh. Meanwhile, her husband sitting nearby, and a lover - in the next room, and just about all will be revealed - the situation is tense awful! I say: "But this is not true! How can she carefree laugh? She must be quite a different state - nervous, shock! "And Yevstigneev replies:" Yes it does not matter that the lover in the next room! Who is the audience for this will remember. " Then I was surprised, but when saw the film, I realized that Evgeny is absolutely right! In general, while there were shooting, it seemed well Yevstigneev plays and plays, an ordinary actor, not even very suitable for this role. All showed on the screen! When I saw the result, I realized that he was my hero gave the whole philosophy, depth, he did this not consumer history as it was in the script, and led to some new level.
Catherine: Ira, and after you start to talk about the reaction Zakharova on this movie! So what was it? Irina: Oh, it was some minor case, can, and remember, its not worth it ... In short, on the one presentation, the theater where we were three - Zakharov, director of I, one businessman was say the first toast, and everything about me but about me. Especially praised "Night of fun." Zakharov turns to me: "What is it? And, about the film, where you seem to be some sort of aunt-mother played? Well, of course ... "It's painful - to hear that. With the actors so it is impossible! Catherine:So anybody can not ... Irina: There are people who can stand up for themselves. And I can answer only weep. And there were a few such cases. By the way, on this basis we are with my husband really became friends when met again on the set of the movie "Star of the sheriff." Sergei stood up for me, defended. In general, he always defends actresses of directors - for him it's okay. Can say, "You're a grown man, what are you attacked a young girl, you destroy it, it will break all my life." As a result of him because of this are often not claimed on the role. But he could not do otherwise - Sergei is not only an artist, but also a man, man! No fuss, no runs, not trying at all costs to get the role. Clara Lucko him for these qualities are very fond of, all said to him, "Serge, you're the only one!" Catherine: And as for you, he stood up something? Irina: The operator was yelling at me. On the shootings at all something difficult going on. I came upon a scene where I had to dance. A choreographer in the group is not provided, there is no one to put the dance. But I thought, it does not matter, I'm a dancing man, she can handle it. The director says: "Put, please music that have to dance. It will take me an hour and a half, it is desirable - two that I came up with the number. " And he said: "There's no time. Immediately before the camera will dance. " Catherine: Nightmare some ... But how is this possible? Irina: And that's it! In recent years, it is quite common. I pulled myself together, I think: well, the station at once, that I can. And then I start to improvise something, and the operator throws the shoot, shouting, "black eye, bruises! How can you look ?! "I burst into tears ... After all, what is it? No help, all she is on track to come up with, I collected, concentrated, and then, instead of, as it should be to the operator to place the light so that no bruises were visible, I was also still screaming! And here I am crying, and here comes the pitch Martynov: "So! Who did ?!People kill ?! All shooting will be canceled! Come on, get away from it all two meters! "

Catherine: I'm stunned by how ... How can you have a movie shoot - no choreographer, no rehearsals, no exposed light? I remember thirty years ago chulochek the camera pulled to remove the extra clarity ... Irina: Yes, in those days, even on the set Kinopanorama operator for two hours exhibited light and just pulled the stocking, although if I can shoot whatever you like! There was no need to resort to special tricks that I looked good in the picture, but the operators just could not work otherwise! And now the light somehow incorporate and say, "Your know? Come on! "What to give? Where to? How? And, most importantly, what? A director can not see at all - he is somewhere behind the camera sits and does not say anything actors. I am very sorry for our young artists - they have nothing to do but just ottarabanit text. And it is clear that a talented person, beautiful, but this approach is not used. Here is my daughter - she's a smart girl, even, unfortunately, too smart, so here it is shocked by the shooting. Not only that the working day - night, quite officially. It is necessary to keep pace with even the most text and rewrite, because it is impossible to leave.Catherine: And the condition of the actor to the end of filming, if they last night? Irina: It does not interest anyone. No wonder some actors kidney disease, while others - the heart. In 40 years, people are dying.

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Catherine: And you did agree to shoot? Irina: Of course, sometimes disagree. This is my profession!Incidentally, the "Star of the sheriff," I agreed only for Sergei. Despite the fact that the role was good, I still wanted to give first. The studio Dovzhenko was not too good reputation. In addition, the director warned: "Take off in Chernivtsi. From Moscow to get there, you can only transfer. First, in Kiev, and from there fly small corncob. " I began to make excuses, saying: "Actually, I'm busy." But out of curiosity, asked: "Who will be the hero you?" - "Martynov. He had just arrived from Paris ... "And then, I suddenly wanted to go immediately! Arrived in Chernivtsi and immediately meet Martynov. Of course, it has changed, thinner and grayer. Talking to each other: "Oh, how you've changed!" - "Yes. You too ... "I at that time (after her divorce from Alexander Abdulov. - Approx. Eds.) Was not in very good shape. Sergei then told me: "How can you have a pity! Something hunched, unhappy, his lips trembling. " And it became for me a kind of therapist. Listened to, comforted, healed, forgiven ... So we all started. Even in the film shows how our originate with Sergei sense - in some scenes he looks at me ... Catherine: Ira, you're so beautiful that it's time to get used to you, that you look so! I am here still want to ask you the traditional question that all ask: what would you do if there was a witch? Because sometimes you want something to change the world in a global ... Irina: If I were a witch, I would have done all healthy. To no one was sick, did not suffer, especially children. And for myself - I wanted to be with Sergei again play together. It is clear also that every actor dreams about something related to the movie ... Catherine: Maybe it just did not occur to any of the directors in the head, and now they read, and there will be some kind of a good idea ... You're someone from young directors like?

Irina: Yes, of course, good directors, there are sure to be. Here Kohl Lebedev, who recently made ​​a film about Kharlamov. Although he had previously been a strong performance. One day he called me and said, "I'm abroad and watch a movie about you. What you are awesome! I want to see you when I get back. " - "Why me?" - "Because of such actresses as you, a little." So we met and talked. He asked me: "Tell me how to work with actors? How would you ideally want? So I worry when actors audition invite - do not approve of all then! How not to offend anyone? "I think, wow, what approach! Told him how filmmakers have worked with me, what I liked, did not like that. Then Kohl said in a very precise and subtle things about my roles in the theater - it appears in the "School of Modern Play" he watched all my performances. This is the way an actor's happiness. What more could you want me, if such a professional - smart, subtle feeling - praised my role! Not the old, and the current! And then in documentaries, with which we began the conversation, said: "At one time it was ..." And I still can not understand why "was" why "in due time"? I have, I'm alive! My performances were collected halls, I always offer scenario, I'm doing, I like hot cakes. You Cach, come see my last performance - "Night with a stranger," we made ​​it very unusual, and there are all wonderful actors ...

Catherine: Absolutely! Still very much want to quickly film "Rasputin" to see where you are with Depardieu starred ... Irina: I first treated him with some irony - knowing his life's twists and turns ... Catherine: What do you mean? His drinking? Irina: No, not that. But the flesh I would not want.In short, when he appeared on the site - a textured, huge - my skepticism somewhere immediately gone. Very nice people. We often shot at night, and it invigorates us all, all the time telling jokes ... He's just amazing deals. Well, to me at all treated very warmly. I played with his enemy, but Depardieu Total requested that it put me behind the camera to play along. He said: "It is impossible, it is your enemy!" And he replied: "Oh! It does not matter! But I like to look at it. "Another Mashkov, who played the king, completely shocked me on the sets. I remember we did a long time waiting for: Depardieu, Fanny Ardant, many other actors, a huge crowd scene, and its still no. We are told that he is on the makeup, the dresses - and so two hours! And suddenly there Mashkov. Passes, no one greeting, not smiling, not apologizing for being late. And all - shiver through the body. Because it is not Mashkov it - the king. This! All this time, he is just doing his part. It was brilliant! He then almost no contact with anyone, kept the seriousness, concentration, significance. And rightly so, well done! If he had another role - it would be different there. And how on earth I can not help but feel happy man with such partners, such work!

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Long history of Indian culture can be traced to many things - including on a variety of Indian jewelry. Do not be surprised such claims ... After all, every country has and can be proud of the distinctive traditions and customs, and the uniqueness of India manifested in everything.  And especially in the variety and beauty that marked Indian jewelry. By the way, the value of Indian jewelry for the people of this wonderful country is extremely high.
3554158_0570b3048dd2 (452x700, 237Kb)
Trembles as seductive pond full of radiance,
Your waist ravishing in a yellow silk robe.
in garlands of lotus flowers tender bleschesh you like
gold and silver dazzling skin.
Admit it, you - the goddess of passion, lovely Rati?
Otherwise, from whence such grace?
Lovely sharp straight teeth innocent
sparkle with its whiteness, like jasmine buds.
tears from reddened whites of the eyes, but the apple
Huge eyes, flaming, burning through her ​​lashes.
About Maid with rounded hips, sweet pitched
With guise as a fruit filling, velvety crimson,
with a charming laugh , with breasts pressed close
to one another that pearls selective decorated wonderfully!
(Ramayana, 1965)

3554158_b186f2d03c32 (673x700, 129Kb)
Indian Jewelry talk about their owner almost everything: she is married to which caste belongs, whether she has children ... And it's not the whole list ... On an Indian woman can not wear clothes, but jewelry will be required. They are a kind of language , along with speech and gestures.

3554158_331b0d2e5a09 (539x700, 321Kb)
In Indian culture all symbolic, all - a metaphor. Decorating a visible, material body, Indians express a longing for his divine nature. For many Indian women beautiful clothes - one way to worship God. Elegantly dressed woman - the personification of the ideal of beauty and mystery inherent in the nature and music. Each piece of furniture is justified and consistently woven into the overall pattern of symbolic forms and images.
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Srngara - so the complete decoration of a woman. It includes 16 attributes associated with sixteen phases of the moon, which, in turn, are linked with the female lunar cycle. Thus, 16 - a special number. srngara name associated with Sri Lakshmi - the goddess of female beauty, good luck, prosperity and fertility, the perfect wife of Vishnu.demigods In the spiritual world the eternal 16 years. This is the most beautiful and vigorous human age. At 16 years old girl has all the perfections it at the peak of physical development. Its nature is to play, to seek new experiences, to charm all around. Her innocence attracts all of it is true and good.

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1 Bindi - small decorative point in the center of the forehead between the eyes. On the metaphysical language is a place of infinite potential, from which arises all manifested existence. This mystical third eye - the channel of wisdom and sublime intuition, divine knowledge. Eye is often compared to the sun and the moon. Another symbolic meaning - fire. Two eyes can only see the past and present. Third Eye has the authority to see the future.
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2 Sindur - a deep, blood-red powder with which paint a red stripe in the hair parting. Use this decoration only married women. Sindur - an important component in the Hindu deity worship (puja). Red - a symbol of fertility and restoration of power, the female energy of Parvati and Sati. Sati is an ideal wife in Hinduism because of the sacrifices that she makes to protect the honor of her husband.
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3 Teak. Suspension should get the exact center of the forehead. This place is considered the home of the Ajna chakra. Thus, a woman reiterates its status as married.
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4 Nick - wide black tench around the eyes, where the arrows are connected, giving a special look sharp: "My eyes, not the eyes, beloved, but the arrows of light. My eyebrows, no eyebrows, but swords of destruction. "
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Every feeling of the heart is transmitted through the eyes. They can express awe, compassion, love, lust. Indian poets usually want to drown "in the depths of the eyes of his beloved." Most poetic comparisons of eyes taken from nature. Eyes as the rose, almond, lily, as "fish, sparkling in the slip," as the seas and oceans, deep, fire, etc. 5. Nat - ring or other decoration in the nose. Nate is the most seductive adornment. Ear Nose take many different forms, ranging from precious studs to large gold hoops in his cheek.

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6 Haar - necklaces, beads, necklace. Neck - one of the most important centers of the mystical. It is therefore considered that the necklace to attract and retain the love to bring good luck and protects against sglaza.Sredi other types of jewelry necklaces always had high magic spells. Probably, bright and rich necklace distracted detractors on behalf of the owner, and thus protected from the danger of the evil eye, hypnotic effect.
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Most likely, the forerunner of beads was an ordinary flower garland. But the flavor of many colors, such as jasmine, rose has a clear erotic overtones ... 7. Karn Phule (literally, flower in the ear) Since ancient times, the earlobe was seen as a sign of spiritual development and high social status.

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According to legend earrings - comfort in pain and suffering. The more decorative and expensive earrings, the more a person gets consolation.
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Most popular from ancient times to the present day are earrings in the shape of flowers and fruits. They reflect the tenderness, youth, spiritual perfection, ingenuousness, innocence - the basic attributes of the female character.
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 8 mehndi - henna. Unlike tattoo is a temporary body decoration and kept for about three weeks. The most common in the Arab countries, India, North Africa and Indonesia.
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Mehndi appeared about 5,000 years ago. Even in ancient Egypt, noble ladies decorated their bodies and nails pattern.In the XII century it is entrenched in India, becoming not only a decoration. For example, many Arab women believe that mehndi brings luck and protects against failures. So the day before the wedding (in a bachelorette party) Bride paint a picture, and the remaining henna buried in the ground to protect marriage and avoid the infidelity of her husband.
Mehndi is the power of love in marriage. The darker the mehndi, the stronger love. Red - the color of fertility and power.
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In the figure used only vegetable ornaments are symbolically linked to the nature of a woman, the concepts of birth, nutrition, growth, regeneration. Mehendi protects from evil spirits, misfortune, sickness and even death. 9.Wristbands. Poets call them shiny badges radiant life, circles of light for a happy daughter and a happy wife.

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Bracelets symbolize the powerful energy of the sun. Made of any material able to be treated: terra cotta, stone, shell, copper, bronze, gold, silver, etc.
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Bracelets - a sign of a married woman. They have a lot of love and romantic allusions. Ringing sound bracelet announces the presence of a woman that she needs attention, she is angry and wants to exchange views.
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A married woman will never allow himself to appear in public without bracelets. Tend to be 8, 12 or 24 bracelets on each wrist. 10. Baadzhyuband - Headband, bracelet or thread with an amulet on his forearm.

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Depending on the traditions adopted in the community, and the status of women in marriage baadzhyuband can cover the entire upper part of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder. Baadzhyuband should sit firmly on your arm. Made of different materials, richly decorated with ornaments. Serves Kawachi - protection from bad attitudes and considered a symbol of perfect beauty. 11. Arcy - ring with a mirror, is worn on the thumb. According to legend, the first thing is to see a woman waking up - his face. To do this, you always have to hand mirror ...

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On the other fingers worn gold rings or jewelry, consisting of a central medallion, to which is attached 8 chains - three of them are attached to the bracelet, five - to the rings worn on the fingers. 12. Keshapashacharachna - hair decoration hair belongs to the earth element as something solid and tangible; an element of water, as they are free flowable; to the element of fire, because it comes from the furnace of the brain to the element of air, as they are easy and can be carried away by the wind.

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Hair has a life of its own. Growing faster than any other part of the body. They are the connection between this world and the future. Hair - the lifeblood and magical powers. They form a crown around the head - the most sacred part of a person. hair braided in a braid, is considered the most auspicious symbol. According to mythology. Three lash hair in the queue represent three of the most revered Indian rivers - the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati, as well as the trinity of gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. 13. Kamarband - seat belt retaining and decorating sari. Protects Manipura chakra. Holds a keychain, which means a symbolic transfer of the Board-in-law to daughter-new powers and responsibilities. 14. Anklets ... from subtle to heavy chains, thick rigid bracelets. Sometimes to secure the anklet bells.

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15 Rings toes
toes are decorated with rings, simple or complex designs. Some of the ring is decorated with bells. Sometimes on foot wear jewelry medallion with chain.
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16 Sari has not changed over the centuries. Different peoples of India with time only contribute, using a variety of fabrics for saris, applying new ways of draping.
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Sari - the pride of Indian women. It can be executed from the glittering silk or the finest cotton in pastel colors or richly decorated with flowers. His embroidered with gold thread, decorated with trim. Saris are romantic, elegant, modest, bright, elegant and innocent.
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However, this ornament deserves a separate story ...
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